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Coming soon: Severe caning

A teaser for our upcoming spanking film.

If you like severe, full force cold canings taken voluntarily by brave, strong women, you'll like this.



I will be looking forward to seeing this.

Kaelah and Ludwig wrote this film together and she really shines in it. I'm enjoying editing it - I want to do their vision and her performance justice.

Wow yes, can't wait to see this one Pandora! Is it from the same session which you and Kaelah filmed around a year or two back? I know there were some really great still photos of the two of you on the 'Spanked Not Silenced' site a while ago. Though I have to say, the cold caning you took from Zoe in 'Adornment' was also pretty awesome, and very impressive!

Hi John! I think I only blogged about the first shoot with Kaelah and Ludwig on my personal blog, which wasn't for Dreams of Spanking but creating free blog videos which, of course, I've been too busy with Dreams to have time to edit! Editing this movie has inspired me to do it soon, though.

Kaelah however has blogged quite a lot about the severe caning shoot:

Healthy Severity (posted after the shoot)

Marks Quiz (photo of her bruising after shooting this scene)

The Final Test: Preparations (posted yesterday, ahead of the film's release this weekend)

Can't wait ;-)

First full edit of the film is rendering now! Tomorrow is polishing it and making the trailer and screengrabs, and it'll go up on the site on Saturday. Nearly there!

Looking forward to the clip

It was really wonderful to shoot this film. :-) I am looking forward to seeing the final result today! But I have to admit that I am also a bit nervous. It's a very personal fantasy of mine and my fantasies are often a bit different from the “mainstream”. The same goes for my liking of rather suppressed reactions to spankings/canings. I hope the viewers will like the film nonetheless.

Since when did this site cater to the mainstream?! I think your performance is astonishing, and all the comments I've received so far say that your reactions are very erotic :)

You are of course right about Dreams Of Spanking not exactly being mainstream (which is why I like it so much)! ;-)

Kaelah - I have total admiration for the way you took your severe caning - bravely and unflinchingly with hardly a sound being uttered. This is a magnificent illustration of control under duress. A very impressive performance, and a wonderful film as the end result - congratulations!

Thank you very much for your kind comment! I am very glad that you enjoyed the clip (and my reactions) so much. :-)

There is something very striking about the preview image.

Aren't the marks just amazing? The full film is now up: http://dreamsofspanking.com/scene/item/final-test

Thank you! I hope that you liked the clip as much as the preview image. :-)

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