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Dana Kane Spanks

Fans of Dana Kane will be delighted to learn that her long-awaited members site is now live! Dana Kane Spanks provides F/F, F/M and POV spanking videos with an elegant, feminine touch.


The site is updated weekly with full-length spanking films, mostly between 5-20 minutes long but occasionally longer, and every so often Dana posts additional bonus videos. Dana Kane Spanks already contains a whopping 142 spanking scenes, the biggest archive of any new site I've ever seen.

In the videos Dana primarily spanks her male partner, known on the site only as "My Bottom's Bottom", and the adorable Spanked Angel, another regular playmate of Dana's. One other male spankee is known as "The Very Bad Boy".

Neither My Bottom's Bottom nor the Very Bad Boy show their faces in the videos, and Dana has not yet worked with any professional male spankees. After all, as I've learned, they can be quite hard to find, as in most places the market does not yet exist. I'm looking forward to seeing her expand her range of male victims as the site develops, and I'm sure that if she and Michael Darling were ever in the same town again she would set up a shoot with him in an instant!

Dana Kane Spanks does feature a number of female models from her hometown of Las Vegas as well as several professional female spankees including Cheyenne Jewel, Christie Cutie, Sarah Gregory and Kelley May (as far as I know, Kelley's first ever appearance on a spanking site other than her own clips store).

And, most recently, me! I filmed with Angel and Dana during my recent visit to Atlantic City, NJ.

Here's the scene description:

Pandora and Angel are lying in the hotel suite, talking about the party. They're being awfully bawdy, talking about all the hot guys and girls, and I can't tolerate their bad language for long. I lecture the girls on ladylike behavior, but they both argue back, saying that there's nothing wrong with their language or behavior, and that I am being unreasonable. After a bit of their backtalk, I've heard enough - I pull out two bars of soap and tell Pandora and Angel that they'll be sorry for their dirty language. Angel stands in the corner watching as I tell Pandora to open her mouth wide for the soap, then spin her around and spank her hard with hand and strap while she wriggles on the bed on hands and knees. I then bring Angel over and, over her protestations, shove the soap into her waiting mouth...and then watch her mouth pucker in disgust. Angel is placed into hands and knees position right beside Pandora, and they're both thoroughly spanked and strapped with soap bars firmly in their dirty little mouths. Then...there's a twist...

This was a really fun scene to shoot - it was lovely working with Dana again, and Angel is such a sweetheart. Dana also set up a hilarious behind the scenes prank which will be revealed in due course, but suffice it to say it was enormously entertaining for Dana and I, and rather less funny for poor Angel!

Dana Kane is one of the most capable disciplinarians on the planet and a very impressive woman, smart, funny and the embodiment of elegance and class. If you meet her you quickly discover that she is also warm, welcoming and open-hearted. I hope we can collaborate on many future occasions, and I wish her all the best with her new site Dana Kane Spanks.



It was more than great to see and work with you again. Thanks for helping me prank my Angel (she deserved it), and many enormous thanks for this review. We're having a ton of fun with the new site and hope to continue improving.

Big Gigantic Hugs,

I'm delighted I got to be a part of it. I can't wait to work with you both again!

Thanks for the mention :) I sincerely hope that we end up in the same place at the same time much sooner than later. It was quite the experience filming with you and if I branch out further into professional territory with other models/actresses - I would not much mind doing a scene with you... and your wicked strap. Wish I had more time to play with you that way, as well. But it was absolutely fabulous to work with you as a co-bottom. Thank you for the experience! Let's do it again! :)


Also - for anyone reading this (you included, Ms. Pandora Blake), please know that what Dana said is nonsense. I did nothing to deserve such a horrifying practical joke! ;)

I would love to work and play with you again - it would be cool to shoot you for this site, too. Sadly it looks like I won't be able to come to Vegas this September after all, as SL clashes with my partner's 40th :( But I'm planning to be at BBW next year, so then, if not before!

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