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Romantic historical F/M

We managed to squeeze in one more shoot with Zoe Montana before she ends her UK tour. This time I invited Adele Haze and Jimmy Holloway to join us too. In a unique, gorgeous location we filmed two romantic, historical F/M videos based on Adele's and Jimmy's fantasies. Although our photogallery Her Ladyship's Breakfast explores the sort of beautiful, intimate and respectful F/M I want to become known for, this was our first chance to express the same dynamic in film.

The location was truly stunning and fired all our imaginations. With our low operating budget we weren't able to create the sort of perfectly accurate historical fiction we prefer to watch, but I hope that the fantasies will be enjoyable despite the odd anachronism.

In the first scene, Adele played a highborn lady who summons a young bridegroom from the local village to her presence on his wedding day. Her husband, as lord, has the right to take first pleasure of his vassal's new bride. But Lady Adele has taken a fancy to the young man, and offers him the chance to save his bride by offering himself instead. He has to prove his devotion to his lady - and he beseeches her to use him as she will.

This was a hot, edgy, semi-consensual scene which included back whipping, hand spanking, the riding crop and no small amount of groping and molestation. Jimmy's nude figure was beautifully offset by the amazing sandstone architexture, and he took his punishment uncomplainingly. I've put together some quick previews which I think give a sense of it:

The second film continued the theme of historical class dynamics and proxy punishments. In this scene a different Lady Adele, being too well bred to be thrashed herself, had a whipping boy as a child. By adulthood the two have fallen in love, to the displeasure of her father and governess. When her young ladyship causes further uproar by stirring up political scandal, governess Miss Montana decides that rather than make a martyr of the girl, the punishment will be more effective if given to her old whipping boy instead. 

The resulting scene was incredibly emotional, with Jimmy taking Adele's punishment bravely, and both young lovers weeping as their governess told them they were never to see each other again. The spanking, paddling and caning that Miss Montana dealt Jimmy was severe, but it was her sharp tongue and the tragic romance of the scenario that put him in floods of tears which continued throughout the punishment. It was intense and very very hot to watch, and left all of us on a high.

Thanks to Jimmy and Adele for writing such imaginative, delicious storylines and for performing them so beautifully, and to Zoe for her help in making this shoot happen. I'm so excited about both of these films, and can't wait to start editing.

I've heard a lot of people talk about the sort of F/M film they'd like to see. I'd really appreciate it if you could take the time to reply and tell us what you think. We're shooting some shorter domestic F/M films next month - if you want to see something in particular, leave a comment and let us know. 


F/m at Dreams

Superb .To me it cant get any better. Just more of this quality please .Jimmy kneeling completely blew me away . For me you are the best. But I was concerned when I arrived here late after a busy week that there were no comments. Even if F/m is is not central to your catalogue there must be enough of us quality conscious m`s out there to make it wothwhile. Is it an awareness issue? Are you all getting sufficient re-tweets to broaden awareness beyond your immediae circle?

Thankyou very much, I'm glad this presses your buttons. I'm seriously excited about this film.

Regarding comments, there are two things. Firstly, as you may have seen on twitter I realised this evening that there was a bug which was preventing users from commenting unless they were logged in. So some comments may have actually been posted and been lost. I've fixed the problem now thanks to a heads up from my friend Prefectdt. I had thought it was a bit quiet!

But also, I think you are absolutely right that Dreams needs to be making more effort to reach out to F/M fans. I have solicited some reviews from bloggers interested in masculine submission such as Snowdrop Explodes, and I sent a bunch of promo galleries to FM Spanking World, but there's clearly more to be done.

What are your favourite F/M blogs and twitter accounts?

While my preferred films and scenarios will always be F/F, this was one of the few where I will definitely be watching the completed article! I think is is partly because Jimmy has a very smooth, almost girlish bottom, and partly because I can empathise with some of the emotions he must have been feeling during the scene. I have been in a not dissimilar position with some of my play partners in the past - taking a flogging or caning instead of them during a particular scenario - and it does bring back some lovely memories! Looking forward to seeing the video when it comes out!

What a lovely thing to hear! I hope that I can convert lots of previously exclusive /F fans to the vulnerable, curvy delights of a smooth boyish bottom.

We are all massive fans of this sort of noble/martyr/honourable scene. So much more interesting and romantic than being a brat!

Ahhhahaha. And so we convert them one by one :)

I have been thinking lately of a modern spanko scenario about a young spanko couple living together, with the burden of the current economic situation on their shoulders.

They have both been victims of down scaling and are without work.

The scene opens with the female sitting at a table, worriedly looking through a pile of bills and demands.

The male returns home and she throws her arms around him and is almost in tears as she explains how she has been doing the household accounts and there is no way they can cover everything and are at risk of losing their dwelling place and have no chance of getting more credit with them both being unemployed.

After this outburst the male announces that he has just returned from a second interview with a potential employer (that he did not tell her about because he did not want to give her false hope) and he has got the job, saving their financial skins.

They want to celebrate but are too skint to go out on the razzle and so decide that he deserves the "Good Boy" spanking (with lots of toys) of his life. Then the fun begins.


I love this! A consensual, celebratory spanking - such a delicious contrast to the usual disciplinary and punishment spankings. I love the current affairs aspect, too.

But you could just as easily apply some of the "positive spanking" tropes I've seen with men spanking women to the F/M genre. For instance, a girl who gives her boyfriend a celebratory caning to congratulate him for submitting his dissertation. In fact any of the self-improvement themes that are usually used for punishment spankings - exercise, time management, quitting smoking, self-care - could be turned into "good boy" spankings to celebrate success. I like it!

A celebratory spanking or caning definitely works for me! My long term partner Tanya and I always indulge in a two birthday canings (one for each of us!) every year. No formal scenario, no made-up misdemeanours, simply a good bottle of wine and the consensual pleasure of either delivering, or experiencing, the number of strokes equivalent to your age, to celebrate a birthday. And of course the realisation that in a year's time there will be even more strokes to come. Many happy returns!

Celeratory Caning/s

Has this actually materialised yet on Dreams of Spanking?

I am aware of a real-life instance of a recent anniversary being celebrated with a caning - so many strokes for each year. It has definite possibilities for a consensual caning video.

Erratum: Celebratory Caning/s

Indeed it has, in the form of Primae Noctis!

That sounds like a lot of fun, and a great way to celebrate BDSM-style ;)

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