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Who likes short shorts?

Who likes short shorts? We like short shorts! Continuing our current theme of candid, unscripted spankings, our newest video is a fun, behind the scenes starring myself and the adorable Alex Reynolds, filmed when she came to stay with me a few weeks ago.

A friend gave us matching pairs of denim short shorts and snug yoga pants, and although our official Dreams of Spanking shoot was already over, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to spank each other in our tight new shorts - and, of course, capture the whole thing on video. The result is a fun-filled 20 minute video filled with hugging, hilarity and hand spanking. Here's the full free video in its entirety:


Alex also gave me several firm swats of the wooden paddle on the seat of my shorts. I don't know why, but something about tight denim puts me in the mood for wood.

Short Shorts is available for everyone to view in full HD, members and non-members alike, and the scene page also includes 48 free, full resolution screen grabs. We shot it on a single camera without anyone else to help, so it's a lot more simple than most of the films on this site. Consider it a present from Alex and me to celebrate our hot new pairs of shots, and the fun we had during her stay. I promise you that you'll never look at seahorses the same way again!


Bear Baiting

Thanks so much for the free 'short shorts ' vid, Pandora-great fun and very erotic too!

I couldn't help but notice that the teddy on the sofa seemed to be enjoying it a little too much, given his suspicious involuntary movements whilst you were tanning Alex's tight shorts, lol. And I could swear that he's actually grinning at one point ,in a scene reminiscent of the inflatable pilot in the great film 'Airplane'.

Tremendous stuff!

Nobby x

Thank you Nobby, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I don't think you can be correct about the bear, though (who is actually a large fluffy dog, name of Fred). Fred is a pure and innocent creature. Any involuntary movements might have been the result of his gallant attempts to rescue Alex from punishment.

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