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Introducing Alex and Richard

I'm pleased to announce two new male performers who have been cast for our first shoot of 2014! Alexander Knight and Richard Barton will be joining us alongside experienced hands (and bottoms!) Nimue AllenMolly Malone and our old scene friend John Beecroft for a two day spankstravaganza next week.

With John's help, we've found a lovely old-fashioned venue which will enable us to explore traditional and historical themes including evacuees, wicked stepmother, university student and plenty of school scenarios. Molly, John and Nimue are all switches, which means that over the course of the two days we'll be able to shoot every gender orientation! As always, however, I have far more female spankee material already filmed than male spankee, so the focus for me will be M/M with Alex and Richard on day two.

Dr Richard Barton has made a name for himself as a no-nonsense M/M top for sites such as Sting Pictures, CP Services and Manc Spank. Dr Barton is known for his deadly accuracy with the cane, his fluent scolding and wicked sense of humour.

Richard is a lifestyle player who makes spanking videos for the love of it. He greatly enjoyed the believable storylines and high production values of Sting Pictures, but when they stopped filming in the UK he missed working with them. I was flattered that when he saw Dreams of Spanking, he was sufficiently impressed to write and offer his services.

To find out more about Richard Barton, have a read of this interview over at Jockspank from 2010, which contains some fascinating questions and answers, as well as lots of tantalising spanking photos from various of his films.

I particularly enjoyed his description of the following spanking fantasy he'd love to see immortalised in film:

A seventeenth century schoolroom with lots of dark wooden desks and panelling. At the front is a large desk for me, the schoolmaster. I am dressed in black cap and gown and next to the desk is the birching horse, with a birch rod lying across it. In a basket in the corner of the classroom is a collection of freshly made birches.

The boys are seated at their desks, sweating over their Latin primers. A few of them are already sitting rather gingerly as they have made silly mistakes in their compositions and taken a trip across the horse to have their bare bottoms crispy swished with the stinging twigs – what bliss!

I don't think next week's location will quite do as a seventeenth century oak-panelled schoolroom, but it certainly seems that Richard and I are on similar wavelengths. I'm really looking forward to working with him.

I'm also incredibly excited to introduce our new male star Alexander Knight. I've known Alex for a couple of years. He's in his mid-twenties, a lifelong kinkster with a penchant for rope, spanking and dressing up. He describes himself as a "pain slut" and has been spanked hard in the past, but not as often as he'd like. Best of all, he's a total cutie.

(Photo © Ara McBay for an unpublished shoot for Filament Magazine.)

Alex is totally new to spanking video. He's a switch, but he's a bit nervous about performing on camera and so wants to just play the spankee role until he's got the hang of shooting video. That's fine by me, and I'm sure that by the end of his first day shooting his nerves will be a thing of the past!

We've got some great scenes lined up for Alex, with a mixture of fair and unfair punishments, casting him as hapless schoolboy, deserving student, and gallant Victorian gentleman. And to mix it up a bit, he and Richard will be joined by Molly Malone for a touch of M/FM and MF/M.

I'm really looking forward to this shoot, and to working with Alex and Richard. I'll be sure to report back on what we get up to!


Phew. Can't wait!

Me neither! Will snap lots of behind the scenes pics :)

I bet you're not the only on....Great Blog too AJ....

your last Blog I mean

Great news all around...

Hey Pandora. You are the best! I can't wait to see what you come up with for these fantastic new models. I've seen Richard's work in m/m spanking videos in the past and he's great. There are so many spanking sites out there that segregate by sexuality. I'm so happy to have found this site where the boundaries are a bit blurred. I'm primarily interested in m/m scenes but I've been expanding my interests into f/m and fm/m. It's great that people can find the kind of spanking scenes they're looking for here and either ignore the other stuff or check it out, decide if they're intrigued or interested, and then either go back to familiar territory or continue to "explore". Very cool. I hope to see Alex and especially (please oh please) Nick over his knee soon. Love OTK schoolboy scenes so I'm excited about the new set. Thanks again for everything.

We will DEFINITELY have some bare bottom M/M OTK spanking this time! Although some implement spankings too - including a classic six of the best school caning. (My favourite!)

I find it absolutely delightful that you have been exploring F/M and FM/M, just as other viewers have been dabbling in M/M for the first time. I really don't see the point of segregating and have been thrilled to discover so many other fans of male/male spanking :)


I meant "Will", not "Nick". Maybe spellcheck is into someone named "Nick". Anyway, Will! Please! He's amazingly sexy and a really good actor. Thanks.

Ahh, that makes more sense, yes! I will be inviting Will back. We have so many amazing performers to choose from, it's hard to fit everyone in - especially since I have a growing list of new boys I want to make time to shoot. Perhaps the answer is a second website?

2nd Website!

The only thing better than a great spanking website is two great spanking websites! I'd love it. You could start an empire. Can't wait for the new shoots. Thanks for responding and keep up great work.

I'm thinking perhaps there might be an "if...." vibe to the shoot ? As in the 1960s Lindsay Anderson movie with Malcolm McDowell. I do hope so, certainly Alexander Knight is just as handsome.

Isn't he though. I know "if..." and I will certainly be attempting to recreate something of that dusty, unjust, institutional vibe. I don't think we'll include machine guns on the rooftop, though.


Glad to hear you managed to watch 'If' :-)
What a great film that was. Just like my old grammar school but without the machine guns.

Machine guns aside, a film buff told me that Anderson shot the movie at Cheltenham College. Perhaps a future location for Dreams of Spanking when Pandora is the head of a multi million pound fair trade porn empire ?

"... when Pandora is head of a multi million pound fair trade porn empire"? So we will have to wait until next year then?

My first time!

I thought I'd introduce myself and say 'hello' to you all. Filming with Pandora and co was an excellent - if exhausting - experience. One thing which struck me about Dreams of Spanking when I initially discovered the site was its quality and the attention to detail which is so evident in what is produced. This is something which has always been important to me. There is so much out there which is second rate that when you come across a site like this one is immediately aware that one has leapt into another order of things.
As Pandora has mentioned, I have worked for other m/m sites and I would define myself as gay and get hot under the collar at the sight of a cute adult schoolboy! But on the other hand, one should not get stuck in a rut and I find the willingness to explore and experiment on this site very refreshing. So the filming we did was not just my first time with Pandora it was also the first time I had spanked a lady! It was a very good experience and just goes to show that one doesn't have to be gay, straight or anything else for one to appreciate a thing of beauty.
So I would like to say a big thank you to Pandora for inviting me to be part of this. I feel very privileged. I would also like to say thank you to those I filmed with. Alex was awesome, cute and took so much in so short a time. Molly was a delight to work with and Nimue coolly efficient behind the camera. Overall was Pandora, keeping us all on the straight and narrow and the whole thing done with a professionalism and humour which made it possible to film so much in so short a time. Also, a big thank you to John for allowing us to take over his home and turn it upside down. It was a first rate venue.
All in all it was an excellent experience and I look forward to the end results. I also look forward to appearing in some further films in the future.
With best wishes,

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