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The play's the thing

I'm home from a fantastic party with much loved kinky friends, a smile on my face and bruises on my bottom. Several of the Dreams cast were there, although sadly not either of my doms. But there was a silver lining to their absence: I got to play with lots of other people instead, and my toppy side came out as I gave both Caroline Grey and Jimmy Holloway the spankings and canings their beautiful bottoms deserve. I also found myself over both Caroline's and Adele Haze's knees at various points, as well as receiving the attentions of several other delightful tops. So lovely to play with good friends off camera as well as on. Good times!

I've added two scenes to the site since Thursday's audio story - a photoset and a video with accompanying stills. A Secretarial Fantasy includes 94 high quality photos of me in glasses, stockings and a pinstriped slip, bending over the desk for punishment with hand and tawse:

Boss/secretary spankings are as old as typewriters and red pen, but we wanted to do one anyway. It's hard to play a scene this classic "straight" - as strictly non-consensual, I mean. This power dynamic has been eroticised so often that it's impossible to pretend this is a no-nonsense punishment without any sexy overtones. So we didn't try.

This is a self-aware fantasy: there's no denying the sexual tension. The question is, who has a crush on who? Or is it mutual, as implied by frants' lovely comment:

Thomas could say "We cant go on doing this all day seven days a week" and Pandora would say, eyes wide open, "Why not ??!"

Today's update is a short Shakespearean spanking film with some accompanying photos. Me, Caroline and Thomas using Kate and Bianca's fight scene from The Taming of the Shrew as a springboard for spankings both in and out of character. Director Cameron has his work cut out trying to control his squabbling actresses, neither of whom can seem to remember their lines. And he's not sure Caroline should be following the stage directions to tie up and strike her co-actress with quite so much enthusiasm...

Click to view trailer for The%20Rehearsal

I've wanted to film Shakespearean spankings since playing the Complete Works over the course of five weekends with a group of friends who included several likeminded deviants. We managed to bring out a fair amount of kink in different scenes and plays.

The Taming of the Shrew is the classic starting place - but I wanted to have a go at a less well-known spanking opportunity, between the two sisters rather than Kate and Petruchio. Any straightforward rendition of the play, however, results in a negligible number of spanks, so we decided to go backstage and re-run the critical moment in rehearsal, with some added punishment of the (obviously kinky) actresses by the director.

All three of us are theatre nerds, and this light-hearted take on a favourite play was a hell of a lot of fun. I hope you can forgive the self-indulgence and enjoy the corsets, petticoats and iambic pentameter - and, of course, the spankings!



You are, and your bottom, truly exquisite.

@@! :-)

Awww, thankyou Dave! x

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