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Pencil skirts and school punishments

This last week I have:

  • worked three days at my latest office contract
  • unpacked my new flat and hosted a small flatwarming
  • done all sorts of housemove admin like ordering broadband and changing energy supplier
  • sworn a lot at the flaky mobile broadband dongle which is currently my only connection to the outside world
  • shot with Spanking Sarah
  • planned Dreams of Spanking shoots with Caroline Grey and Ten Amorette
  • alternated 3 hours and 7 hours sleep a night 
  • ... and got all my products ready for Dreams of Spankings' first vendor's stall at the World Spain Spanking Party this weekend. Well, nearly.

It's this last item that has occupied most of my attention, and been the reason I've worked full days in the office twice on 3 hours sleep or less. The only reason I've coped at all is how beautiful and happy-making my new flat is - finally, my own place, with high ceilings and enough space for my possessions and a beautiful garden, and most importantly no horrible flatmates! - and how energising work is.

Creating the items to sell in Spain has been particularly affirming. I'm deeply attached to and invested in this website, and launching the member's site last December was exciting enough. Each time I upload a new scene I feel a little jolt of creative satisfaction. But there's something uniquely special about turning all my digital endeavours into real, physical products you can hold in your hand, and it's extremely satisfying.

Meanwhile, here are some previews from the latest Dreams of Spanking updates. Firstly, I bend over and show off my curves in Pencil Skirt:

This gallery has proved an unexpected springboard for discussion... it seems lots of you have something to say about the sight of me bending over in a tight pencil skirt!

Actually I always feel a bit unsure about posting photo galleries that don't feature any actual spanking, but based on how popular this gallery seems to be, perhaps teasing photos are more welcome than I think. This set has generated several requests for a video which does include actual spanking, so there's more to come for skirt fans.

All three of cane, wooden paddle and wooden clothes brush have been requested, so let me know if you have a preference. It might end up being three different videos, unless I can find out a way of creating choose-your-own-adventure spanking videos... but I think that's a project for another time!

These photos were taken with the role of a spankee secretary in mind, and that's how most viewers have responded - they do include an awful lot of bending over, after all. But I think my new found toppy energy is bubbling to the surface in some of them. The result is a bit of an accidental switch set, and I quite like it.

Our most recent film update is a school over the knee punishment spanking, Only His Hand. The concept behind this one was simple. I wanted to do a school punishment that was very traditional and authentic in atmosphere (with slight creative license in that it portrays a bare bottom spanking of a female pupil by a male teacher). 


In my fantasies the emphasis in this scenario is on the helplessness of the spankee - trapped in a leg lock, her bare bottom vulnerably up-ended over the teacher's strong knee. Skin goose-pimpled and trembling, unable to escape the onslaught of hard stinging spanks no matter how much she struggles and cries. It's crucial to the fantasy that the teacher be a nice one, someone who had high hopes of her and has been disappointed.

As soon as the line "since you've made so free with your hand, I shall make free with mine" popped into my head, I had the storyline for this scene. Slapping another pupil is the last in a series of offences for which our schoolgirl has been punished with detentions, lines, the slipper, tawse and cane. When these fail to work, her teacher decides to match the punishment to the crime with a prolongued, very hard hand spanking, on the bare and fiercely vigorous straight from cold. I love the idea a hand spanking so severe that it's more of a deterrent than the cane for a serial offender. 


When we were filming this I told Tom to spank me as long, as fast and as hard as he could (after which I may have remarked "oh god, what am I letting myself in for." Such are the perils of being a spankee director!), with occasional pauses for scolding so that his shoulder didn't fall off.

Tom is a hard spanker, and this was bloody painful, but being able to struggle and squeal and yell in outrage made it easier to bear than if I'd had to be good. I was buzzing after this one for hours!

I'm deeply gratified to learn that you enjoy this scenario as much as I always have - it's been lovely to receive so much positive feedback on this film. I think my favourite comment has been by fellow blogger Brush Strokes, which left me blushing almost as red as my bottom was after this spanking. We seem to have pressed a few of his buttons:

You know Dear Reader I am having trouble finding words to describe this next scene from our own Pandora Blake on Dreams of Spanking. I want to call it realistic but that is not the right word. It is more along the lines of authentic. Indeed probably one of the most authentic OTK Spanking scenes I have ever seen. Pandora who strikes another student is of course spanked. The OTK Spanking that Thomas Cameron gives her is almost as perfect as one can give. It is hard and it is painful and her reaction to it is exactly how one would imagine a girl in that situation would react. It is a very very fine piece. One they should be supremely proud of.

Amid all the preparations for Spain, I'm afraid I haven't had any time to edit a new Dreams of Spanking scene this week, so the next film is going to be a little late. That should go up today or tomorrow, and next week's film will probably go up on the Tuesday as well. After that, we'll be back to our usual weekend update schedule, so any 5-day subscribers next week will be able to get two new scenes if they time it right ;)


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