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Shoot previews - Mila Kohl

Our shoot with Mila Kohl last week was a funny one. I hadn't planned to shoot this month - I have more than enough scenes in the bank, especially starring female spankees. But she was visiting the UK and looking for work, and Paul Kennedy of Northern Spanking went out of his way to facilitate it, including driving her to my place and offering his services as top and cameraman, so it all sort of fell into my lap.

Plus, of course, Mila is gorgeous. Who wouldn't want to shoot her?

As a result, I didn't put much planning into this shoot and didn't have much invested in it - it was a "bonus extra" rather than a large scale production into which I put a lot of thought. We were shooting at my place, so I couldn't try to bring any of my more ambitious costume dramas to life. Instead I came up with some simple domestic scenarios, aiming for a relaxing, fun day rather than trying to fit too much in.

And you know what? It was one of the most chilled, enjoyable shoots I've ever been on. No stress, no expectations, and no anxiety about whether I'd achieve the results I wanted. Paul and Mila were both super professional and easygoing. We shot mostly in natural light, we didn't move the furniture around too much, and we shot three scenarios as photos only, which is always simpler than trying to shoot video as well. As a result the day turned out to be exceptionally streamlined, with everything happening ahead of schedule. And the results look great.

I don't think I'm going to scale back my ambitions any time soon, but it just goes to show that you don't always need to put in huge amounts of time, money and effort to create hot, good-looking spanking erotica. Sometimes a beautiful model, a simple scenario and good chemistry can be enough.

In the first scenario, Mila played a submissive who has been instructed by her dominant to undress, and wait for her to come home. I'm hoping to put this photo gallery up on the site this week.

Next we filmed a fun age-play video which may or may not have been inspired by Mila and Alex's sisterly bickering over twitter. Mila and I played cousins who were colouring and playing with our stuffed animals, but got into a fight which ended up with Mila drawing on my face in pen. I rushed off to tell on her, and her uncle Paul came in and spanked her.

However, Mila was sick of getting into trouble - after all, I had started the fight, it wasn't fair that I shouldn't be spanked. So she plotted her revenge, confronted me and threatened to tell Paul one of my biggest, worst secrets if I didn't take a spanking too.

I really love the photo gallery we shot next, featuring Mila relaxing in a bubble bath and blowing foam at Paul when he comes in to talk to her. Needless to say, she gets hauled out of the warm water and spanked on her wet bottom.

After lunch we moved the cameras into the bedroom, and shot a more serious scene. Mila played a young lady who had behaved very badly at the last dinner her father hosted. This time, he canes her before dinner so that the stripes will serve as a reminder during the meal to be on her best behaviour. Mila pouts and considers this pre-emptive punishment to be dreadfully unfair, but she has no choice.

Mila was very nervous about the caning, but she took it beautifully and the resulting stripes were gorgeous. I loved Paul's scolding in this as well - quiet, intense, loving and strict. I can't wait to edit this video.

After her caning I felt Mila had earned a bit of a break, so she relaxed with a glass of wine and I stepped in front of the camera for a caning of my own. There's nothing like watching someone else take the cane to put me in the mood for it! Paul and I shot an affectionate and somewhat giggly candid video which nonetheless involves a relatively serious cold caning with my newest cane.

I don't have any screengrabs of that yet, but since I now had some lovely cane stripes, we showed them off in one final photo gallery of me and Mila nude on the bed.

I'm so glad that I decided to take a chance on this shoot and squeeze it into my schedule, even though I'd initially felt that I didn't have time. The day turned out to be an absolute delight - as did Mila. I hadn't really spoken to her much at the Texas All-State Party where we met for the first time last year, but she is the sweetest girl and I really enjoyed spending time with her. She is also an absolute beauty and incredibly easy to work with, and I can strongly recommend her to any interested photographers or spanking producers!

It was also lovely to finally be able to bring my friend Paul, with whom I have been shooting spanking video on and off for six years now, into the Dreams of Spanking cast and crew. I love the photos he took for us, and being caned by him was a real treat. I expect he'll be back before too long.


Shooting with DoS

I was very pleased to help and of course to spank and photograph gorgeous Mila some more. I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot and working with you on your project for the first time. I very much look forward to doing so again and, of course, to striping your bottom some more!

Thankyou so much for talking me into it, it was an excellent idea on your part! Lovely to play with you too. Let's do that again soon please :)

Have a lovely time on your trip!

Sadly Mila was ill for my shoot and seeing pics from yours and Paul's shoots makes me rather jealous that a day i had planned and taken off from my dayjob was gone. Joys of being a producer... eh? Lovely pics... I had so wanted to do age play and bathroom bubbles with her *sigh*

Oh no, bad timing! I'm lucky that I work from home and was able to be flexible with the dates and put our shoot back a day when I found out she was still recovering from her tummy bug. Funny you were planning to shoot age play and bathroom scenes with Mila too. She must inspire those ideas in people!

I <3 all of you!

I'm very pleased to have been an inspiration for one of your scenes! See? My misbehavior is good for something other than getting myself smacked! I chortled at your use of "may or may not" to describe it, as that's the phrase I use to not entirely confess to anything, usually in the form of "I may or may not have been harassing Mila!"

All of your sets look lovely, especially with the mass amount of nudity involved. How come I never got naked on your site? We're going to have to fix this in the future, I think! Preferably with both of without clothes...
I guess that the comments section on your site isn't the place for me to put my personal fantasies, so I'll end that train of thought. :P

I can't wait to see this stuff, and I'm really glad you guys filmed. <3 <3 <3

I may or may not enjoy your harassment of Mila if it gives people an excuse to spank you when you're otherwise being good!

Why DIDN'T we get naked together? Was it because I wasn't sure how much you liked combining spankings and nakedness? I'm pretty sure that by the time we actually had our shoot I'd have been brought up to date on that front.

I'm naked right now. Come and "shoot" with me :P


Spanking and caning.

I just love all your spanking scenes, my bottom is all yours to be punished, spanked and caned.

Hi, thanks for to commenting, really glad to hear you're enjoying the site! I do offer spanking sessions in London, feel free to drop me an email if you'd like to make an appointment :)

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