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Wednesday night caning lessons

Our latest spanking film is another one inspired by a piece of artwork. Illustrations are unique amongst spanking media in the way they can capture the anticipation and tension of a spanking scenario, glimpsing a single pivotal moment while leaving the rest to the imagination. I think that audio stories make such effective spanking erotica for the same reason: the way that they stimulate the imagination and allowing the listener to fill in the details in their own mind.

Actually, Ladies Caning Night was inspired not just by one illustration, but by several. 

I don't know the names of the artists for any of these pieces - if anyone does, please do tell me so I can add a credit and a link. I found them on SpencerMasoch's fetlife profile; he'd appended captions to them like "Ladies Caning Night" and "Weekly caning practice". The fantasy of a weekly ladies get-together to practice cane technique, at which a hapless hubby might find himself the victim of several ladies' sadistic attention, struck me as compelling, and I decided to make a film of it.

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Ladies Caning Night

On Wednesday evenings Nimue likes to invite her friends round to try out her collection of canes. This week Pandora brings her partner Michael with her to help things along. Michael finds himself the subject of both ladies' attention, and on the receiving end of a whole suite of canes from thin and whippy to thick and heavy. Still, he tries to bear up under the mistreatment - whatever will keep his lady happy! Once Nimue has shown Pandora the various options and Pandora has tried them for herself, both ladies team up to give Michael a double caning. And of course, they video the whole thing for posterity. Michael submits to a total of over 60 cane strokes in total, and Pandora enjoys herself so much that she decides she simply MUST obtain some canes of her own!

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The "home video" style of shooting in this film was a result of the three of us not having an extra camera person on set - previously that day Nimue and I had taken it in turns to top and film. I actually really like how it turned out, especially the opening sequence, as the camera's point of view passes from person to person, swapping between the spankee's and spankers' perspectives. I think it results in an enjoyably candid, intimate scene which really puts the viewer in the room with us. What do you think, does it work for you?

I love Michael's performance in this scene - he really captured the eager-to-please hubby who is trying to maintain social decorum and go along with the idea that this is a perfectly normal and civilised way to spend a Wednesday night. It's a lovely angle on domestic dominance and submission, and as the caning progresses you can see the nervousness, uncertainty and pain despite his efforts to keep smiling.

There's something really hot and edgy for me about a dynamic where the sub is encouraged to put on a brave face and pretend it doesn't hurt much in order to please a demanding dominant - or pair of dominants, in this case. Despite playing a top role in this scene my sympathies as a director were very much with Michael, and as he bravely surrenders to over 60 cane strokes he is 100% the star of the show.

I've always loved double canings, and as a left-hander Nimue makes an ideal caning partner. This was my first time teaming up with her, although I've been on the receiving end of her and Tom before, and it was a pleasure from start to finish.

This was the last video we filmed with Michael on our shoot last November, and at the end of the day he showed off his beautifully marked bottom in the kitchen for a final picture set. After that, he sat down - carefully! - for some well-earned food, wine and relaxation.

Being the victim of multiple female assailants seems to be a recurring male submissive fantasy - more so, perhaps, than the corresponding M/F scenario. Several viewers have asked me to make a film in which a male spankee is dominated by three or even four ladies. It would be expensive to produce for obvious reasons, but if there's enough demand then maybe we could make a bit of a day of it. Would you like to see a film like this, and if so, what sort of scenario would best appeal to you?


Michael is the best male submissive I have as yet come accross. He looks awesome in the photos. Genuinely captured by the womanly dominance. I will comment again after i have downloaded this :)

He is wonderful, isn't he? Brilliant submissive actor and a bottom made for spanking. I look forward to hearing what you think!

Thank you for the kind comments both! I sincerely believe that I'm only as good as the people I work with. Pandora, Nimue and the others that Pandora chooses to work with for this site are always so good at creating an atmosphere that's professional and fun and always boost my confidence immensely! My bum is only at its most spankable when it's feeling confident and sexy.


Michael really is a lucky boy!

No that is not a gag. The gag to which I refer is the one on the man in the drawing that inspired your lovely scene. Have you noticed how often the gag motif turns up in F/m artwork? What is that all about?

No, actually I hadn't noticed gags being more prevalent in F/M than /F artwork, do you think so? That's very interesting if so. I guess they are a standard part of bondage kink but I wonder if it has anything to do with the tendency of male submissives not to make much sound when they are in pain. With a gag, this would matter less as they are unable to make much noise even if they want to.

I'm not a huge gag fan - I don't enjoy wearing them very much and they don't hugely enhance a spanking scene for me in the way that, say, a strap securing someone around the waist does. How do you feel about them?


To me a gag looks grotesque, and I like to hear the Ow! Ow! Ouching.

I certainly feel like a lucky boy, getting to shoot scenes like this. Many thanks for the appreciation.

Nothing to beat a double caning, particularly when adminstered by two awesomely good caners. And with the bonus of a left and right hander too! Briliant video, I really loved the home video style shooting. More of the same please!

Thank you John! was surprised by how well the home video bits came out. That bodes well for the future - a scene in which I have multiple ladies dominating a solo guy is much more achievable if one of them can be the camerawoman ;)

I'm still a fan :)
I was surpriced of how extremely well he takes all those many many cane strokes. It actually does'nt seem to bother him that much, he keeps smiling HAHA. Maybe thats just part of the role he is playing in this scene.

Mm, canings make me smile when they're delivered with care. Who would not smile when flanked by two such talented and lovely tops, eh?

Tadaaaa ! :)

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