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Twenty minutes of hand spanking

After all the detailed creative fantasies I've explored so far on this website, I found myself yearning to make a video that was a celebration of spanking, pure and simple. I love creating elaborate, imaginative punishment scenes in a variety of settings, but I also want to make films which show the sort of spanking play I enjoy in real life.


When Tom spanks me, it's usually in the bedroom, it's never "in character", and it rarely takes less than twenty minutes. Sometimes I'm submissive, sometimes I'm cheeky, and sometimes I'm both. He takes me over his knee and talks to me affectionately as he reddens my bottom. He has a ridiculously hard hand and he knows how to put it to good use, but his skill with warm ups enables me to take far more punishment than when starting cold.

Recently, he's been training me to take harder and harder spanks on the highly sensitive skin of my thighs. This is hugely erotic for me - but shockingly painful. I love the feeling of helplessness as he holds my knees in a leg lock and exposes the ultra-sensitive backs of my thighs to hard, stinging spanks. No matter how brave I try to be, thigh spanking always pushes beyond my control and makes me wriggle and howl. It takes a lot of trust to submit to it, and the sensation of surrender is as hot as the red welts from his fingers that pattern the backs of my legs.

I invited Tom and Tricia over for a simple bedroom shoot. This was the only film we shot that day: I wanted to start out fresh and not have to worry about "saving" my bottom for future scenes, giving me the freedom to get properly marked up for once. After twenty minutes of solid spanking that escalated in severity, my whole bottom and most of my thighs were pink and mottled with purple. In the week following this shoot I had bruises from Tom's hand up both of my thighs. I cherished the marks. 

This video celebrates the way that Tom and I play together, and hopefully shows that loving, consensual, "good girl" spanking can be no less intense than discipline or punishment. 


This is the kind of thing I like, real instead of acting. Also a good sound spanking.

This comes up from time to time about markd from a previous spanking. I don't mind them as long as your ass is not a train wreck. People that get spanked have marks, unless the "scene" is that this is your first spanking old fading marks are not out of place I think. Sometimes they can even add to it. You can also make them part of a scene, as in " I see you have been punished in the not so distant past" when the bottom is bared.

One thing I would have liked in this, that is no bra. I love to watch boobs moving around during a spanking, it adds so much for me.

Thankyou Bacchus. Good to know that you don't mind about earlier marks as sometimes they are unavoidable! I do prefer to avoid them if possible though, I think new marks look nicer if they aren't layered on old ones :)

I very very rarely wear a bra so this time I thought it would be a nice change!

20 minutes spanking

I know two people who used to make a contest out of a prolonged spanking.
They had a music CD which played for exactly 20 minutes. I once witnessed such a spanking at a public event.
It did not last very long :-) because the spanker had a blistered hand at about half time and could not continue.
For me, that outcome would be normal (having a hand without callouses). I cannot hand spank for longer than 5 minutes.
A question to the professionals: is there a special technique to hand spanking preventing that sort of damage? After all, the bottom should suffer, not the spanker.

I know exactly what you mean. In fact I think at one point during this spanking I protested that I couldn't spank for this long without my hand falling off, and Tom replied that it was simply a question of practice!

I don't know if it's about technique or simply toughening up your hand, but I'll ask him if he's happy sharing his secret ;)

(Should the spanker not suffer? I actually quite like that about hand spanking, that I can feel a direct connection to my bottom via the mirrored throb in my hand. I know some spankers with hand/wrist injuries whom hand spanking hurts immeasurably, but they still indulge occasionally. In the context of loving playtime or discipline, the knowledge that "this really does hurt me more than it hurts you" must make a spanking especially piquant for the recipient.)

Prolonged hand spanking

If you or Tom cannot offer any advice how to mitigate the pain in the spanking hand, I will have to accept the "it hurts me more" LOL.
After all, there is always the possibility, to put on a glove (which you like, you wrote). But then there is a different "quality" to the spanking: spanked with a glove will serve the bottom who loves that peculiar feeling most; spanked with bare skin delivers that special "skin to skin" feeling which both love, spanker and spankee.
Facit: Tops should take their medicine as well.


Having more muscular hands, and doing physical work with them to harden the skin on the palms are definitely the baseline. Practice certainly helps!

But there are a couple of things. I'm lucky in having strong hands and forearms, which means I can deliver a definite spank while using a relatively small percentage of my available power. Being able to start at 10% and work up means you're not spanking as hard as you can for anything like as long, and that does make a difference; these things are correlative, and someone lighter in body and less powerful in arm is will be more susceptible to hand-bruising.

Several of the techniques I use involve either relaxing, or tensing, the hand in particular patterns. I mostly use them to produce different sensations in the bottom, but being able to tense up the hand at the last instant before impact will certainly help protect from bruising.

But, ultimately, a long and hard spanking will leave an impression; after filming this I had a red hand and the distinct tingling one gets under the skin.

Every single word of this comment is arousing to me. Ahem. I mean, thanks very much for the fascinating contribution to the discussion!

Tensing/relaxing hands? Interesting, captain. Fancy a "teaching me advanced hand spanking techniques" seminar sometime, if we can find a willing bottom?

Such excellent pics Pandora.

Thanks Paul, these are some personal favourites of mine.

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