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His first hairbrush punishment

Whew! I'm now moved into my new place, the fourth housemove in 12 months and hopefully the last for a long time. My Flat of Dreams is beautiful, an Edwardian conversion with high ceilings and a gorgeous garden, and I'm looking forward to living, working and shooting in it. My cat already seems settled - now I just need to find time to finish unpacking.

It's not been easy to find time to work on Dreams of Spanking around vanilla work and moving house, but luckily there are few things I enjoy more, so I don't mind missing some sleep if it's for the sake of creating hot spanking videos. I might be a little behind with blogging, but by burning the candle at both ends I've still managed to keep the site updated with a complete spanking movie and photoset each week.

Our two latest films have one thing in common: they both depict the sort of very hard, fast, intense over-the-knee spankings which turn me on the most. Many of my favourite fantasies involve pushing physical limits, and it's not often that you have the trust and energy to bring a scene like that to life on camera. When it does happen, it's usually pretty special.

Help Quitting is an F/M domestic discipline film starring Sebastian Hawley, one of our unique cast of star male spankees. (None of our performers are exclusive to Dreams of Spanking, but when it comes to the boys, no other sites have got in on the act yet. Dreams of Spanking is still the only UK spanking site where you can watch young, cute, talented, kinky male stars take a good spanking.)

This was our second shoot with Sebastian, and we had fun filming some pervy, kinky scenes with him and Nimue, including a switch scenario that was Sebastian's first experience topping on camera. When we checked he was okay during a caning, he shrugged; "I have a pretty high threshold." We decided to push it a little further in the final scene. 

I've been topping quite a lot off-camera, but this is the first video of me doing so in a while. I know that my hand spanking technique has improved, but scolding (something I really struggled with initially) is also something I've been working on. It took me a little while to find my style, but I think I'm getting there. There's still a lot to learn, but so far my experience as a spankee has been invaluable.

Sebastian had picked this scenario out as one he particularly liked out of the ideas I'd sent him. Rather than the maintenance discipline spanking I'd proposed, he suggested that he be "caught out" by smelling of smoke after coming home from the pub, and claiming he'd quit.

The punishment that ensued was hard. Straight in with no warmup, although his bottom was already welted from the cane and other spankings he'd received that day. I gave him a proper, hard spanking with my hand, hard enough to make him wriggle and squirm. Then the wooden hairbrush. I know full well how much this hurts, how unbearable it is when applied briskly, from being on the receiving end countless times. I know that you have to just grit your teeth until it's over; and that the one advantage of a fast hairbrushing is that at least it's over quickly.

He'd never felt the hairbrush before. He took it amazingly bravely. I was impressed. It was difficult trying to judge just how far to take it; I wanted to go just far enough to make it truly intense, but not so horrible that he'd never come back. After the final 20 hard swats he confessed that he'd been one stroke away from tears. "I think the hairbrush is actually the worst," he gasped.

"Yes, it really is, isn't it." I sympathised - and I was damn proud of him.

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Watch Sebastian take a hard and fast wooden hairbrush punishment in Help Quitting.


Help Quitting

From my perspective Pandora is the absolute best and most attractive top I have ever seen. She presents as so authentic in her role as a strict but caring disciplinarian. She conveys this quality of firmness and authority in a most genuine manner. It is also very appealing to view her extremely attractive, firm legs. She appears to have the strength and ability to put men in their place with a firm, convincing over the knee spanking. Oh how I would love to experience a spanking over her knee. I wonder if Sebastian or others realize how lucky they are.

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