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Shoot previews - Ten Amorette

So what I didn't tell you about the shoot with Ten last week was that just as we were ready to start filming the first scene, bright and early at silly o' clock in the morning, a strange noise sounded outside. A very loud strange noise. We tweaked the curtains open and, to our horror, saw that my street had been cordoned off and was filled with large orange trucks. It seems that Thames Water had picked that day to start working on the water mains... a process which apparently involved a lot of loud drilling. Right outside my bedroom window. The bedroom that we were shooting in that morning.

They don't tell you about this sort of thing when you become a pornographer.

Ten and Nimue were very patient with me as I sat down and had a think. Would we have to do all the scenes in the lounge instead? Was it audible throughout the house? Would I have to try and book at studio at zero notice? We'd already set all the lights and cameras up in the bedroom, so changing the plan at this point would lose time wherever we moved to. I'm getting better at this producing/directing malarkey but last minute snags like this are never fun.

Eventually I decided to go ahead with the first scene as planned - I still don't know if that was a good idea, but I guess I'll find out when I come to do the editing. The other bedroom scene we shot just as a photo gallery, without any video.

Thankfully, the third scene planned for the morning was in the bathroom with the shower running, which helpfully masked the noise... and which, incidentally, resulted in all sorts of hotness. Wet white cotton knickers, running water, naked Ten and a wet leather strap. I got rather hot and flustered glancing over that footage last night. Purely to check the audio you understand. Ahem.

Here are some juicy preview photos for you to have a peek at:

The shower scene was shot in response to a request I received soon after the launch of this site:

Pandora, have you ever had the strap taken to your beautiful bottom while you were in the shower, positioned hands against the shower wall, bottom thrust out, water( warm) running down your back? My girlfriend (little brat) says it is most effective to put her back on the straight and narrow. You wearing a tight pair of panties with the water running over them gives the full effect of the strap.

It's Ten's beautiful bottom rather than mine, but still, I hope this scene meets the criteria. I am always happy to film member's requests for videos, so if you have any scene ideas, let me know!

The final scene we shot that day was an edgy MF/F fantasy, with me and Tom ganging up on Ten as a sadistic double act. We were meeeean to her. We like her really, though. And she was wonderfully sympathetic - and gorgeously spankable - as our hapless home help.  

Our Au Pair

Working as an au pair in London without a visa, Ten is trapped in a house with two psycho parents. They don't believe in spanking for their little boy, but they do insist on corporal punishment to keep the home help in line. Poor Ten is completely at their mercy... 


Road Works

It’s at times like this that you realise the advantages of double glazing and not owning a car!

A few months ago I had the pleasure of Southern Water digging up my road. Apart from the racket, there was nowhere to park because of all the holes. When they moved up the street, there was still nowhere to park because all the cars from up the road parked in our road, because of all the holes in their road. (End of rant.)

I shall look forward to these scenes. Yes, the shower one does look hot!

It's a nightmare! It wouldn't hurt them to post a notice on a lamppost letting people know the dates works will be going on. It's not just illicit pornography that's affected - what about musicians doing audio recording, or indeed new parents or anyone doing shift work?

I was thinking of this as a peril of shooting at home but Nimue pointed out that the same thing might well happen outside a studio. Hazard of the trade, I guess. Still, it's a pain.

It's always annoying when there's roadworks going on, regardless of if you're shooting, recording or just trying to sleep. I dont think it's just a risk you take when shooting at home though. Most studios I know of are in semi-industrial areas or estates, and because of that, there's a constant level of noise going on.

But that's nothing to the time I turned up at a studio and found that they had builders working on the roof! I think that was the first time I had shot with Pandora for my site, and we ended up having to re-script everything we'd planned for that day.

So no, it's not just a risk of shooting at home!!

Yeah, at least if you're shooting in a studio though you have someone to be angry with. When you're shooting at home it's easier to blame yourself! Although of course it's just bad luck, and I do like it when roads get fixed from time to time.

I'd forgotten about those builders! We managed okay, around that and my sore throat :)

Ten and Wet Strapping

Excellent combination! You've certainly got me awake this morning. :-)

I'm a fan of Ten. I love her expressions and the way she cries out. She's one of those (seemingly) rare combinations of someone very reactive, but who can also take a lot of heavy spanking. For a spanko like me I find myself wondering how to stop if I ever started spanking her.

You two plus Tom make an awesome combo. I love you in the smart glasses with your hair up. And of course Tom is one of the coolest Tops out there. I dig his vibe!

Keep up the great work!

Best Regards,

I knew that Ten would be perfect for that scene! Her fantastic figure, plus she's one of the performers with whom I just have that extra sexy chemistry.

Her reactions are gorgeous. Amelia Jane is another one like that. She is quite hard to stop spanking but we were also shooting with her after two other days shooting for other producers. She doesn't mark up much any more but she was very sore. I wanted her to still like me by the end of the day ;)

Double-topping with Tom is my new thing! We tried it out on a number of willing ladies at the Spain Spanking Party and it's an amazing vibe. Something so sexy and exciting about being accepted by my dominant as a co-top and equal. But then of course we get home and he's my dominant just as much as ever. Hot!

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