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The good news, and the good news

Dreams of Spanking: 6 months for £75, offer ends Thursday 16 January

I've been waiting a long time to make this announcement. The ever-so-clever D. has been hard at work behind the scenes for months (well, weeks, at least) to make this happen, and I'm super excited about it. Do you want the good news, or the good news? :)

In two days time, Thursday 16 January 2014, we'll be updating our pricing structure. The good news is that for the first time we will be able to offer the option of recurring billing, providing ongoing subscriptions at a reduced price to our loyal members. We'll also be tidying up the other membership options so that everything is consistent.

When I launched Dreams of Spanking, I had several long conversations with D. about pricing; how complicated to make it, and what I wanted to offer. I knew one thing for certain, which is that I didn't want recurring billing to be compulsory. As someone who regularly buys memberships to porn sites myself, I know how annoying it can be when you forget to cancel and are accidentally rebilled beyond the point you intended. Especially when your budget is tight, it can lead to unhappy or even unwilling members, and generate bad feeling.

Other site owners advised me that my business would depend on rebills - but I vowed from the start that I never wanted the success (or otherwise) of my site to depend on accidental or reluctant custom. I wanted happy members, who chose upfront how much they wanted to pay, without having to set a reminder in their calendars to fiddle about if they didn't want to be charged extra after the fact.

Two years ago, we worked out we could either write the system to only offer rebills, or to only offer one-off subscriptions. It was an easy decision. I also decided to offer a reduced rate 5 day membership to make the site more accessible to those on low incomes, and to those, especially women, who had never bought a porn subscription before.

I added the current 3 month and 6 month subscriptions, priced at £45 and £75 respectively, to fill the gap while D. got recurring billing up and running. 6 months was set at the maximum price CCBill would let me charge for a single membership, which is why it's such a ridiculously good deal!

As of midnight on Thursday 16th, the new membership options will be priced as follows:

  • 5 days non-recurring £10.00
  • 30 days non-recurring £20.00
  • 30 days recurring (first month £20.00, rebilling at £15/month)
  • 90 days non-recurring £50.00 (3 months at £16.66 per month)

Members signing up for a recurring subscription are placing the most trust in us, and so I want to offer them the most competitive rate. I hope that many people who have been buying the 3 month and 6 month memberships will switch to the recurring option, which will save you having to check your expiry dates and regularly resubscribe, at the same low rates you've been enjoying so far.

The changes will take place at midnight GMT on Thursday 16 January. Now that recurring billing is going to be on the menu, it's time to retire the 6 month option, which was only ever intended as a temporary measure. Which brings me to the other good news: if you wish to join Dreams of Spanking for 6 months for only £75 (only £12.50 a month!) you still have 48 hours to do so! I wanted to give you a bit of notice to take advantage of this low price while it lasts.

If you currently have an active membership and wish to take advantage of this offer, drop me an email and I'll send you a payment form, and extend your membership manually.

Alternatively, if you wish, I would be delighted if you chose to wait until Friday and be one of the first to join our family of recurring members. Recurring billing will never be mandatory; I will always retain a selection of non-recurring options for those who want to buy a one-off subscription. The choice is, and always will be, yours.


Great news

Pandora & D,

This is great news for the likes of me as my membership lapsed recently.

I will definitely choose your very kind offer of:
30 days recurring (first month £20.00, rebilling at £15/month).

Will renew everything this Friday once things are up and running.

Does this mean the recurring billing thereafter is paid on the same day that the membership was taken out, for example the 16 of the month or whatever? Makes no odds to me really, just wondered.

Thanks so much.

John, that's great news. I think your subscription will rebill 30 days after your last payment each time - but it might be on the same day of the month each month, eg if you buy your membership on the 5th, it might rebill on the 5th each month. Let me check that and get back to you :)

Hi again, just to confirm, the subscription recurs every 30 days. So if you signed up today, 17 Jan, the next payment would be in 30 days time, eg 16 Feb. So not necessarily the same day each month, as not every month is 30 days long. Hope that makes sense!

Thanks Pandora, it kind of does make sense.....not that it makes much difference anyway when the payment is made. Thanks to you and D for setting this up....should be much easier in the future not to have to worry about renewing membership.

This is by far the best spanking site (in my eyes) on the Web so having full-time paid up membership makes perfect sense. I hope you get lots of followers.

Be safe.

I know that for some reason you consider me a pain in the ass (and not a good one) but I hang around anyway because I like a lot of your scenes and I appreciate the way you try to be fair with your members. Unfortunately that is something seldom scene.

So Thank You, and I'll continue to be a member now and them.


Quite sure that Pandora doesn't see you as being "a pain in the ass" or as we say in the United Kingdom, "a pain in the bottom." Oh and thank you Bacchus, you inspired me to get out my Atlas and find out where Idaho is, I was expecting it to be further South, not sure why.

You are quite welcome for the geography lesson Vincent, glad to be of help. Yes Idaho is on the north side, a bit to far north for this California boy's comfort. I'm about sixty miles SE of Boise, in the least densely populated part of the lower 48.

As for what Pandora sees me as, you will have to ask her, she does not talk to me, even when I send her plots she asks for.

Thanks for sending over your scene idea Bacchus. I read it and filed it in my scripts folder for future reference, I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to reply yet. I get hundreds of emails a day and spend at least a couple of hours a day answering email... but it's a losing battle, each day I still get further behind. if I gave more time than I do, I'd never have time to make new spanking videos to update this website ;)

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