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Letting go - a spanking for pleasure

There's something utterly delicious about letting yourself go. I am always in awe of porn performers who can stay in character in the face of some intensely hot beatings. In fact I'd love to know more about how different performers prepare for a scene – how do you get in the right headspace for performing? Are there certain elements (like costume, dialogue rehearsal, a cup of tea with their co-performers) that each actor prefers before they start performing? Perhaps a topic I can tempt some of the Dreams of Spanking cast into exploring in another post...

I know that Pandora makes sure all our performers have the opportunity to shape the scenes they're in and control what happens on camera – the spanking, scenario and interaction. As well as being a crucial element in ethically produced porn, I suspect this also makes it easier to fully immerse yourself in a scene.

This approach is also a large part, for me, of what makes a porn video enjoyable to watch: seeing genuine pleasure as the participants let themselves get caught in the moment, relishing an erotic spanking that perfectly fits their own desires and kinks.

Our latest F/M film comes from just such a performer contribution, and as a result the video is a really candid depiction of the desires of the spankee. Ron Beastly – trans porn performer, gorgeous bear cub, and owner of more than his fair share of excellent pants – had been shooting some more traditional punishment scenes in the morning, and over lunch he requested a change of pace: a simple spanking for pleasure.

Ron Beastly gets a spanking for pleasure at Dreams of Spanking

During his interview, Ron talks about the kind of spanking that he likes best - a pleasure spanking in which he can really let go. You can see the full interview on Ron's previous scenes (his introductory photoset, a magical school spanking, and an over the knee spanking from his 'big brother' Seani Love), but this spanking video includes some snippets of the interview too, so you can watch Ron's explanation as well as the gorgeous fulfilment of his desires side-by-side in the same video.

Ron explains that spanking actually hurts more for him if he can't wiggle around and respond freely. If he's supposed to pretend that he doesn't enjoy it, he doesn't enjoy it, as he needs to move his body freely in order to process the pain.

I can see exactly where he's coming from, and I think that's part of the joy of well-tailored spanking play, or any kind of pain play: the same intensity of smack can induce very different sensations or emotions depending on your perception of the scene – what your motivations are, whether you move or cry out, and a number of other things. I'll certainly be more hurt by a smack that comes as a 'punishment' than a smack that comes as a 'treat', and I love being able to explore both different feelings at different times.

The spanking in this video falls firmly into the 'erotic spanking' category, with Ron moaning and writhing with pleasure at the feeling of Pandora's hands on his bum. She caresses and holds him firmly over her lap as well as giving him a long, thorough over the knee spanking that varies in intensity as he responds to every touch.

The gorgeous thing about this little scene is that it so simply captures Ron's genuine reactions - you can identify the moment that he really lets go, and I loved his gleeful grin of pleasure as he arches his back and pushes his bum up to meet Pandora's hand.

Ron Beastly gets a spanking for pleasure at Dreams of Spanking

This video is a really good way to get to know not only Ron, but another dimension of masochism and kink. I love the intimacy of it – watching someone else let go, getting inside their head and understanding a bit more about how kink works for them.

For me personally, I often find it easier to get that same feeling – heading to that happy place that's the perfect balance between pleasure and pain - if I'm masked or restrained. Something about struggling against my bonds, but feeling helpless, helps me to process the pain, and feel the smacks as tingling pleasure. I'm also similar to Ron, I think, in my desire to cry out: I enjoy something more if I can be a bit vocal – whether that's erotic moaning or just sharp intakes of breath.

I suspect what helps someone to relax into a spanking is as individual as the kind of spanking they like in the first place, but I'm really curious – so I'd love to hear in the comments if there's something in particular that helps you reach this kind of happy place....

And, of course, please do go and visit Ron in his happy place!


Wiggling bum cheeks and drumming lower legs on the couch/bed for me. It sort of goes with the energy imparted by the sting of the smacks. But to push further towards the pleasure headspace, having your thighs clamped by the spanker and then her thigh lifting to rub across your cheeks, especially if nylon tights or stockings are involved - the light abrasive effect is amazing.

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