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Big Location Shoot 2013 - Michael Darling

I was really excited about working with our new male switch performer Phil Fury on Thursday. Phil had contacted me via Fetlife and we'd exchanged many emails getting to know each other and plotting scenes based on his fantasies, and even re-enacting some real life punishments from his childhood. He'd said he would drive over from work (a few hours away) on Wednesday night and arrive late evening. I said I'd wait up to let him in.

Nimue and I went over the callsheets for the day we had scheduled with him, making plans to work around the bruises on my bottom and protect it as much as possible for the severe caning I had planned on Friday.

At 10pm I was already tired after 7am starts all week, and wished I could go to bed, but I knew it was a long drive for him. At 11pm I was yawning, struggling to keep my eyes open after Nimue and Tom had both gone to bed, wishing he'd hurry up. I had told him to text me so I had his number, and I hadn't received anything which was a bit concerning, but I dropped him an email to let him know I would be here to let him in. 

At midnight there was still no sign of him and I was getting rather worried and pissed off. At 12.30 I wrote out two notes with my phone number telling him to call me or shout loudly if he arrived, and put one on the gate and one on the house door. Standing outside in the lane at half past midnight surrounded by the whooshing of the trees in the wind, scanning the horizon for any car lights, straining to hear any engine noise from the road above the rushing of the leaves in the woods. We really were in the middle of nowhere and I wondered if he had got completely lost. Still, I couldn't wait up all night, so I locked up, left the downstairs lights on in case he arrived in the middle of the night, sent him one last email to let him know what I had done, and went to bed.

I woke up at 3am and lay there, knowing he had not arrived, and that therefore he wasn't coming. My brain started whirling, devising new plans for the day since the current callsheet had to be scrapped. Of course I would have to bottom instead, but the problem was both that I was already quite bruised, and that I didn't want to incur further damage before Friday. I started dreaming up photosets in which I could wear full knickers or short shorts, F/F scenes I could do with Nimue on the receiving end, and sexy candid scenes or non-spanking BDSM play in which my marks would not show up, or would not be a problem. I typed the ideas into my phone so I wouldn't forget, and soon I had a dozen possibilities - more than we could shoot in one day. Finally after a couple of hours lying awake I was able to steal a precious three more hours of sleep.

I woke up at 8am to my notes still on the door, and tweeted that I had experienced my first no-show. I felt hurt and betrayed. He had seemed so genuine by email. Had it all been a fraud? 

Still, onwards and upwards. On the off-chance, I popped Michael Darling a text to ask if he was free today for some last minute paid work. He replied almost immediately to say he was, as it happened, and after a quick phone call he'd arranged to get the train up from London as soon as possible.

Well. So I wouldn't need all my middle-of-the-night scene ideas after all. Time to draw up callsheet #3.

Nimue got up, and together we drank tea, looked at my list of solo scene ideas, planned what to shoot during the morning before Michael arrived, and what we could do when he arrived. Some scenes had been written explicitly for Phil, some were similar to scenes Michael had already done; those couldn't be reused. I try not to write "insert boy here" scenes, and so for the most part we couldn't just swap Michael in to replace Phil and have the scenes still work - which I think means I am doing something right, but does make this sort of last minute change of plan a bit more complicated!

Still, I couldn't believe my luck. I'd be able to get some male spankee scenes shot today after all. What were the chances that Michael would have a day off work today? I suddenly felt extremely honoured to have such amazing performers who were willing to drop everything and come and rescue me at zero notice..

I've already posted the end to this story - that when I checked my email at the end of the day, I discovered an email from Phil sent that morning from the hospital, where he'd been taken after being involved in a collision on the A420 just outside of Oxford on his way to us. Poor lad. So it wasn't his fault, and he was genuine after all. What terrible luck on the way to your first ever spanking shoot. I've been in touch with him since and he is making a swift recovery. Hopefully we'll be able to reschedule in 2014, and film some of the scenes that I'd been looking forward to shooting with him.

Meanwhile, Nimue and I started the day with a solo photoset showing off one of my new corsets, teamed with ribbon heels, fishnets and frilly knickers to mask the belt bruises on my bottom. I'm really happy with how these came out.

Next I got Tom to join me in front of the camera for a classic Janus-style punished wife photoset, which I think I'm going to call "Caned in the Parlour". Cream satin knickers almost cover my bruised bottom... almost. I think I need to get hold of some fuller French/directoire knickers. Anyone want to treat me? I'll be very grateful, and can guarantee you'll see me spanked in them!

Then it was time for my first ever solo masturbation video. I wrote the storyboard for this scene a few years ago, but this was my first opportunity to shoot it. It's called "My Inner Little Girl", and tells the story of a business executive who likes to relax after a stressful day at work with a little age play fantasy, and I'm going to cut it together with some little girl spanking footage I shot with Zoe Montana way back in 2010.

The scene worked out perfectly, with just Nimue and I in the room, already feeling relaxed and comfortable after three days of shooting together - which had included some rather intimate scenes for Nimue's World.

Shooting this scene was a big deal for me. It was my first sexually explicit video (as opposed to photos), not counting a bit of groping here and there, and my first orgasm on camera. It was also my first sexy solo scene. I'm grateful to Nimue for making it such an easy and natural experience, and helping me feel no self-consciousness about masturbating on camera for the first time.

Rewatching it just now to capture some screengrabs was a surreal experience. Apparently I go all red and white and blotchy around the neck and chest when I come. I don't know if that's normal for a porn performer - but at least you know my pleasure is genuine! 

Then it was time for the first spanking video of the day, 'Lady Godiva'. This was an improvised scene intended as the prequel to a scenario we were shooting with Leia Ann Woods the next day, and based on a story a private session client had told me. It follows the ladies of the Pony Club who have strict rule of etiquette and deal with any immodest behaviour in a traditional manner. I won't share the full details of the storyline quite yet, as I'm editing this scene at the moment and hope to release it this weekend.

Michael arrived while we were shooting this video, so after making him some tea and helping him with his bags, I talked him through the options for which scenes we could shoot with him, and let him think about it while we wrapped up Nimue's punishment.

In the end, Michael opted to do one of the scenes we'd had planned for Phil, and three new ones. This suited me perfectly, as it means if I can shoot with Phil next year, I still have most of the original scripts to use with him.

I've received a lot of requests lately for male domestic OTK spanking, such as father/son or uncle nephew, and also for male/male scenes with a woman watching. I'd been thinking that it was time to shoot some MF/M, as I don't have any yet and we do have several FM/F scenes now. So I decided to combine the two with a classic domestic punishment scenario in which Michael brings home a bad school report to his strict aunt and uncle.

This is a very traditional scenario, and I'm hoping that our female gaze shooting style will give it a fresh twist, with lots of emphasis on Mike's beautiful bottom and expressive facial reactions. He did look utterly adorable in that school uniform!

Next we used an idea Michael suggested, in which he plays a male chauvinist gallery owner who is visited by feminist activists, and spanked for not representing more female artists in his gallery. This is based on a campaign by the Guerilla Girls, and I love that Michael was up for it. Only a true supporter of gender equality would be willing to sacrifice his bottom for the sake of smashing patriarchy!

To my surprise, shy boyish Michael made a surprisingly convincing wanky hipster in his suit and glasses:

When I realised I'd have Michael on location, I instantly started to wonder if it would be practical to shoot 'The Stableboy', a thirties MF/M scene written by Dreams of Spanking member and long-time Michael fan DeliciousDelight. With the historical farmhouse, the garden and Michael all in one place, it quickly came together. I even managed to improvise a plausible thirties riding outfit from items I happened to have with me!

Phil had requested an Edwardian governess birching scene for the end of the day, and the birches had been soaking in the bathtub since the night before. We'd also planned a Victorian scene with Phil in which he and I played siblings punished by our father. I decided to split the difference with a father/son birching scene. Michael had never had the birch before, and wasn't sure if he could take it, so we concocted a storyline in which he was given the opportunity to choose to take a caning instead.

Michael played the son of the school's headmaster, who with other boys was involved in a May Week prank that got them all caned. But unlike the other boys, after everyone else had gone home, his father summoned him for an additional punishment - not as a pupil, this time, but as his son.

It was great fun dreaming up the details for this storyline with Tom and Michael on the spur of the moment. Sometimes spontaneous scenes are the ones which flow most naturally, and this was no exception. Michael opted for the birch, in the end - and he took it beautifully.

Michael's bottom was done for the day, but we all still had a bit of energy left, so we headed into the garden for one final photoset, based on the first erotic spanking story I ever read. In the story the heroine has two lovers, both male tops, one older, one younger. Unbeknownst to her they conspire behind her back to give her an unforgettable al fresco experience.

I love Tom's eyes in this photo. At the time I had no idea they were doing these gestures behind my back - it was all genuinely happening without me knowing what was going on. HOT.

The older one surprises her in the garden, blindfolds her, binds her and beats her until she admits she likes it. They take care to only touch her one at a time, and she assumes that the hands caressing her are his - until she feels someone licking and sucking her breasts while she is being whipped, and suddenly realises there have been two of them all along. (In the book it's also revealed that the two men are father than son, adding an extra incestuous twist!)

I hadn't planned to shoot this scene this week, but with Tom and Michael there, and the afternoon light fading to golden, it seemed like the perfect opportunity - and it was exquisitely hot.

It was a privilege to be able to bring so many fantasies to life, and at the end of the day, nude in the garden with rope marks on my wrists, I was a very happy girl.

If you like this post, comments are encouraged and appreciated :)


I like this post!!!! :)
You all look so good and healthy and as if you are having so much fun. Looking forward to seeing the result on film.


Tom's looking in particularly fine fettle at the moment, I think! I like to think of us as making healthy wholesome porn :)

I love your script and I really hope we've done it justice. It's a shame we couldn't have used the idea of a haybale in a barn, that would have been super hot. I can't wait to show you the film!

I agree; Tom looks like he is in super shape at the moment, it's great to see :) You look really top fit and pretty as always, and generally I think that your films always somehow lets the personality of the cast shine through, if that makes any sense. That together with your description of everything, down to the very last detail on the blog makes it even more exciting to watch.
And don't worry about the barn and the haybale, I will keep it in my imagination as I watch the film :)
(along with many other things I immediately starts imagining, just from watching the preview photos).
"long time Michale fan", you are right about that. Nothings changed there. Hope he had fun with the scene :)

LOL I'm glad someone appreciates my attention to detail in this blog! It's more for my benefit really - last week was something I have been wanting to do for years, and it was like nothing I'd ever done before, and I want to have a full record of it.

Tom has lost some weight lately, combined with the new trim beard he's even sexier than usual. Most importantly he's a bit more happy and relaxed than he's been for the last while and that's the sexiest thing of all.

I try to write scenes that work with my performers' strengths and let them express something true about themselves... and I think you have struck gold with the Stableboy, fantastic scenario! Feel free to write more any time you like!

*Pandora* has this amazingly mischevious look , it's like a glow.
o.k. my ability at linguistic description has failed again.But it's like there's this aura of *freedom* about her and all her star's.

What a beautiful thing to say. You've made me tongue-tied as well. It's clearly catching.

I think the glow is 50% happiness, 50% sunset... but I was genuinely, truly happy. And I love the idea of collecting people who have an aura of freedom. Yeah baby! :D

Oh my...

Pandora...you are looking beautiful as usual, and the scenes here, amazing. I am IN LOVE with the scene of Thomas as the headmaster, and his son Michael. Not sure if I have seen, but is it available for viewing yet? As always, adore your site my dear. :-)

Glad you like the look of our new material! The Headmaster's Son was extremely hot from my point of view behind the camera.

It was only shot last week and these scenes will be released slowly over the next few months. Best way to keep abreast of our updates is to follow this blog, or our twitter (@dreamofspanking) or tumblr as I post previews from new scenes as they are released :)

Thank you!

Oh I am following you on both my dear. And of course it was extremely hot...male spanking is just as delicious as female spanking, if not hotter in my opinion, but we spankos all have similar likes. I am looking forward to it. Thanks doll!

I Agree Cherry Mistress! ;)


Oh delicious...we are just waiting, waiting for the lovely spanked bottom of Michael. Awwwww!!! :-)

This weekend my dears!


You will absolutely make my weekend Pandora darling. :-)

It's up now ladies! http://dreamsofspanking.com/scene/item/school-report :)

pandoras fig

how I love the way your delightful vulval area looks back between your beautiful thighs whenever you are bent over for punishment !! this is an absolute picture and is also common with the very horny Molly Malone. Two ripe figs just waiting to be tasted after their above bottoms have been suitably heated up XX Zorro57

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