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Spanking strippergram

I'm still only just recovering from a fantastic shoot last week with new performers Alexander Knight and Richard Barton and others. The venue was stunningly beautiful, and things went incredibly smoothly. Over two long days it was hard work, but great fun too, and the quality of the performances from everyone was simply outstanding. I'll be processing some preview photos this week, and look forward to sharing them with you.

Meanwhile here's a fresh, funny spanking film that went up a couple of weeks ago. I'll always love the classic, traditional English punishment scenarios but I think variety is important, and there'll always be space on Dreams of Spanking for quirky, modern scenarios as well. As well as a storyline that's a little bit different, Corporal Punishment innovates by starring a hot young male switch who's as gorgeous as his female co-performers.

Amelia and Caroline get a Valentines surprise.

Will Savage works as a male stripper in real life, and this storyline gave him the opportunity to bust out some of his moves. His sexy striptease routine is playful and naughty, and shows off his toned body to perfection.

The shoot was hilarious - as you can see in the behind the scenes video, Will felt a bit self-conscious performing his routine without music (which I added later) but he carried on like a true professional, and the results are fantastic - despite a certain amount of giggling!

Click to view trailer for Corporal Punishment

Corporal Punishment

On a girls night in Caroline and Amelia hire a spanking strippergram, a hunk in uniform called "Corporal Punishment" whose photo shows off his lovely muscular arms. When he arrives, Amelia is stunned to discover that it's her new boyfriend Will. He hadn't told her he was a stripper - and neither of them knew the other liked spanking!

Amelia insists that Caroline firmly punish him for keeping secrets from her. And since they've already paid, he might as well do his sexy striptease routine. After that the girls can't resist the temptation to go over his knee and try out the spanking capacity of those strong-looking arms!

Amelia and Caroline get a Valentines surprise. Amelia and Caroline get a Valentines surprise.
Amelia and Caroline get a Valentines surprise.

The scene wraps up with a vision of long legs and tight denim as Will takes both giggling girls over his knee for a double spanking. Even left-handed, that boy has one hell of a hard hand spank - as Caroline and Amelia discovered!

Amelia and Caroline get a Valentines surprise. Amelia and Caroline get a Valentines surprise.
Amelia and Caroline get a Valentines surprise.

As a producer I'm all in favour of switch visibility, particularly showing switch dynamics between men and women. I wanted to release something around Valentine's Day which was a little bit different, and showed that male submission and switch dynamics can be just as sexy as the predictable male dominance and female submission of classic kinky romance. So far our male/female switch scenes have all been light-hearted and modern, but if you have any ideas for more traditional or historical scenarios that include a switch, please do send them in.

Here are some of my favourite behind the scenes moments from the filming of Corporal Punishment:

Will Savage shows off his sexy moves behind the scenes at Dreams of Spanking
Fun and laughter on the set of ethical porn site Dreams of Spanking
Fun and laughter on the set of ethical porn site Dreams of Spanking

Preparing for punishment

I know I've missed out a couple of scenes, but I just want to skip ahead and tell you about our latest film. This was a members request video submitted by Delicious Delight. I love each and every one of our female members (women buying spanking porn! Fuck yes! You guys are AWESOME) but DD has connected with me in the comment threads and provided a lot of useful feedback. 

A year ago, she sent in a script set on a farm in the 1930s, in which the master and mistress punish their stableboy. Her fantasy casting for the characters were me, Thomas Camerona and Michael Darling, and I sent the script to both of them to see what they thought. They loved it, and I wrote back and told her that I'd definitely try to find a way to shoot it, although I wasn't sure when we might have access to a suitable location.

In the end, it happened by accident. We had a no-show on our location shoot last September and Michael gallantly stepped in to fill the breach. We needed to rustle up some scene ideas on short notice, and I dug this one out of my email. We had to put together thirties costumes on zero notice (luckily, I'd brought my whole dress-up box with me, so I had some options to pick through) and the setup needed changing a bit - we didn't have a barn, or a haybale, for him to lie over - but we thought we could make it work.

I actually love how this film turned out. Sometimes the scenes that come together at the last minute work best of all.

Click to view trailer for The Stableboy

The Stableboy

The stableboy is caught returning after an unauthorised ride into town to visit a lady friend. He is ordered to go inside, arrange the chaise in the middle of the floor, place a cushion over the end, take the family strap down from its hook and wait there. Michael obeys, shaking with nerves.

Once the mistress has worked out her anger with the strap, the master takes over. He applies a few strokes with the riding crop, giving the boy a taste of the sensation, before sentencing him to ten hard strokes.

The stableboy is caught returning from an unauthorised ride. The stableboy is caught returning from an unauthorised ride.

The thing that stood out in the script DeliciousDelight sent was the sense of fear and anticipation, made worse by Michael being made to prepare for his own punishment. First there's the stableboy's dread at the moment he is caught, and realises he has no choice but to confess. Then the scolding, made worse when the man of the house is brought in to see what has happened. The poor boy knows he has made a bad mistake, and wishes the ground would swallow him up. He also knows exactly what's coming next. 

Here's how DeliciousDelight described the next sequence, as she imagined it:

The man of the house gives him the following instructions: Go to the barn. Place a bundle of straw in the middle of the floor. Then place a carpet over it. You then take the leather strap and the horse whip and place it on the bundle of straw. (The equipment is probably hanging on the wall in the barn). And then wait for us to come over there.

(From my personal experience, I always thought that being instructed to prepare a punishment myself, was really terrifying and at the same time really exciting. It is also a little humiliating, I think. It is a real turn on for me, and I would love to see this in one of your films)

The stableboy nervously does what he is told, almost shaking whilst making the preparations. He is nervous as hell.

Okay, we didn't have a barn, but doesn't that just give you the most delightful shivers? We tried to capture that mood in the film, but really it was down to Michael's performance, and I think he did a fantastic job.

The stableboy is caught returning from an unauthorised ride. The stableboy is caught returning from an unauthorised ride.
The stableboy is caught returning from an unauthorised ride.

Period scenes always take a little thought, especially when it comes to the dialogue. There's a moment at the start of this film that makes me laugh every time I watch it, around two minutes in. Tom and I are in the garden, giving poor Michael a good telling off. During the scolding I start saying "You've been taking..." and stop, realising that "the piss" isn't exactly an authentic or appropriate 1930s turn of phrase. I flounder before Tom comes in neatly to my rescue: "...Liberties!" Nicely played, sir.

The stableboy is caught returning from an unauthorised ride. The stableboy is caught returning from an unauthorised ride.
The stableboy is caught returning from an unauthorised ride.

So what did our scriptwriter think of the finished product? Well, I'm glad to report that she likes it. Here's what DeliciousDelight said in email:

Loved the new film. Your performances are stunning and quite what I had in mind. Really liked how strict you were both being with Michael throughout the whole punishment and the way you were scolding.

The changes you made in the scene plot made a lot of sense I think. Starting outside in the beautiful garden and then moving indoors later. Gave a good flow to the scene I think.

In the plot idea I wrote to you back then, I remember my description of how nervous the boy is when being caught and waiting for his punishment is quite long and detailed, and I really think that Michael played that out very well! I could almost feel it on my own body.

Hope you enjoyed making the scene.

We certainly did, and we hope the rest of our viewers s enjoy this film too.

We love receiving scene ideas from site members. If you ever have a script you'd like to see filmed, send it over, and we'll see what we can do.


For Valentine's Day this year I published a very special photoset - some candid, hardcore shots of me and D in the bedroom, doing what we do best.

The plan was to shoot a series of arty couple nudes with photographer Matt Christie, body shapes and so on - and that's how this photoset starts out. But it wasn't long before things started taking a very different direction.

Tenderness, humour and spontaneous passion...

Tangled With You

We started out shooting couple nudes, but D and I can't keep our hands off each other. Skin to skin, our bodies tangle as we kiss and the temperature rises. Real love, real lust, and real, spontaneous sex. 

Tenderness, humour and spontaneous passion... Tenderness, humour and spontaneous passion...
Tenderness, humour and spontaneous passion... Tenderness, humour and spontaneous passion...

Leaning in for a kiss, I was surprised when D grabbed a fistful of my hair. Sparks flew, and suddenly a sweet romantic photoshoot took on a kinkier flavour. 

Tenderness, humour and spontaneous passion... Tenderness, humour and spontaneous passion...
Tenderness, humour and spontaneous passion...

Gentle spooning and cuddling became D pinning me facedown on the bed, hand over my mouth. Laughter mingled with the sizzling chemistry of our dominant/submissive connection.

Tenderness, humour and spontaneous passion... Tenderness, humour and spontaneous passion... Tenderness, humour and spontaneous passion...

We didn't plan to shoot explicit sex photos, but when D and I are in the room a hot fuck is only ever a heartbeat away. These pictures document real love, real lust, and real, joyful sex.  

Shoot report: Nimue, Molly and introducing Sir John Beecroft

When John Beecroft told me he knew of a great seaside location for filming, it was with typical British understatement. "I'm not sure if it'll be suitable, you'll have to see what you think." I'm always on the lookout for new places to shoot, and when he sent me some pictures I assured him it looked fine. Imagine my surprise when I walked in and discovered the place was far lovelier than the photos. With high ceilings, plenty of space and beautiful antique furnishings it was a directors dream, and best of all, it used to be a school! I couldn't have imagined somewhere more perfect to shoot some traditional English punishment films.

I was first introduced to John by Zoe Montana, who met him a few years ago on the London spanking scene and also introduced him to Molly Malone. Molly and John have since become not only spanking playmates, but firm friends. The pair share a dry sense of humour and a taste for hard caning, role reversal and believable punishment scenarios. I've joined them in their spanking play a couple of times and it's always tremendous fun.

Sir John shows Molly that corporal punishment is no laughing matter Sir John shows Molly that corporal punishment is no laughing matter
Sir John shows Molly that corporal punishment is no laughing matter Sir John shows Molly that corporal punishment is no laughing matter

We've been talking for a while about capturing some of their play on camera, and at Molly's wedding last summer the pieces started to fall into place. John sourced the location, and Nimue and I travelled down to the south coast for a day of laughter, wine, and good old fashioned spanking.

As tingy cold caning for Nimue Allen by Molly Malone A stingy cold caning for Nimue Allen by Molly Malone A stingy cold caning for Nimue Allen by Molly Malone
As tingy cold caning for Nimue Allen by Molly Malone A stingy cold caning for Nimue Allen by Molly Malone

We shot a mixture of F/F, M/F and F/M including two switch scenes, and the day as a whole was relaxed and incredibly fun. Highlights included Molly dropping deep into subspace while Nimue was caning her over the spanking bench; John playing a stuffy old parishioner who discovers Molly is hosting kink events and is determined to put a stop to it; and a revenge scenario in which Molly forces her old Headmaster to dress up in her school uniform and call her "sir"!

Schoolgirl Molly seeks revenge on her old headmaster Schoolgirl Molly seeks revenge on her old headmaster Schoolgirl Molly seeks revenge on her old headmaster

Every pairing had played together before and felt fully comfortable with each other, which always helps the juices flow. This resulted in scenes that felt really natural, and some superb ad libbing.

Back to school with Molly Malone and Nimue Allen Back to school with Molly Malone and Nimue Allen
Back to school with Molly Malone and Nimue Allen Back to school with Molly Malone and Nimue Allen

The first scene from that day will be out this weekend, in which strict Headmistress Ms Malone shows the Chair of the Governors that he isn't too old too be punished like a naughty schoolboy. Watch this space!

Distinguished Sir John caned by the strict Headmistress Distinguished Sir John caned by the strict Headmistress

Taking the plunge

Andrew Shada's first video for us introduced him in a top role, and he was understandably nervous. But it was important for both of us to include it; as a switch giving is just as important to him as receiving, and I wanted to give him a chance to express both sides of himself.

After shooting his introductory photoset, but before we filmed this video, I interviewed Andrew about a range of topics including his kinky interests, spanking and power exchange; being a bisexual switch; his experiences of male/male spanking; why he opted for historical costumes scenes, and what drew him to shooting spanking video. click on the image to watch the interview in our pop-up player:

Interview with Andrew - before the shoot

All our performer interviews are free to the public, so members and non-members alike can learn about our cast and what brings them here.

Click to view trailer for First%20Date

First Date

Dating can be nervewracking when you're kinky. When do you tell your date that you like spanking - and how? Seasoned spankee Nimue doesn't waste time, and as soon as they're back to her house she takes the plunge.

Andrew is surprised, but not horrified... and as she introduces him to the pleasures of reddening her lovely round bottom, he proves to be a fast learner.

Nimue comes out as kinky to her new lover, who quickly finds his stride.

The resulting film is shy, sexy and super sweet. Going into his first ever spanking video Andrew's enthusiasm, and his nerves, were both very real. Nimue was the perfect partner to guide him through his début film.

First Date is an adorable, realistic story of young love, first time nerves, and a heavy wooden paddle.

Nimue comes out as kinky to her new lover, who quickly finds his stride. Nimue comes out as kinky to her new lover, who quickly finds his stride.

These are important questions for any kinkster to consider. When do you tell a new partner you're kinky - and how? Would you discuss spanking - or even do it - on a first date?

Nimue comes out as kinky to her new lover, who quickly finds his stride. Nimue comes out as kinky to her new lover, who quickly finds his stride. Nimue comes out as kinky to her new lover, who quickly finds his stride.
Nimue comes out as kinky to her new lover, who quickly finds his stride.

Nimue's sensual enthusiasm and obvious pleasure in being spanked gives the whole thing an erotic flavour, and I found myself rooting for Andrew and willing him to have the courage and confidence to spank her as hard as she obviously craves. He's a fast learner, and by the end of this 15 minute film, wielding the wooden paddle hard enough to make her gasp, he definitely delivers.

Exciting news: photo-editing and copywriting

It's been quite a week - in a good way. Last weekend I attended (and presented at) an erotic fiction writers' conference, which was a fantastic opportunity for inspiration and networking. Among other things I took away the desire to do more sex blogging, which led to me writing about the breast punishment scene D surprised me with on Monday night. I also made a number of useful connections including - most excitingly - hiring a new professional copywriter for this website.

If you like spanking, hate patriarchy and read sex blogs, you probably already know Girl on the Net. I'm over the moon to be able to announce that she is joining the Dreams of Spanking team as a freelance copywriter, and will be writing film blurbs, blogposts and other bits and pieces. I love her sharp, punchy writing style and am really excited about this collaboration. She loves spanking, loves porn and has an eye for hot men, so I think she'll be perfect.

The other exciting news behind the scenes is that my assistant AJ is expanding her role to take on some of the photo editing. This should hopefully make it easier for us to include midweek photosets in our update schedule, and well as freeing more time for me to focus on video editing, business development and promotion. AJ has a background in photography and has done image processing before, so when I spent the afternoon showing her the ropes last Thursday she picked it up without any problems.

It's a pleasure to be able to delegate more of the regular work involved in the running of the site, and to give AJ's level of responsibility a boost. I'm confident that she will deliver fantastic images and can't wait to share her work with you.

On Friday night we found ourselves both working on Dreams of Spanking photosets at the same time - her on a forthcoming gallery introducing new male spankee Alexander Knight, and me on the stills accompanying our latest film, Slight Damage to the Rear End. It was lovely to have someone sharing the load behind the scenes, and we chatted away in IRC and even co-ordinated preview tweets!

AJ Levi@wanktruffle
Working on a new photoset for @DreamofSpanking, featuring our adorable new boy, Alexander. Lovely smile, lovely bum! pic.twitter.com/VeKi7pGKnv


Pandora Blake @pandorablake
Processing photos for tomorrow's @DreamofSpanking update. Love this shot of @Naughty_Molly preparing to dish it out! pic.twitter.com/ayi8muRP6v


I hope this is the start of two long and happy collaborations. Watch out for updates from AJ and Girl on the Net this week - and if you haven't read GotN's brilliantly filthy blog yet, take a look, I highly recommend it.

Severely caned by the headmistress

When Pandora first asked me to write blogs for her, I had to pinch myself. Watching hot spanking porn and writing about it? Well, it's pretty much a dream come true. And I was even more delighted when she sent me the first video – this week's fun, and incredibly severe “Slight damage to the rear end”

There are so many things I love about this video, and I strongly recommend you watch it before you read this so you can see what I'm talking about. Here's a free trailer for you:

Click to view trailer for Slight%20Damage%20to%20the%20Rear%20End

First things first – it stars the utterly stunning (and very scary in this role!) Molly Malone, who plays a superbly strict headmistress of exactly the kind I'd imagined when I used to read boarding school books under the bedcovers at night. It also stars John Beecroft, who is excellent as the distinguished, initially authoritative Chair of Governors getting taken down a peg or two (or twenty-four, if you're counting the cane strokes!).

Personally, I have a real thing for men who are well-spoken (“thank you headmistress” just sounds so perfect when properly pronounced), and the fact that John himself scripted this scene makes for some great natural dialogue, and a plot that flows really nicely. Watching his character try to bluster his way out of trouble, then resign himself to taking his punishment, is a total joy to watch. As is Molly's face when Sir John says something sexist. I won't tell you what he says as that'll spoil the surprise, but as a naturally submissive person, I get a real kick out of seeing the expression on a dominant's face that says 'oh you are in so much trouble!'

Molly and John are off-screen playmates and have been friends for years, which gives them a wonderful chemistry together. I could really feel John's nervousness crossed with excitement when his character was told he was in for a spanking – he clearly knows the 'you're in so much trouble' face only too well.

Pandora tells me that this is John's first ever film, and that he's always dreamed of being in a spanking video. Well, I think it's safe to say that he's ticked that off his bucket list with some serious style. Although he's never been filmed prior to “Slight damage...”, John is clearly incredibly experienced spankee, able to take a very hard over-the-knee spanking followed by an even more impressive and severe caning. I think you'll be pretty impressed with him too, especially about 9 and a half minutes in...

A severe caning from the strict headmistress

Last thing I'll get overexcited about before I wrap this up, I promise, but I also wanted to mention that this is a fantastic scene if you're a fan of the kind of great telling-off that goes along with a spanking. I think the technical term is 'chastisement', but basically what I'm saying is that John's script plus Molly's brilliant ad libbing makes for a sound bollocking that only an angry British headmistress can truly deliver. Best line of the scene (in my opinion) comes slap-bang in the middle of a thorough hand spanking: “I have to say that it's old drunk men like you who need to improve their driving.” I definitely wouldn't want to get on Molly's angry side when she's in this particular role.

So, there we go - “Slight Damage To The Rear End” - fun, exciting, beautifully acted and scripted, and with very heavy beatings that are eye-wateringly hot. As this is my first blog in which I get to write for DoS, it looks like both John and I have achieved a dream today, so I hope I've pulled this off even half as well as he has.

Enjoy the show!

A severe caning from the strict headmistress

Shoot with Ms Vixxxen

Last Tuesday Nimue and I joined forces for a last minute shoot with a new spanking performer. I first met Ms Vixxxen last July - on a Dreams of Spanking shoot, as it happens. She was the make-up artist for our shoot with Matt Christie. She mentioned to me that she was working as a professional spankee and we discussed the possibility of shooting together sometime.

Unfortunately I didn't have any opportunities open in 2013 (my casting is done scary far in advance these days - it's good to be in demand, I guess!) but we bumped into each other again last month at Leia-Ann Woods' Bottoms Up spanking party, and decided to make it happen before my trip to the US/Canada in April.

I sent her an email with some initial ideas for scenes, drawing inspiration from our mutual interest in queer performance and gender-fucking, and the fetishes listed on her website. Her reply? "Um oh my god I love you. Just saying. Can we do it all please?"

That was the first hint that this was going to go rather well.

Sadly, we couldn't do it all - not this time, at least. To keep things within budget we set it up as a co-shoot with Nimue's World, shooting a half day for Nimue's site and a half day for Dreams of Spanking. But I am absolutely certain that we will be shooting with Ms Vixxxen again.

For a spontaneous shoot arranged on short notice, it went incredibly well. With a total of five videos and three photosets it was a full day - especially since many of the scenes ended up being much more physically demanding than we'd expected, thanks to Ms Vixxxen's incredible enthusiasm, and tendency to ramp everything she does up to the max. But I think we created some of our best work yet, and I'm particularly happy with the photos.

Ms Vixxxen photographed by Pandora Blake for Dreams of Spanking

This was one of the first shots I took, just fiddling with lighting settings while Vix got ready for her first scene. I love how it came out.

Ms Vixxxen photographed by Pandora Blake for Nimue's World

Nimue asked me to shoot the photos for her site, and we kicked things off with a latex body shapes set with Ms Vixxxen in full fetish model mode, striking various gymnastic poses. Heaps of fun, and I even got to spend ten minutes beforehand carefully polishing and spraying all her latex to make it extra shiny. It's a hard life.

Next we shot a grungy dance set in which Vix got to show off her ballet training; half in her tutu, and half fully nude. I'm delighted with how these came out and will be posting more previews on my blog. Both these galleries will be going up on Nimue's World soon.

Ms Vixxxen photographed by Pandora Blake for Nimue's World

Nimue's site has a much broader remit than Dreams of Spanking, and it's always a pleasure to be able to explore a wide range of fetish interests. Shooting for her is always sexy and can be a real eye-opener. I loved the first video she made with Ms Vixxxen, with Vix as a kinky butler in a latex collar and tie who was used as human furniture. Nimue made her hold a tray of sex toys, and then used her as a footstool while she brought herself to orgasm. Ms Vixxxen is a self-confessed forniphilia fan and she loved every moment of this scene. "That was amazing," she said afterwards, "I could feel your orgasm building through the vibrations in your foot. Wow!"

Ms Vixxxen photographed by Pandora Blake for Nimue's World

After that it was time for some Dreams of Spanking scenes. First we filmed a fun introductory spanking video which will be going live later today; then we moved to the dungeon for a Tank Girl/riot grrrl photoset inspired by the scissor striptease from the Tank Girl movie. Snip snip!

This turned into an incredibly physical, fetishy performance that showed off Ms Vixxxen's burlesque experience as she systematically shredded her clothes with an assortment of blades. From aggressive, spidery poses in her high heeled red patent boots, to licking knives, tearing her fishnets off her legs, climbing the bars of the cell, hanging upside down and cutting off her knickers with a tape cutter, it was one of the most punk performances I have ever seen. Apparently her burlesque name used to be SPANK Grrrl. This character will definitely be making a return in future scenes.

Ms Vixxxen photographed by Pandora Blake for Dreams of Spanking

During our initial email conversation I'd somewhat hesitantly suggested something a little bit dirtier. "I can also see you in a rough n dirty scene with filthy talk, being shoved up against a wall, and some sexy BDSM/spanking. Possibly a lesbian scene, coming home from the gay club and not being able to wait until they get home..." Vix wrote back, and I quote, "OH FUCK YES LESBIAN SCENE." So we did that.

This video was a filthy hot resistance play scene with me as the femme top and her as the butch bottom. I pinned her to the wall, slapped her breasts and talked dirty while she fought and kicked, swearing right back in my face until I smacked her into submission. It was rough and raw and violent and the energy was incredible.

Ms Vixxxen and Pandora Blake for Dreams of Spanking

I knew that I liked shoving hot boi chicks around, but during the shooting of this film I also discovered a new kink. I was paddling her, she was struggling and mouthing off, so I stopped and told her I wouldn't give her another swat until she got back into position. Voluntarily.

There was a long pause. Eventually she says, "I hate you so very much right now" - and gets back into position. But then every stroke, she was counting "ONE, fuck you. Two, you fucking cunt. Three, fuck off you bitch." I loved her snarky stubborn bratting, the mutual aggression and energy. So very hot.

Ms Vixxxen and Pandora Blake for Dreams of Spanking

Finally, we did a Mad Men scene with her femmed up in her sexy secretary persona, and me all butch in a suit, tie and braces. This is my first ever spanking film in a male role and I hadn't worn drag for years. I'd forgotten how much I love it.

Ms Vixxxen photographed by Pandora Blake for Dreams of Spanking

When I was in theatre groups at uni I used to do a lot of gender-hacking, cross-dressing for various roles and exploring different sides of myself. It's been a while since I expressed my more masculine side, but this felt great, and I love how the photos came out. This is definitely something I want to make more space for in my life, and in my porn. After all, my femme persona is as much a performance as anything else, so why not mix it up a bit?

Overall it was the queerest shoot Nimue and I have ever done and we loved it. Thank you Ms Vixxxen for being you, and for inspiring us to explore new territory. It was a long day, but I really enjoyed it and can't wait to shoot more material like this. The future is queer and kinky and avant-garde, grrls!

The first scene starring Ms Vixxxen will go live this weekend - watch this space.

Ms Vixxxen photographed by Pandora Blake for Dreams of Spanking

Ms Vixxxen's first ever spanking video

Two words: sheer knickers. What, you want more words? OK, here goes – the latest video is up, and it's pretty spectacular. Vix Vixxxen is new to spanking videos, and her first one with Pandora is something pretty special.

Both of them are dressed to kill – or rather play. Pandora in a gorgeous tight latex ballgown and Ms Vixxxen in a cute lingerie set that includes a fabulous tutu and – did I mention see-through panties? Check out their stunningly hot outfits for yourself...

Click to view trailer for Meet%20Ms%20Vixxxen

Of course, it would be remiss of me not to mention the women inside the tight latex dress and the sheer knickers, and both Pandora and Vix are clearly having a fantastic time in this video. There's lots of flirting, and Pandora puts her at ease quickly, so we get to hear all about her spanking desires, and how she got into the spanking scene.

We also get to see Vix Vixxxen assume a series of hot poses – pushing her shapely arse out as she leans against the mantelpiece, posing artfully over a spanking bench and – the best, in my opinion – touching her toes to receive six stinging slaps with the strap. It turns out she has a background in ballet, which explains not only her lithe dancer's figure, but also how she can pull such graceful poses without breaking a sweat.

Ms Vixxxen assumes the position for the strap at Dreams of Spanking

One of my favourite things about Dreams of Spanking is that you really get to know the performers. This video is a cross between an interview and a spanking – the best of both worlds, and Pandora describes it as a 'warm up' for what's to come...

You can tell Ms Vixxxen is incredibly excited to be here. Her big filthy grin as she receives the strokes from her chosen implement is a delight to see.

I personally enjoy seeing performers who have similar tastes to my own – when Pandora asked Ms Vixxxen to choose an implement I was really hoping she'd pick the strap, and delighted that she did. It's got such a lovely heavy slap, which in my opinion is one of the best whacking noises.

I'm also pleased to see that Pandora is a fan of the phrase 'good girl.' As a subby type, I love hearing 'good girl' in porn, because it's exactly what I want to hear in real life: a dominant pleased with your work when you take a good beating. And when that dominant happens to be dressed head to toe in tight black latex, well... it adds a certain something.

Ms Vixxxen assumes the position at Dreams of Spanking

So, to sum up: this spanking video is the perfect introduction to the lovely Vix Vixxxen. We get to hear all about her love of spanking, see her posing and exposing herself in a stunning lingerie outfit, and watch Pandora (in an equally stunning tight latex dress) give her a warm up hand spanking and twelve hard strokes with the strap.

And don't forget those sheer knickers. They're hot not just because you can see all of Ms Vixxxen's gorgeous arse (in the video Pandora describes her as 'perfectly formed', and I can't help but agree!) but when she's being spanked you can see the darkening red patches on each cheek. Red blush blooming through blue see-through panties – something about that just makes me squirm with delight, and I'm pretty sure you'll agree that it's pretty damn special.

Enjoy the show, I'm off to do a bit of underwear shopping myself. I'll just watch it one more time - for research, you know?

Ms Vixxxen assumes the position in sheer knickers at Dreams of Spanking

Dreams of Spanking is going to the feminist porn awards!

In a few short days I will be in Toronto for the Feminist Porn Awards and Feminist Porn Conference. It's a dream come true, and my chance to finally put spanking porn on the global map of feminist, ethical porn. As a feminist spanking pornographer I'm on the crossover between two parts of the industry that don't ever talk to each other, although they have more in common in some ways than they might realise. My aim is to foster dialogue and mutual understanding, as well as demonstrating the ways I try to make spanking porn that is female gaze, gender egalitarian, feminist and fairtrade. It's an honour to be able to represent the genre I've always preferred personally, to the movement I'm proud to support politically.

With perfect timing I've just come down with flu, but preparations were already underway and hopefully after a couple of rest days, I'll be well enough to pack and catch my flight on Wednesday.

Dreams of Spanking: Feminist Porn Awards nominee 2014 (Honoured Website)

Dreams of Spanking has been nominated for the Honoured Website award for the second year running. I'd be thrilled to get a mention this year.

I also submitted six films for consideration - Kinky, My Inner Little Girl, Pandora's Belt Whipping Fantasy, The Loose Hem, Puppy Play and The Galleristas.

It's hard to know what might be considered eligible for a feminist porn award, but I wanted to include a mixture of male/female spankee scenes, and a mixture of enthusiastic consent scenarios (eg Puppy Play) with non-consent scenarios (Belt Whipping Fantasy), as well as films with feminist or empowering themes (My Inner Little Girl, The Galleristas) and live, on-screen negotiation (Kinky). I don't know what I was expecting but when the nominations were announced I was surprised - and delighted - that the film selected for inclusion was The Loose Hem.

Click to view trailer for The%20Loose%20Hem

It seems that when it comes to the feminist porn awards, live negotiation or spanking as a healthy, empowering fantasy are less interesting than cross-dressing and female dominance. I'm not sure I agree that this is the most feminist film of the bunch, but it's interesting to get a sense of what the judges might be looking for. The Loose Hem certainly benefits from an intriguing, well-woven storyline that includes a number of twists, courtesy of script writer joolstheman, and superb performances from Vincent Brennan and Molly Malone. Both stars well deserve the nomination, and I hope they are as excited as I am about having their film screened at an international awards ceremony!

The Feminist Porn Awards 2014: Decision time!

It's going to be a whirlwind few days, attending not only the awards but also the Feminist Porn Conference at the University of Toronto, where I'll be speaking on a couple of panels and attending lots more.

I arrive in Toronto on Wednesday night, and I've got a room booked at the Holiday Inn, sharing with @ChrisLowrance and @RiseUpOpossums. Thursday morning I've booked a content share shoot with the super hot Zahra Stardust, who is keen to shoot a spanking film after being inspired by a demo given by Molly Malone in Melbourne last week (that girl gets everywhere!). We've booked Ms Naughty and her partner Luke to film the scene, and I'll also be shooting a solo content share scene with Ms Naughty the following morning for her site Bright Desire.

The official FPA 2014 After Party at the Steady Cafe and BarBut even without shooting, there'll be plenty to keep me occupied. On Thursday there's pre-screening cocktails followed by Public.Provocative.Porn: The Year’s Best in Feminist Porn, at which I will probably be found at the back, making critical notes on all the offerings - and hiding behind a cushion while my film is played. Afterwards I'll be able to drown my sorrows and swap notes with all the other filmographers at The Official FPA Screening After Party.

On Friday I've signed up to take part in a press conference after my shoot with Ms Naughty, talking to the media about feminist porn and the work I do. Then Friday evening is a "VIP pre-party" followed by the 9th Annual Feminist Porn Awards and Gala.

The Feminist Porn Conference opens on Saturday - and this is the real reason I'm going. I've been invited to participate in two sessions, the first alongside Sophie Delancey, Gala Vanting and Madison Young:

Consent & Authenticity: Interrogating Two Feminist Porn Tenets

Non-consent fantasies pose problems for ethical pornographers. How do viewers differentiate between non-consensual fantasy and consensual reality? How can producers make this distinction more explicit, and reassure viewers that non-consent scenarios are produced safely, ethically and consensually? When performer consent cannot be portrayed within the text, the onus is on the producer to show it in contextualising materials. As a creator of spanking/punishment films, my methodology employs not only performer interviews, but also behind the scenes videos, out-takes, marketing copy, blog posts, links, comments and social media – particularly contributions written by performers in their own words, and own time.

That was the presentation I submitted, and is obviously one very close to the mission of this site. Check out this blogpost for a preview of some of the material I'll be covering, among other things.

Pornographers Without Borders
Jennifer Lyon Bell, Pandora Blake, Ms. Naughty, Ovidie

Although feminist porn in North America has gained a lot of media attention in the last few years, it is growing and thriving in Europe and Australia as well. This panel features filmmakers who live and work in France, the Netherlands, the UK, and Australia. Panelists will explore how their aesthetics, agendas, and challenges overlap with and differ from American and Canadian feminist porn; they will also address how their work is received by international audiences. They will discuss distribution channels and strategies with an eye toward growing a global feminist porn movement.

This panel was a last-minute addition and I was pleased to be included. I do sometimes feel like an outsider as one of the few UK pornographers who is explicitly engaging with feminist politics, and the feminist porn community can sometimes seem irritatingly US-centric. If nothing else I'm completely thrilled to be sharing a panel with three superstar feminist porn directors, all personal role models of mine.

There are afterparties and play parties every night, but I'm not sure how many I'll get to; on the Friday and Saturday evenings at least I might well choose to get early nights. I have no desire to be exhausted or hungover when giving my presentations!

However, it's pleasant to discover I'm not particularly nervous. I've had a little more practice at public speaking over the last twelve months and I've discovered it's something I genuinely enjoy. I guess that means I really am an exhibitionist at heart.

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