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Introducing AJ Levi

I'd like to extend a warm welcome to the newest member of the Dreams of Spanking team, who joined us in November. Anyone who's listened to me complain about my workload over the last two years and has recommended I hire an assistant (I'm looking at you, Adele!) will be gratified to learn I've finally taken your advice. And excellent advice it was, too. 

Allow me to introduce my new admin pixie, AJ Levi.

AJ likes privacy and prefers not to post a full face shot,
but the Hobbes t-shirt tells you all you need to know.

AJ is 32, kinky and a switch; she likes androgyny, shiny nail polish and leather belts. I've known her for over eight years - longer than I've lived in London, or been working in spanking - and we knew each other online even before that. She's known about Dreams of Spanking since its inception. I've always been able to talk to her about anything, and she has a knack for making me laugh.

AJ is an internet resident with a background in project management and photography; this is her first time working in the porn industry. When I started looking seriously into hiring an assistant she was the first person I approached. I've never had an assistant before, and I wasn't sure how easy I'd find it, so I knew from the start I'd rather work with someone I already knew well. I feel comfortable with AJ and find it easy to be honest with her. So far it seems to be going well.

Delegating is hard for a perfectionistic creative control-freak like me, but sometimes the hardest things are the most worth doing. AJ is taking on various aspects of the Dreams of Spanking admin, and will be doing more tasks behind the scenes as we go. We'll both have access to Dreams of Spanking email; she'll handle the routine stuff, and I'll deal with anything that requires a personal reply, so you might hear from her from time to time.

Edit 05/12/13: AJ is also now on Twitter, where she officially wins the "best username ever" award. Go follow her!

Aside from performers and camera crew, there are now four members of the Dreams of Spanking family working regularly on the site behind the scenes:

me (Pandora): full time - video/photo editing, graphic and web design, front-end web development, copywriting, script writing, direction, production, performance, casting, promotion, social media marketing, running the twitter account, email, user maintenance/tech support/payment handling, doing the accounts, ethical porn campaigning, business development, and anything else that comes up. Sole owner of the business and creative driving force behind it.

(Sometimes people assume I co-own the business with Tom, but I don't; he works for me occasionally, but it's my baby. I guess people are more used to a couple running a porn site than a solo woman.)

D: part time - back end web development, building new site features, fixing bugs, writing clever scripts to make my life easier, and occasionally spanking me in photos.

Tom: part time - building Free Hosted Galleries for our affiliates, copywriting, helping out with newsletters, updating our Clips4Sale and Spanking Library stores, publishing free trailers on SpankingTube, and writing the occasional tweet and blogpost. Plus of course stellar acting and topping on camera.

AJ: part time - admin, replying to email, handling manual subscriptions and payments, tech support, posting previews of new scenes on Fetlife and Tumblr, helping me with scheduling, shoot production, accounts, data entry and anything else we can think of!

So there you have it. It's exciting to have more people involved, helping me make the site as good as it can be, and freeing me up to spend time on creative implementation and long-term business strategy. I'm sure the team will continue to expand. Now that I'm starting to get my head around delegation, I'm looking forward to doing more of it!


Thanks so much for the warm and fuzzy welcome! I'm already having so much fun being part of the team here, and Pandora is a very positive, supportive and fun lady to work for.

I'm looking forward to being part of the Dreams family for a long time to come, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my skills with such a brilliant community :)

Aw, shucks :) It's awesome to have you! Thanks for giving me hope that I might be able to cope after all :)


Is it weird if I welcome you to the Dreams of Spanking family, when I'm just a friend and observer myself? :) But YAY obviously, both to AJ for the new and shiny job, and to Pandora for finding a shiny assistant and managing to delegate :) <3

Not weird at all, and thank you for the welcome! I'm looking forward to being part of such a wonderful community :)

Not weird at all. Thankyou for the support!

Excellent news

An excellent team, AJ looks like you are a natural choice to help things tick along and the icing on the cake too. I'm really new to this group too but it's just fabulous and I love everything about it.

Best of luck with everything and no doubt you will be a huge asset to what is already a fabulous domain......of course.......Pandora....I'm in Charge......you can't argue with that.........well you could but then you would have to face the consequences..................might be fun to argue from time to time!!

In charge? I take it you've got over your nerves then? ;)


well yes....and then no........I think I'm in for a shock.......unless you say otherwise.............

I'd say you are!

Best shock

Yes, but the best shock ever.........


I'm sorry if I said something out of turn.......I don't want to ruin your blog...........

Yup. The blog is ruined. ;)

You'd better not ruin it, that's my job and I guard it as religiously as a self respecting heathen can.

Welcome aboard AJ. If you wouldn't mind could you, preferably at a time when everybody is well lubricated with a little (or a lot of) ethanol ask the Mistress why she did not like my little plot that she said I should send her. She won't tell me and I would not like croaking without knowing. Thank you.

Hope I can mend things

Truly sorry Pandora and AJ for being a blog breaker....especially when you were introducting your newest team member.....I will try harder next time, brain in gear, mouth in motion and sausage fingers about to create havoc.....I promise it won't happen again.............AJ......hope day 2 is even better than day 1..........take care..........

Dude, you really aren't very good at detecting sarcasm are you? No, the blog isn't ruined. Don't be silly.


Of course I'm excellent at detecting it, just don't want to piss anybody off before I've had the opportunity to meet them..................luv the new picture set..........you really do look gorgeous dressed in lingerie, but this attire is exceptional.....really suits you........you are the perfect lady...................


Welcome aboard :)

Though I'm now hearing Roy Castle in my head...

How come? :)

Roy Castle

Don't you remember the programe - Record Breakers all about Guinness Book of World Records, he had a catch phrase, well he used to sing it and play trumpet.....TV was quite bizarre in those days.....his catch phrase was – So if you want to be a Record Breaker !!!!

Pandora, I think you should try and set a new World Record yourself.....with Vincent.......most number of cat o nine tails delivered in a minute, set in 2013..............secretly I think he wants it............

Hello Thomas and thank you

Yes I make my debut on Friday afternoon.........I'm very excited, quite nervous.......who knows what will happen after this........perhaps nothing.........perhaps something.........I guess only time will tell.......

Oh and sorry your head is full of Roy Castle thoughts......was it my fault?

Take care

Record breaking beating

"The blog isn't ruined. Don't be silly."

Sorry John but Pandora just wants to put you off guard. She's seriously pissed off that you ruined her blog and on Friday afternoon she's planning to deliver the mother of all beatings !

Sorry again

And by the time Pandora has finished with you John, you really won't care if she's wearing lingerie or a boiler suit !

Confidence is shattered

Yeah thanks Vincent……you’re really filling me with confidence…….but you are right I guess……..anyway, I bet Pandora would look yummy in a boiler suit

Excellent stuff

Vincent.....excellent stuff.........I guess that’s the cat out of the bag then…….have you had some inside knowledge……...I hope not !!!

Perhaps Pandora will conveniently remember at some point on Friday when I’m bent over a chair or table or whatever, that I ruined her blog and perhaps will want to do something about it……..or if luck has it, she’ll have forgotten all about it…

hhhhhhmmmmmmm I guess I will know the answer by Saturday morning.

Cats (9 of them)

"I guess that's the cat out of the bag then"

Actually John I do remember Pandora remarking that the cat o ' nine tails was the one implement she has yet to use in session and that she hoped to put that right by the end of 2013.

You are a very bad man.

you know him better than I


Still a lot of 2013 left

ahhhwwwww.....that could be painful, but I don't think Pandora is planning on using it.........

Anyway there's heaps of time left in 2013......actually no there's not is there.......only a couple of weeks.

Why has it got t be used by end of 2013, has it got a used by date on it or something? It is a very painful impement?

What !!!!

I just google'd it.........holy crap..........

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