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Valentine's Day special

Valentines Day special at Dreams of Spanking - coming soonValentine's Day is one week today. Some of you will be looking forward to the opportunity to surprise your lover; others might be a conscientious objector from all the commercial soppiness.

Personally, I'll be spending the day shooting spanking video for another producer, so by the time I get home in the evening I'm not sure I'll have the energy for much more than dinner and snuggles. But I want to at least make some time for D, even if we don't spend lots of money or go anywhere fancy. And I've got a very special, extra sexy photo update planned.

Valentines Day special at Dreams of Spanking - coming soon

Whether you're browsing on your own or with a partner, make sure you check out Dreams of Spanking's unique new Valentine's Day special, starring me and D more steamy, more intimate and more explicit than you've ever seen us before.

This will be my first ever appearance in a hardcore boy/girl scene online. Unique and exclusive, I'll never do scenes like this for any other website. Don't miss it.


Panic attack!

For Christ's sake Pandora, don't do that again! I thought I'd lost track of the days once more, and forgotten Valentine's Day. My little heart is thumping away!

Anyway, love the pictures, especially the top one.

All the best


You're alright, you've still got a week to go! I don't suppose your lady wife would appreciate a gift of some hot sex and spanking porn? ;)

My wife always accepts hot sex; like I said in the wank post on my blog, she'll have to wait until the 18th for that though.

And sadly she doesn't really like spanking porn. In fact I think she's a bit repressed; when I asked her if she ever looked at porn she looked shocked. Her loss, I suppose, but I wish that I could at least get her to checkl some out (not necessarily spanking related).

On the 14th she'll have to make do with a nice bottle of wine, and a slow roasted gammon joint in a nice honey and mustard glaze, with crispy potatoes. One of her favourite meals.

And chocolates and flowers of course. I am, at heart, a traditionalist.

Nah, bollocks, I'm not really. But she may be.

All the best


That sounds like a marvellous evening :)

valentine shoot

This i gotta see. Sounds fantastic. Patiently wait.

I'm quite nervous! I hope people like it.

Wonderful Step :-)

This is exciting, Pandora! It's great to see you branching out artistically and personally with this. I'm sure this will be beautiful and sexy like everything you produce.

Best Regards,

Tomorrow! Eeek! So soon!

It's the 14th

And we are all poised to click the download button!

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