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British spanking updates

Various UK spanking sites have released some great scenes recently starring performers you'll recognise from Dreams of Spanking. I'm very lucky to have worked with so many of the best spanking actors and actresses in the business, and I'm always interested to follow their adventures elsewhere.

At Spanking Sarah, Ten Amorette is kidnapped and punished by the rather dishy Nick Nightingale in an edgy blackmail story. Nick feels that he has been badly treated by his ex boss and decides it's payback time. He kidnaps the guy's wife and takes his revenge on her. He videotapes the whole thing as he abuses and then spanks Ten with the object of sending the video to her husband. Ten puts up a good fight but it's not long before she is bent over and getting her bare bottom well spanked and belted.

Meanwhile, at Triple A Spanking, Molly Malone and Amelia Jane Rutherford show off their long legs and impressive flexibility in 'Bad Volleyball Girls'. After being sent off for fighting during a vital game, their coach punishes them both with a hard old fashioned slippering, followed by the cane on their bared bottoms.

Northern Spanking has just released 'Unhealthy Obsession', a poignant little film starring Nimue and Janna that reminds me of my own schooldays. Janna has been reported to her housemaster by a number of her teachers for lack of concentration and lack of application, due to what they believe is an infatuation with another girl at school. Janna is to face the ultimate sanction. But will it cure her obsession?

Here's what Nimue has to say about shooting this wonderfully innocent little film:

I play the object of Janna’s obsession, and the feelings are mutual. It was wonderful to put myself into the headspace of a shy schoolgirl, who’s been having these thoughts and feelings, suddenly presented with an opportunity to act on them. The nerves, slowly pushing things a step further, feeling out the other’s mental state – does she want more, does she feel the same, not wanting to overwhelm her. Generally in most scenes I do, it’s accepted that one or both have experience, and that’s what made this scene stand out in my mind. This wasn’t an older, experienced girl corrupting a younger, inexperienced girl. This was two girls in exactly the same place, both exploring something new and forbidden together.

Head over to Northern Spanking to see 'Unhealthy Obsession' and much more.


Oh wow that Nimue/Janna film looks *amazing*!

Doesn't it just? They have such fab chemistry together.

Sometimes more subtle films with gentle storylines can have a huge impact. This is the kind of story I enjoyed reading many years ago and the translation of an idea into this film could probably only have worked with a very limited number of spankees. I imagine it tracks with very many spanking fantasies, held by both men and women and as such we are really pleased with it!

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