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A well-run campaign

I'm super excited to announce the publication of Dana for Senator, our première scene starring Mike Stryker and Dana Kane. This is the first of four spanking scenes that we filmed on our recent video shoot. Here's the trailer:

This was Mike's first ever dedicated spanking shoot, although he's performed in adult video before, and it was an honour to watch his bottom redden under Dana's expert attentions.

Given how formidable a spanker she is, it's fortunate that Dana is also such a kind, gracious person. She put Mike and I instantly at our ease, and the three of us found lots to chat about as the day progressed. You can catch up with some of our gossip in the behind the scenes video.

Both Mike and Dana are great fun to roleplay with. This scene started life very simply as an F/FM office punishment, but between us it quickly gained depth. I love blending politics with punishment, as anyone who's watched Non-Violent Resistance will be aware, but this was the first time we'd run an electoral politics scenario.

I'm a big fan of The West Wing, and corporal punishment seems to fit pretty neatly into the urgency, efficiency and eccentricity of a well-run political campaign. I reckon Councillor Dana Kane's campaign office sounds like a great place to work!

The most amazing part of this scene, for me, was the pleasure of playing for the first time with both Dana and Mike, and the privilege of watching Mike's bottom mark up so dramatically. As well as acting alongside them, it was my job to look after both of them, particularly Mike, and make sure they were feeling comfortable and having fun. So watching his face closely as he was spanked to keep an eye on how close we were to his limits was, of course, purely professionally motivated. Not perving at all. Nope.

But there was lots more to enjoy: Mike's well-chosen shiny underwear, for instance, which made Dana coo appreciatively way between shots; the warmth of Dana's dominant persona, despite her firmness, and the sense that her character genuinely wanted to help ours learn and improve. Plus the fourth-wall-breaking irony of the two of us getting into trouble for the blank fax confirmations, which was all the fault of the producer for poor attention to detail in the props department. The producer, of course, being moi. So I got what I deserved, I guess, but it was a bit unfair for poor Mike!


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