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Casting previews

Allow me to introduce our newest recruit: Mr Will Savage. Hunky, kinky, and a switch! What do you think?

I met Will through a friend at a nightclub a few weeks ago, and after only five minute's conversation I knew I wanted to work with him. Will is an professional male model, porn performer and stripper, but he's never done specialist spanking video before. Still, he's no stranger to kink and has has been spanked on BDSM shoots before. He tells me he's looking forward to our shoot - and so am I.

Joining him will be two of Dreams of Spanking's most well known, popular female performers, Caroline Grey and Amelia Jane Rutherford.

Over two days, we'll be shooting a mixture of historical and equestrian F/F, elegant F/M, and some entertaining modern day M/F scenes to give Will a chance to demonstrate his spanking (and striptease!) skills. We have Amelia's husband Hywel Phillips back behind the camera, and Amelia will also be acting as our rigger for the day, showing off Will's superb body in some tight, flattering, rope bondage.

This two day shoot is my biggest production to date. I've been working hard behind the scenes writing scenarios, finding a venue, booking flights and organising other logistics. I'm nervous, but also very excited.

After this I won't actually need to shoot again until the summer, as I already have more than enough footage on my hard drive... but, of course, I will. Shooting is still the best thing about this job for me, and I don't think I'll ever get enough of it.


Eeee, he's a hot one. I can't wait to see what you have coming up!

OMG!!! he is.... he has got..... he is so...
he uhmm, looks like a very nice person :-)

My heart beat just hit 150. Thought you had accidentally posted a photo of me from the readers photos section.

You will need to get a USC 2257 declaration of me for your records.

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