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Auditioning the help

I'm a bit behind on blogging our latest scenes, so there might be a flurry of posts over the next few days while I get caught up. It's been a busy month, what with attending Molly Malone's amazing wedding; shooting with her, Zoe Montana and new male spankee Vincent Brennan; doing a tonne of 121 dom sessions; and enjoying some pleasantly filthy activities with my darling D, and, pleasingly, with Tom as well, who has taken time out of his busy summer to come and pay me a couple of booty calls lately. (A term which seems even more appropriate when it's just as much for spanking as it is for sex.)

I want to post previews from both this summer's shoots - things have just been so hectic I've not had time to finish processing the pictures. Ideally, I'd love to get caught up this week, as on Sunday Tom and I are going away for with Nimue Allen to shoot for Dreams of Spanking and Nimue's World for a whole seven days. It's an exciting milestone for this site, our biggest shoot yet, and we'll be adding four new performers to the Dreams of Spanking cast. I'm hugely excited and will share more details soon :)

Meanwhile, a look back to our recent film featuring Amelia Jane Rutherford and Caroline Grey as applicants for a vacancy in Baroness Blake's decadent household.

Click to view trailer for The%20Baroness'%20New%20Housegirls

The Baroness' New Housegirls

When Baroness Blake hires a new housegirl, she is looking for obedience, grace, elegance, and a willingness to serve. Two applicants compete to meet her exacting standards: blonde Amelia, keen to show off her poise and perfect submission; and redhaired Caroline, a strong-willed and sarcastic New York City girl.

The Baroness doesn't only want attractive serving girls, but willing companions who can help keep her guests entertained. She tests their modesty, their mettle and their ability to give and receive corporal punishment with a smile. Do either of them have what it takes to join her household?

Amelia Jane Rutherford kneels to serve Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

Photographer Hywel Phillips, Amelia's real-life husband, lent his skill to this shoot and captured a whopping 134 photographs, each and every one stunning in high resolution. Amelia and Caroline, a perfectly complementary pair, are shown off to best advantage, whether in elegant evening gowns or bare skin.

Pandora Blake assesses the charms of her new housegirl at Dreams of Spanking Amelia Jane Rutherford submits to discipline at Dreams of Spanking
Pandora Blake assesses the charms of her new housegirl at Dreams of Spanking Pandora Blake trains her new housegirls at Dreams of Spanking

And as a hard-wired spanko, Hywel knows which moments in a punishment sequence are the important ones.

Caroline Grey punished with the tawse by Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking
Amelia Jane Rutherford kneels to serve Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking Amelia Jane Rutherford's spanked bottom at Dreams of Spanking

With a running time of over twenty minutes, the accompanying long-play video has already proved popular. If you like satin ballgowns, service, nude submissives, rivalry and watching me administer the tawse, you'll love this classy F/F punishment drama.

Submissive housegirls punished at Dreams of Spanking

Nude, sensual and giggly

Naked bisexual girls Mila Kohl and Pandora Blake enjoy sensual girl/girl spanking

Our recent scenes Caning Makes Me Giggle and Spanking Sensuality were shot one after the other, in that order. After her final film of the day (Caned Before Dinner) Mila had some lovely stripes, but was a little wiped out. I didn't want to pressure her to do another video straight away, so I volunteered my own bottom for a candid scene with Paul to give her a breather (entirely altruistic on my part - hated it), and afterwards she and I showed off our cane stripes in a sensual bedroom photoset.

Click to view trailer for Caning%20Makes%20Me%20Giggle

Caning Makes Me Giggle

I have recently bought a new cane I want to try, and I ask Paul for a taste of it. He is more than happy to oblige. I willingly bend over and lift my bottom for a hard, consensual beating that makes me giggle with pleasure.

I hope this fun little candid scene leaves you in no doubt that I really, truly love being caned - the harder the better.

Pandora Blake lifts her bottom for hard cane strokes at Dreams of Spanking

The cane I brought back from Atlantic City in April, courtesy of UK company Correction Collection. It has rapidly become my new favourite, especially when I'm on the receiving end. There's just something about the way it feels that is pure pleasure. It's long, thick, flexible and seems to wrap itself lovingly into my flesh with enough bite to make me jump, and enough thud to make me purr.

Pandora Blake lifts her bottom for hard cane strokes at Dreams of Spanking

Speaking of purring, aside from Paul's lovely topping the star of this scene is my cat Fatface, who occupies the foreground throughout with nose down and ears tilted back. She barely moves a muscle throughout the whole video, nor acknowledges the weird stuff the humans are getting up to behind her. Spanking Blog has written a hilarious analysis of my cat's reactions in this scene which I enjoyed hugely (spoiler: they are much less dramatic than mine).

Pandora Blake lifts her bottom for hard cane strokes at Dreams of Spanking Pandora Blake lifts her bottom for hard cane strokes at Dreams of Spanking

The truth is that sometimes, caning really does make me giggle - especially the rapid fire, all-at-once style which I request right at the end. I really enjoy making these out of character, “just because” films from time to time. They represent my real life more than my fantasy life. I will probably always fantasise about non-consent scenarios, but the consensual stuff is a much more honest representation of how I play with my real play partners 99% of the time. I think it’s important to give that a showing in porn as well as fantasyland. I hope that knowing that the strokes, the scenario, the emotions, the relationships and the reactions are all real makes the resulting video hot in a different way from a staged, fictional narrative.

Whatever your fantasy, the truth is that spanking can be, and usually is, conducted in a fun, safe way between consenting adults who find it physically pleasurable. Caning can make me yelp or cry or scream, but sometimes it makes me purr - and sometimes it makes me giggle.

Naked bisexual girls Mila Kohl and Pandora Blake enjoy sensual girl/girl spanking

We took the photos in Spanking Sensuality immediately afterwards, while my cane marks were still fresh. Sadly, Mila's had faded, and after examining the state of each other's bottoms I decided that hers needed a top-up, and took her over my knee.

Naked bisexual girls Mila Kohl and Pandora Blake enjoy sensual girl/girl spanking Naked bisexual girls Mila Kohl and Pandora Blake enjoy sensual girl/girl spanking

We go on to explore an unscripted and spontaneous exploration of sensual spanking for mutual pleasure. By this time Mila and I had been shooting together all day and had grown very comfortable with each other, as well as perhaps developing a bit of an attraction for each other. (Well, I can only speak for myself, but I had a good old crush). I have very fond memories of shooting this scene, and at the end of it I think all three of us were rather hot and flustered!

Naked bisexual girls Mila Kohl and Pandora Blake enjoy sensual girl/girl spanking
Naked bisexual girls Mila Kohl and Pandora Blake enjoy sensual girl/girl spanking

Winner spanks loser

At the end of a day shooting M/M spanking videos, I thought it would be fun to unwind with something lighter. I'd had the idea of a Dreams of Spanking wrestling shoot for a little while, and then it turned out that Sebastian Hawley was a competitive Varsity wrestler. Michael Darling didn't have similar experience, but he did have a shiny lycra costume, and he was more than willing to be shown the ropes.

I decided to indulge myself with a bout of female-gaze, spanking-oriented, all-male wrestling - winner spanks loser! The boys put in impressive performances, especially given both of them had colds that day, and the resulting film has already brought me a fantastic amount of glee.

Click to view trailer for Male%20Spankee%20Wrestle-Off

Here's the blurb: Contestants Michael DARLING vs Sebastian HAWLEY fight for the right to spank in the first ever Dreams of Spanking male spankee wrestle-off! Pandora Blake presents a best out of three bouts, with extra points for landing smacks on each other's arses during each round, as well as the traditional points for single or double shoulder pins. Referee Thomas Cameron keeps the score. Round ends on a three second count of a double shoulder pin, or after 120 seconds, whichever happens first.

Hot male wrestling at Dreams of Spanking Hot male wrestling at Dreams of Spanking

Winner spanks loser: after best out of three, the loser bends over for a number of swats equal to the total point count of the winner.

Wearing only tight lycra, Darling and Hawley grapple in a tangle of limbs, bottoms frequently uppermost and providing tempting targets for those all-important, points-worthy spanks. The stakes are high and passions are higher as the tension mounts.

Hot male wrestling at Dreams of Spanking Hot male wrestling at Dreams of Spanking

This one-of-a-kind video includes 15 full blooded swats with a wooden sports paddle - but who will spank who?

Hot male wrestling at Dreams of Spanking

If you like this, you might enjoy Kink's male wrestling site Naked Kombat. It's a bit more hardcore than the above effort, both in terms of the standard of the wrestling, and the action. Naked Kombat are just concluding their Summer Smackdown Tournament, in which contestants compete for sexual domination. Spanking is definitely a part of it - but that's just the beginning.

Big Location Shoot 2013 - Lola Marie

I'm currently away on location with Nimue and Tom for a week, shooting four days for Dreams of Spanking and two days for Nimue's World. We're now halfway through, absolutely knackered, and very happy with how it's gone so far.

It's been long days of shooting photos and video, with all three of us crewing and performing by turn. The farmhouse we're staying in is gorgeous - we've shot in five different rooms so far, plus the private garden, and quite a lot of the interior is suitable for period scenes. It's also very chilly, more than you'd expect this early in September, but perhaps not surprising given the lack of urban microclimate and central heating. Instead we have heaps of blankets, a log fire and I'm extra lucky to have Tom to snuggle at night, who serves as a man-sized hot water bottle when not dishing out spankings.

The only problem so far has been staying in an isolated historical cottage in the middle of the English countryside without a car, miles from the nearest shops. Sainsbury's Online has been our friend, with more things ordered after we got here and remembered things we'd forgotten in the first shop (including props for various scenes!). However, fresh groceries like milk and salad still keep running out (although we have plenty of wine.... funny, that!) and Tom, our resident smoker, is struggling for the lack of means to replenish his tobacco.

Grocery shortages notwithstanding, tt turns out that Tom, Nims and I are a porn-producing dream team, getting things done smoothly, efficiently, creatively and with minimal fuss. Over the last two days shooting for Nimue's World we've shot a staggering 17 or 18 short scenes, and I'm happy with everything we've produced so far. I've had an awful lot of fun playing with my new stills camera (a Sony NEX-6, for the photography geeks) and it's been lovely to mix up topping, bottoming, shooting video and taking photographs. We certainly haven't had any opportunities to get bored.

On our days shooting for our own sites, both Nimue and I have suffered from a symptom that I'm starting to think of as "director's brainwipe". This is when the person directing for the day starts to experience total decisiveness failure sometime during the afternoon, and her deputy in command has to step in and start making decisions on her behalf. Nimue has acted in this capacity - as a capable, unflappable DoP - on most of the Dreams of Spanking shoots over the last year, and it's been a pleasure to return the favour over the last couple of days.

With this in mind I'm a bit nervous about what comes next: directing for Dreams of Spanking three days in a row, two of them with new performers. I hope I don't get too stressed, too tired or too fussy to be able to keep things running smoothly ... but based on our unexpectedly streamlined teamwork over the last three days, it should be absolutely fine.

We arrived on Sunday night, unpacked, took a groceries delivery and were joined by Monday's guest photographer, Steve. Then it was early nights all round before new performer Lola Marie arrived the next morning.

Ebony beauty Lola Marie at Dreams of Spanking

I've wanted to shoot Lola ever since I saw her first spanking shoot for Spanking Sarah, but this was my first opportunity to work with her. It was well worth the wait. Lola was a pleasure to work with in every way. Gorgeous figure; beautiful face; great modelling skills; fantastic, versatile acting; and she can take one hell of a spanking.

Lola Marie spanked over the knee at Dreams of Spanking

In fact her high pain tolerance probably didn't do her any favours, as she prefers not to over-act or fake any pain responses, so we ended up (with her consent, of course!) spanking her somewhat harder than we normally would on a first shoot in order to elicit convincing reactions. Her poor bottom suffered for it - but the resulting scenes are incredibly hot.

Lola was a schoolgirl who had a crush on her teacher Mr Cameron, and deliberately got herself into trouble so she would be spanked by him - only to realise that a serious punishment spanking with the wooden hairbrush was much less fun than she'd imagined.

Lola Marie gets the wooden hairbrush at Dreams of Spanking Lola Marie gets the wooden hairbrush at Dreams of Spanking

Lola was a biker girl who got the belt from the mate who had to collect her (and her bike) in his van after she came off the road while drinking and driving. I loved her tough, streetwise portrayal of this character - and, even more, the on-screen relationship that developed between her and Tom in this scene, rife with brusque, laddish banter that hid a platonic friendship built on genuine care for each other.

Biker chick Lola Marie gets the belt at Dreams of Spanking Biker chick Lola Marie gets the belt at Dreams of Spanking Biker chick Lola Marie gets the belt at Dreams of Spanking

Lola was my neglected girlfriend, trying to lure me away from my endless focus on work and chores with some very provocative housework...

Lola Marie spanked in the kitchen at Dreams of Spanking Lola Marie spanked in the kitchen at Dreams of Spanking

And finally, Lola was a Victorian scholarship girl punished by the Headmistress for unladylike behaviour. She'd responded enthusiastically to the idea of a historical scene and we had great fun dressing up together in clothing from my collection of Victoriana, but her bottom was already bruised and sore even before 18 firm strokes of the heavy tawse.

Victorian discipline for Lola Marie at Dreams of Spanking Victorian discipline for Lola Marie at Dreams of Spanking

I was delighted with how all her scenes turned out, especially the emotional subtlety of her performances as the girl with a crush on her teacher, and the biker chick with something to prove. I hope to get her back in 2013 - especially now I've learned that she's an enthusiastic switch!

I almost forgot. Before Lola Marie arrived that morning, we'd got up a couple of hours early to squeeze in a scene with me subbing to Tom. I wanted to film a severe belt whipping scene, and I knew I'd be able to take it better when I was fresh at the start of the day than at the end. We brought to life one of my recurring, longtime punishment fantasies, both more physically severe and more emotionally edgy than anything I usually shoot. It was intense, it fucking hurt, I cried buckets, and it was amazing.

Pandora Blake whipped with a belt at Dreams of Spanking

I knew I wanted it to be severe enough to leave some dramatic marks on the day, and I knew I'd probably end up bruised. Monday was Lola Marie's day, then Tuesday and Wednesday we were shooting for Nimue's World, giving me (I hoped) time to recover before the next Dreams of Spanking day on Thursday. The welts on my thighs went down over the next 36 hours, and the bruising on my bottom is fading as it should.

Unfortunately, a single stroke that wrapped around the inner leg left a great black bruise which is still very visible, and it certainly won't have gone by the time I bend over for my next bottoming scene tomorrow. We'll have to shoot around it, either with careful camera angles, or spankings over underwear, or both. It's irritating, but a hazard of a week-long shoot where I'm bottoming on multiple days, and it was a risk I knew I was taking. Hopefully it won't ruin the rest of the scenes I have planned with me on the receiving end ... and even if we have to make some changes, I think that belting scene will have been worth it.

Pandora Blake whipped with a belt at Dreams of Spanking

Big Location Shoot 2013 - memories

Pretty much every night that we were in the cottage, I would plan to blog what had happened that day. Predictably, each evening I was so tired that the idea of doing anything but flop straight into bed seemed impossible. Despite that I did manage to prepare and eat dinner each night, back up my photo and video files, plan the next day's scenes and deal with a few urgent emails, but anything else was beyond me.

As such I have a lot of catching up to do, which seems to be the permanent state of this blog. After Lola Marie we spent two days shooting for Nimue's World, of which I spent one day behind and one day in front of the camera; then three days in a row for Dreams of Spanking, shooting with Michael Darling, Leia Ann Woods and new male switch Andrew Shada.

It was a non-stop, insanely productive week. Nimue produced a total of 20 scenes on her two days, a height of efficiency which is completely beyond me, but even with my penchant for involved, complex storylines I still managed to shoot a total of 30 scenes over my four days, mostly videos with accompanying photos, but also including some standalone photo galleries. Once things started to flow, the three of us (me, Nimue and Tom) slipped into a groove that allowed us to get things done remarkably fast.

I'd love to get photo previews from all the hot scenes we shot up on the blog this week, but realistically it might take me a couple of weeks or more to get caught up. So meanwhile, while it's all fresh in my mind, I just wanted to post some of the more memorable highlights and impressions from the rest of Dreams of Spanking's first week-long location shoot...

The "playroom" in the cottage.
If only they knew!
  • Miscalculating the timings on the morning before we left, and having to throw all my packing into my suitcase from the list I'd written the night before at top speed while the cab waited outside.

  • Getting in a lovely hot bath on the first night we arrived for a soak... and realising that the immersion heater had emptied while both taps were running, and my nice hot bath was in fact a chilly lukewarm bath. Showers for the rest of the week, then!

  • Taking photos with my new stills camera and falling head over heels in love with the entire process.

  • Shooting my first needle play scene with Nimue, for her site, with me playing the top role. I'd never done it before and she asked if I'd mind learning on camera. Of course not, I said - in fact I love videos that are transparent about negotiation and show that bottoms can teach tops just as much as the other way round. We did it with two cameras on tripods in the end, so just the two of us in the room, and it was really special. I didn't get the same physical, 'uNf' response that I do with corporal punishment - it wasn't a horny experience in that way - apart from the fact that I was playing with Nimue's amazing breasts, which is always hot. But there was something very mentally and emotionally powerful about it.

    I loved the moment when the needle goes in, and the gasp you get in response; then as it travels under the surface it doesn't interact with many nerves, but you can control when the point exits the skin again, and get that intake of breath again. I found it an intense, intimate form of control/power play, with loads of eye contact, and an indescribable jolt of energy as needle pierces skin. There's something electric about it.

    Plus, although of course it's difficult to show this on video without pissing off credit card processors, when you remove the needles you get loads of blood, which is always fun to play with. It was the first blood play I'd done for years - since I quit self-harming in fact, which is why I've been avoiding blade/needle play - and it felt very positive for me, very healthy and safe. Plus Nimue's boobs were bruised from the entry/exit points for the rest of the week, which gave me a smug self-satisfied feeling whenever I saw them :D

  • Building log and coal fires in the living room stove, and heaping blankets on the bed to stay warm at night.

  • Being brought tea by Tom every morning - and grinning as he called me or Nims "Madame Director" (depending on whose day it was). Love that man.

  • Trimming apple switches with a penknife to use on Nimue's bottom

  • Using my gorillapod for its intended purpose, clinging to a curtain rail to drop a high face shot into a very small shooting space. Gorillapod enjoyed its little adventure!

  • Covering Tom in baby oil and getting him to do press-ups to bulk up his muscles for a sexy male top wood-chopping photoset. Porn for me! (my catch-phrase for the week). Then getting to snuggle up with him in bed afterwards and giggle under the covers. I love my life.

  • Discovering the extent of my unwanted bruising on Wednesday, and panicking about the big bottoming scenes I had planned for myself (including a 50 stroke full force caning) being ruined as a result. I managed to stay relatively outwardly calm about it, but I was gutted.

    Here's an unedited picture of my bottom on Thursday afternoon, showing the remnants of bruising from the belt scene on Monday morning on the middle of my right cheek and in the tender inner area of my right crease. You can also see the cane stripes which have been permanently visible since April, and which are the reason I've regretfully decided to take a break from professional bottoming now until they've fully healed up. The pink bit is where the belt re-opened one fo those scars and made it bleed a bit.

  • Sitting up on Wednesday waiting for the second new performer of the week - male switch Phil Fury. He was driving across the country after work on Wednesday and due to arrive late in the evening. By midnight there was no sign of him, he hadn't sent the text I'd expected and he wasn't answering emails. I remember sitting there getting increasingly exhausted, grumpy and frustrated. After a week of 7am starts and long days I would normally have gone to bed at 10pm, and I resented every hour of lost sleep. Still, without his phone number there was little I could do. I gave him until 1am, then pinned notes on the gate to the cottage and the front door telling him to call/shout loudly if he arrived in the middle of the night.

    By the morning there was still no sign of him. I texted Michael Darling to see, on the off chance, if he was free, and it turned out he was. Meanwhile we got on with shooting some scenes with just the three of us - as a result, Thursday turned out to be our most productive day, because we did five scenes with Michael when he arrived as well. Not a bad outcome for my first ever no-show.

    Phil contacted me the following day from the hospital, after being involved in a collision on our way to us, which is about as shitty as you could imagine (and, as we'd observed the night before, pretty much the only valid excuse for not texting sooner). Here's hoping he makes a swift recovery and we can reschedule for a shoot in 2014.

  • Getting to shoot scripts that have been in my ideas folder for years - and bring some of my most powerful fantasies to life.

  • Shooting my first ever masturbation to orgasm video, for Dreams of Spanking. It shouldn't really have been a big deal after all the filthy things I shot Nimue doing for her site, but it was my first sexually explicit video (as opposed to photos) as a performer, and my first sexy solo scene, so it was a big deal for me. It felt like it went well - I'm looking forward to reviewing the footage and seeing how it turned out.

  • Deciding to do a 30s scene with Michael that none of us had brought costumes for, and throwing together a riding outfit with mid-calf skirt, boots and jacket out of items I happened to have with me anyway.

  • Making crumble with apples, pears and blackberries from the garden - and accidentally carbonising the topping in three minutes flat as we discovered that the temperature dial on the oven was a lie!

  • Being tied naked in a cupboard... and devising my escape

  • Dressing both Lola Marie and Leia Ann in various items of Victoriana from my collection

  • Getting my hands tawsed properly for the first time, which because Leia sensibly brought a relatively thin tawse with her, wasn't as awful as it would have been with a heavy thick one. It's not a kink that I enjoy at the time, but it's excitingly terrifying beforehand and leaves me feeling very brave afterwards, so that ticks several boxes. I'll definitely do it again.

  • Working myself up into a lather of nervous anticipation before my 50 stroke caning scene that had me faffing around beforehand until we were running nearly 45 minutes late. Everyone was very patient with me, and once the punishment started and I remembered how much I love hard canings, I wondered what all the fuss had been about. Here's the immediate aftermath of 50 full force strokes with two 8mm kooboo canes (right cheek courtesy of Tom, left cheek courtesy of Leia):

    Not as dramatic as I'd hoped, but then my bottom is fairly resilient these days. Next time I'll have to take a 6 month break beforehand, and use 12mm dragon canes, clearly...

  • Chronicling my bruises during the week. Here's my bottom on Saturday morning. Apart from the marks on my left cheek, which are pretty much all from Leia's 25 cane strokes, you wouldn't known I'd taken 50 the day before, would you?

    This is the huge bruise on the front of my thigh which I collected accidentally before we'd filmed a single scene at the start of the week, from walking repeatedly into the sharp wooden corner of the bed while setting up lights before I was properly awake. On Monday afternoon it was bright blue and pink and swollen, and it's still there over a week later!

    And finally, here is the state of my bum on Saturday evening, after my last bottoming scene of the week, including old belt bruises, permanent cane stripes, residual marks from the 50 stroke caning, and fresh riding crop marks:

  • Lying awake at night coming up with alternative storylines for scenarios that wouldn't display my unplanned bruises - or for if the next day's model didn't show up - and then a part of my brain feeling disappointed when we didn't have to use them after all.

  • By Wednesday, feeling like we could do this every day, for the rest of our lives, as long as we had other people to take over the other duties of running the sites. By Saturday, running on empty and knowing there was no way we could have done another day even if we'd wanted to.

  • Consulting Tom on various historical details, and collaborating with him to get storylines note perfect.

  • Developing a fullblown crush on a character of Tom's based on Flashman from the George Macdonald Fraser books. I want to have sex with him. It doesn't have to be on camera. Nimue apparently felt the same way, because after we'd wrapped up the scenes on our schedule she asked to bottom to the Flashman character as well, in an unscripted bonus scene. She assured us that she had no objection to it getting rather sexy if we wanted ;)

  • Falling asleep on Nimue's bosom on the last night, after drinking a mere one and a half glasses of pink wine, and not being capable of any conversation more sophisticated than squeeing at cute animal videos on the internet. Her breasts are very comfortable.

  • Being so tired on the morning we left that I had to keep sitting down and staring blankly into space... before hauling myself to my feet and folding yet more items of school uniform and period costume into suitcases.

  • Packing up the cottage simultaneously mourning for the exhilaration, creativity, imagined worlds and sense of family that developed during the week... and being relieved that we'd finished and could finally start to relax.

  • Back in London, going to the nudist spa with Tom, Nimue and Michael to unwind after one of the most intense working weeks of our lives. Unable to hide the bruises on our bums and instead being open with people we met in the hot tubs about what we'd been up to. We met some wonderful people and made some new friends... and we were all surprised when a pair of total strangers started playing consensual spanking games in the big jacuzzi. Zoe Montana and I raised some eyebrows when we got up to similar mischief last year, so I was relieved to discover we weren't the only ones!

    After six hours of sauna, steam, cool swims, sitting and chatting with wine in the hot tubs, the tension of fatigue had drained away and we were all ready to collapse. I fell asleep as soon as I got in the door and, two days later, I'm still feeling the lingering tiredness of having been running such high energy levels continuously for a week.

I've enjoyed looking through the photos so far and can't wait to get stuck into the video footage. I'll process previews for each day's shooting at a time and share some teasers as soon as possible. It's hard to say how successful the shoot was until I've reviewed the footage, but from everything I've seen so far, it was a huge success, and I can't wait to do it again next year!

Big Location Shoot 2013 - Michael Darling

I was really excited about working with our new male switch performer Phil Fury on Thursday. Phil had contacted me via Fetlife and we'd exchanged many emails getting to know each other and plotting scenes based on his fantasies, and even re-enacting some real life punishments from his childhood. He'd said he would drive over from work (a few hours away) on Wednesday night and arrive late evening. I said I'd wait up to let him in.

Nimue and I went over the callsheets for the day we had scheduled with him, making plans to work around the bruises on my bottom and protect it as much as possible for the severe caning I had planned on Friday.

At 10pm I was already tired after 7am starts all week, and wished I could go to bed, but I knew it was a long drive for him. At 11pm I was yawning, struggling to keep my eyes open after Nimue and Tom had both gone to bed, wishing he'd hurry up. I had told him to text me so I had his number, and I hadn't received anything which was a bit concerning, but I dropped him an email to let him know I would be here to let him in. 

At midnight there was still no sign of him and I was getting rather worried and pissed off. At 12.30 I wrote out two notes with my phone number telling him to call me or shout loudly if he arrived, and put one on the gate and one on the house door. Standing outside in the lane at half past midnight surrounded by the whooshing of the trees in the wind, scanning the horizon for any car lights, straining to hear any engine noise from the road above the rushing of the leaves in the woods. We really were in the middle of nowhere and I wondered if he had got completely lost. Still, I couldn't wait up all night, so I locked up, left the downstairs lights on in case he arrived in the middle of the night, sent him one last email to let him know what I had done, and went to bed.

I woke up at 3am and lay there, knowing he had not arrived, and that therefore he wasn't coming. My brain started whirling, devising new plans for the day since the current callsheet had to be scrapped. Of course I would have to bottom instead, but the problem was both that I was already quite bruised, and that I didn't want to incur further damage before Friday. I started dreaming up photosets in which I could wear full knickers or short shorts, F/F scenes I could do with Nimue on the receiving end, and sexy candid scenes or non-spanking BDSM play in which my marks would not show up, or would not be a problem. I typed the ideas into my phone so I wouldn't forget, and soon I had a dozen possibilities - more than we could shoot in one day. Finally after a couple of hours lying awake I was able to steal a precious three more hours of sleep.

I woke up at 8am to my notes still on the door, and tweeted that I had experienced my first no-show. I felt hurt and betrayed. He had seemed so genuine by email. Had it all been a fraud? 

Still, onwards and upwards. On the off-chance, I popped Michael Darling a text to ask if he was free today for some last minute paid work. He replied almost immediately to say he was, as it happened, and after a quick phone call he'd arranged to get the train up from London as soon as possible.

Well. So I wouldn't need all my middle-of-the-night scene ideas after all. Time to draw up callsheet #3.

Nimue got up, and together we drank tea, looked at my list of solo scene ideas, planned what to shoot during the morning before Michael arrived, and what we could do when he arrived. Some scenes had been written explicitly for Phil, some were similar to scenes Michael had already done; those couldn't be reused. I try not to write "insert boy here" scenes, and so for the most part we couldn't just swap Michael in to replace Phil and have the scenes still work - which I think means I am doing something right, but does make this sort of last minute change of plan a bit more complicated!

Still, I couldn't believe my luck. I'd be able to get some male spankee scenes shot today after all. What were the chances that Michael would have a day off work today? I suddenly felt extremely honoured to have such amazing performers who were willing to drop everything and come and rescue me at zero notice..

I've already posted the end to this story - that when I checked my email at the end of the day, I discovered an email from Phil sent that morning from the hospital, where he'd been taken after being involved in a collision on the A420 just outside of Oxford on his way to us. Poor lad. So it wasn't his fault, and he was genuine after all. What terrible luck on the way to your first ever spanking shoot. I've been in touch with him since and he is making a swift recovery. Hopefully we'll be able to reschedule in 2014, and film some of the scenes that I'd been looking forward to shooting with him.

Meanwhile, Nimue and I started the day with a solo photoset showing off one of my new corsets, teamed with ribbon heels, fishnets and frilly knickers to mask the belt bruises on my bottom. I'm really happy with how these came out.

Next I got Tom to join me in front of the camera for a classic Janus-style punished wife photoset, which I think I'm going to call "Caned in the Parlour". Cream satin knickers almost cover my bruised bottom... almost. I think I need to get hold of some fuller French/directoire knickers. Anyone want to treat me? I'll be very grateful, and can guarantee you'll see me spanked in them!

Then it was time for my first ever solo masturbation video. I wrote the storyboard for this scene a few years ago, but this was my first opportunity to shoot it. It's called "My Inner Little Girl", and tells the story of a business executive who likes to relax after a stressful day at work with a little age play fantasy, and I'm going to cut it together with some little girl spanking footage I shot with Zoe Montana way back in 2010.

The scene worked out perfectly, with just Nimue and I in the room, already feeling relaxed and comfortable after three days of shooting together - which had included some rather intimate scenes for Nimue's World.

Shooting this scene was a big deal for me. It was my first sexually explicit video (as opposed to photos), not counting a bit of groping here and there, and my first orgasm on camera. It was also my first sexy solo scene. I'm grateful to Nimue for making it such an easy and natural experience, and helping me feel no self-consciousness about masturbating on camera for the first time.

Rewatching it just now to capture some screengrabs was a surreal experience. Apparently I go all red and white and blotchy around the neck and chest when I come. I don't know if that's normal for a porn performer - but at least you know my pleasure is genuine! 

Then it was time for the first spanking video of the day, 'Lady Godiva'. This was an improvised scene intended as the prequel to a scenario we were shooting with Leia Ann Woods the next day, and based on a story a private session client had told me. It follows the ladies of the Pony Club who have strict rule of etiquette and deal with any immodest behaviour in a traditional manner. I won't share the full details of the storyline quite yet, as I'm editing this scene at the moment and hope to release it this weekend.

Michael arrived while we were shooting this video, so after making him some tea and helping him with his bags, I talked him through the options for which scenes we could shoot with him, and let him think about it while we wrapped up Nimue's punishment.

In the end, Michael opted to do one of the scenes we'd had planned for Phil, and three new ones. This suited me perfectly, as it means if I can shoot with Phil next year, I still have most of the original scripts to use with him.

I've received a lot of requests lately for male domestic OTK spanking, such as father/son or uncle nephew, and also for male/male scenes with a woman watching. I'd been thinking that it was time to shoot some MF/M, as I don't have any yet and we do have several FM/F scenes now. So I decided to combine the two with a classic domestic punishment scenario in which Michael brings home a bad school report to his strict aunt and uncle.

This is a very traditional scenario, and I'm hoping that our female gaze shooting style will give it a fresh twist, with lots of emphasis on Mike's beautiful bottom and expressive facial reactions. He did look utterly adorable in that school uniform!

Next we used an idea Michael suggested, in which he plays a male chauvinist gallery owner who is visited by feminist activists, and spanked for not representing more female artists in his gallery. This is based on a campaign by the Guerilla Girls, and I love that Michael was up for it. Only a true supporter of gender equality would be willing to sacrifice his bottom for the sake of smashing patriarchy!

To my surprise, shy boyish Michael made a surprisingly convincing wanky hipster in his suit and glasses:

When I realised I'd have Michael on location, I instantly started to wonder if it would be practical to shoot 'The Stableboy', a thirties MF/M scene written by Dreams of Spanking member and long-time Michael fan DeliciousDelight. With the historical farmhouse, the garden and Michael all in one place, it quickly came together. I even managed to improvise a plausible thirties riding outfit from items I happened to have with me!

Phil had requested an Edwardian governess birching scene for the end of the day, and the birches had been soaking in the bathtub since the night before. We'd also planned a Victorian scene with Phil in which he and I played siblings punished by our father. I decided to split the difference with a father/son birching scene. Michael had never had the birch before, and wasn't sure if he could take it, so we concocted a storyline in which he was given the opportunity to choose to take a caning instead.

Michael played the son of the school's headmaster, who with other boys was involved in a May Week prank that got them all caned. But unlike the other boys, after everyone else had gone home, his father summoned him for an additional punishment - not as a pupil, this time, but as his son.

It was great fun dreaming up the details for this storyline with Tom and Michael on the spur of the moment. Sometimes spontaneous scenes are the ones which flow most naturally, and this was no exception. Michael opted for the birch, in the end - and he took it beautifully.

Michael's bottom was done for the day, but we all still had a bit of energy left, so we headed into the garden for one final photoset, based on the first erotic spanking story I ever read. In the story the heroine has two lovers, both male tops, one older, one younger. Unbeknownst to her they conspire behind her back to give her an unforgettable al fresco experience.

I love Tom's eyes in this photo. At the time I had no idea they were doing these gestures behind my back - it was all genuinely happening without me knowing what was going on. HOT.

The older one surprises her in the garden, blindfolds her, binds her and beats her until she admits she likes it. They take care to only touch her one at a time, and she assumes that the hands caressing her are his - until she feels someone licking and sucking her breasts while she is being whipped, and suddenly realises there have been two of them all along. (In the book it's also revealed that the two men are father than son, adding an extra incestuous twist!)

I hadn't planned to shoot this scene this week, but with Tom and Michael there, and the afternoon light fading to golden, it seemed like the perfect opportunity - and it was exquisitely hot.

It was a privilege to be able to bring so many fantasies to life, and at the end of the day, nude in the garden with rope marks on my wrists, I was a very happy girl.

If you like this post, comments are encouraged and appreciated :)

Corporate Intimidation and The Loose Hem

I'm halfway through telling you about our location shoot the week before last, but in the meantime I've got a bit behind on sharing our recent videos. Here's the lowdown on our latest two scenes.

Click to view trailer for Corporate%20Intimidation

Corporate Intimidation

A young reporter is visited by her ex-bosses who know she's been working undercover to blow the whistle on their corrupt organisation. 50 strokes of the tawse should ensure her silence. 

Alex Reynolds thrashed with the tawse at Dreams of Spanking

We were coming up to the end of Alex's shoot with us, and we wanted to make it a big deal. I'd talked to her earlier in the week about scene ideas and proposed ending on a nastier, edgier scene than we'd done previously, with Tom and I playing the bullies who gang up on and intimidate her. Everyone in the UK was talking about Murdoch's phone hacking scandal at the time, and so a whistle-blowing scenario seemed like a good place to start.

"I'm not sure," said Alex, "I don't generally enjoy playing scenarios where my character is defeated or silenced."

"Okay, that makes sense. But would you feel the same way if your character won in the end? Not just morally, I mean, but in terms of actually getting the better of the bad guys?"

"Hrm," she said. "Let me think about that."

So she did, and we talked some more, and on the day, she said she was good to go ahead. We were all nervous going into it, and the dialogue proved tricky for all of us (look out for the forthcoming behind the scenes video to watch all our many, many flubs). While we were cut between takes of the opening conversation, Alex asked, "When you get started, are you guys going to use physical force? Because that would be hot."

Yes. Yes we were.

Alex Reynolds thrashed with the tawse at Dreams of Spanking Alex Reynolds thrashed with the tawse at Dreams of Spanking

The resulting scene turned out far more intense than I had anticipated. Tom's and my characters are just relentlessly nasty, in a horribly smug, self-satisfied way. We hadn't planned a total number of strokes, and I was shocked when I came to count them and realised that Alex had taken a brutal 50 strokes with my two most severe leather tawses. No wonder she was shedding real tears by the end.

This is an edgy, forceful intimidation scene that will appeal to fans of hard thrashings, unfair punishments and strong submissives. Our heroine is in the right, and she will beat the bad guys in the end - but sadly, meanwhile it won't save her skin. 

Alex Reynolds thrashed with the tawse at Dreams of Spanking

Alex Reynolds is an incredible talent, and her courage and conviction make her a perfect match for the role of the idealistic, determined whistleblower. Corporate Intimidation is one of my darker films to date, and I only cast performers I trust completely in this sort of edgy scenario. Alex played it with a combination of sympathetic vulnerability and inner strength that blew me away. 

At the other end of the spectrum, our latest F/M film is a flirty, playful domestic storyline sent in to us by viewer joolstheman. We filmed it in August on our shoot with Zoe Montana, Molly Malone and new male spankee Vincent Brennan.

Cross-dressing, teasing and cane welts in flirty femdom spanking film The Loose Hem

I still need to share the rest of the previews from that day, but meanwhile this is a great little scene to introduce Vincent. He's 39, new to spanking, relatively inexperienced (you can tell from how beautifully he marks!) but extremely enthusiastic, and with a high tolerance.

Before shooting The Loose Hem, we'd filmed a severe caning film with Vincent (my first one with a male spankee - I'm excited to share it). That served a double purpose in providing some beautiful cane welts for this scene. Here's the trailer for The Loose Hem:

Click to view trailer for The%20Loose%20Hem

The Loose Hem

Vincent visits his wife's younger sister, Molly, with a skirt that needs hemming. Molly has always been a tease, and now she insists that Vincent model the skirt for her to help her make the adjustments. Her flirting puts him in a compromising position as she discovers his secret: black silk stockings under his trousers, and a set of vivid cane stripes on his bottom, covered thinly by lacy ladies knickers. It turns out that Vincent's wife and her sister have some interests in common! 

Cross-dressing, teasing and cane welts in flirty femdom spanking film The Loose Hem

This is a subversive, nostalgic, erotic short film. It encompasses cross-dressing, sensual domination, teasing, embarrassment, the revelation of slender Vincent's bottom and legs clad in black silk stockings and white satin ladies' knickers - and the further revelation of his cane striped bottom. The step-sister relationship gives it a naughty semi-incestuous twist, and Molly is perfect as the flirty, sexually powerful woman who is perhaps a bit jealous of her older sister's submissive hubby!

Cross-dressing, teasing and cane welts in flirty femdom spanking film The Loose Hem

Cross-dressing, teasing and cane welts in flirty femdom spanking film The Loose Hem

Plus of course there is some good old fashioned over the knee spanking with Molly's famously hard hand, and too many strokes to count with a wicked wooden ruler. Members can watch the full video to see Vincent's lovely reactions over the knee, and Molly's naughty storytelling of spankings she and Zoe's characters got as children!

Cross-dressing, teasing and cane welts in flirty femdom spanking film The Loose Hem Cross-dressing, teasing and cane welts in flirty femdom spanking film The Loose Hem

I've posted the full text of the story joolstheman sent me to the scene page for The Loose Hem, so click through to have a read if that's of interest. Jools has sent me various other scenarios which I'd love to shoot in 2014. If you like this film, I know he'd love to hear any feedback you may have.

Monday morning recommendations

It's a bright autumn morning and we're gearing up for another busy week. I'm sorry it's Monday again, and I can't do much about that, but what I can do is share some spanking scenes from around the web that lately caught my eye.

At Firm Hand Spanking we have the latest episode in my Military Training storyline, this time a bare-bottom strapping for undercover officer Amelia Rutherford. Keen as mustard to impress her superiors, Rutherford has to control mind over matter as a leather strap is expertly applied 115 times across her perky bare bottom.

Pandora enjoyed this scenario from Femme Fatale Films, "The Princess Bribe". Spoilt young wife Zoe wants money and she wants it now! Her husband's mental and physical ordeal only gets worse the more he objects, and the stakes seem to get higher and higher...

Spanking Sarah has just released the final part of their current nursing story and I have to say it is a real hot one! At last the truth emerges. As Dr Sarah Bright makes to cane Nurse Molly Malone for stealing pills from the dispensary, Nurse Aleesha Fox confesses to save her friend from a terrible punishment. Aleesha must bend over the bench to take a caning administered by Nurse Malone, who has previously suffered for Aleesha's crimes. Molly lifts the cane and begins one of the hardest canings she has ever administered on film. Nurse Fox is shown no mercy and asks for none as stroke after stroke adds to her pain, leaving her bottom bruised and marked.

Nurse Aleesha Fox caned by Molly Malone Nurse Aleesha Fox caned by Molly Malone
Nurse Aleesha Fox caned by Molly Malone Nurse Aleesha Fox caned by Molly Malone

And we round off with another medical scenario - this time Nurse Fonda paying a home visit on Anthony at Clare Spanks Men. Spanking is well known to boost the circulation and can pay a vital role in any course of medical treatment. Nurse Fonda knows just what to do with a naughty patient, especially one as cute as this!

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