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M/M mentor/protegeé

Our latest video is one for the ladies. It was inspired by talking to a fan of M/M spanking porn last summer (hi, Kelley!) - and, indirectly, by NCIS.

Kelley didn't think she loved male spankee videos until she watched Marital Discipline, which is a compliment in itself. She wanted to know if we could book Michael for a M/M shoot; and she specifically wanted to see more M/M mentor/protegeé relationships, involving a strict but caring father figure and a younger man who looks up to him, and wants to make him proud. She cited Gibbs from NCIS as an example of the kind of character she meant.

I haven't watched NCIS, but Tom has, and once I established that he was willing to do an M/M scene he seemed like the ideal casting, as his style of dominance is naturally very nurturing and supportive. (I've since discovered that Kelley isn't the only viewer to love Gibbs for his toppy potential.)

Here's the trailer for Compromised Security:

Click to view trailer for Compromised%20Security

Compromised Security

Michael's first solo mission was a success, and he successfully extracted the data his company was contracted to retrieve. There was only one problem: somewhere on the way back, he managed to lose the disk. When he's called in to speak with his supervisor, Cameron is not impressed. He's been a mentor throughout Michael's career and is deeply disappointed by this carelessness. Now it's time for Michael to accept the consequences of his mistake, and bend over for a strapping from the boss who has been like a father to him. 

Check out the expression on Michael's face in this photo, when Cameron tells him what's about to happen. "Gulp!"

Michael gets the strap from his boss at Dreams of Spanking

Michael's curvy bottom looks like it was made for the strap:

Michael gets the strap from his boss at Dreams of Spanking

Michael gets the strap from his boss at Dreams of Spanking

After taking his strokes and his scolding bravely, Michael assures Cameron it won't happen again - and Cameron shakes him by the hand, signalling that he took it well, and is forgiven. Dignity and mutual respect are restored.

Michael gets the strap from his boss at Dreams of Spanking

This just sends tingles down my spine. I love the formality of it, the subtlety of it, the way it expresses so much about traditional male relationships; all the unspoken, restrained emotion. I know that those expectations of male self-restraint are very problematic, but oh dear lord in a spanking context it is hot as hell.


Love! :-) lol. I am so glad that you guys were able to shoot this scene. It looks phenomenal! And exactly what I was thinking of! :-) As always, you never disappoint.
I hope that everyone else loves it as much as I do, and i commend tom and Michael for being brave enough to do this scene. :-)

Thanks Kelley! It seems to be very popular on clips4sale as well, although since people don't tend to comment on M/M scenes as much for some reason I don't know how popular it is with the Dreams of Spanking site members. I enjoyed filming it though and would love to shoot Tom and Michael again. In particular I've had a couple of requests for M/M over the knee which I think would be incredibly hot :)


Kelley - if this type of formal M/M scenario rocks your boat, then you should try to check out a British film from the late 60s called 'If'. This stars Malcolm McDowell (who was also in 'A Clockwork Orange') and is set in an English boys only boarding school. It is all about tradition, discipline, loyalty, bravery and aarchy! There is a scene in the 'Discipline' chapter where McDowell's character is heavily caned by a head prefect whilst bent over a wooden bar in the gymnasium. He takes the caning stoically without complaint, then silently acknowledges the prefect before walking slowly out. A very evocative scene for what was a mainstream British movie.

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