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Countdown to launch

My dear dreamers,

It's been a busy, glorious, creative, spanking-filled autumn. There have been stresses, but there's also been the joy of making things of beauty, making things that express my kink and my fantasies, making my dreams a reality. There have been anxieties, but there's also been the security of love and discipline, the glow of lustful encounters, the support of friends and partners. Above all, there has been anticipation. A rising, flickering passion that started to burn in my chest four years ago, and since then has only grown in heat and strength.

It's ironic that the further you get towards realising your goals, the more you get bogged down in details. When all you have is an idea, you can appreciate the big picture, cradle the whole sparkling dream in your imagination. After years of hard work, it's hard to re-gain that perspective, to zoom out from the flaws and imperfections and the jobs not done to appreciate the scale of one's achievement. As I approach the finishing line I think it's important to look back, take a breath and contemplate how far I've come; how close I am to living in the reality I envisaged so excitedly years ago.

Finally, here we are.


23 December 2011


It is my very great pleasure to announce that Dreams of Spanking will open its doors to members in one week's time: next Friday, the day before Christmas Eve. I hope that you will be able to find some time - on your last quiet afternoon in the office; on a solitary evening in before travelling to visit friends and family; or over the holidays, perhaps, late at night after the brandy has been put away and the kids to bed - to sit down and spend a little time indulging our shared, kinky dreams.



We who are about to spank, salute you! ;)

Palm raised, that sort of salute? ;)


I'm so excited for you!! And I'm really looking forward to seeing the site go live.

Thankyou! I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to it or bricking myself. Both, I think!


Well done.
Can't wait!

Thanks for your ongoing support. I'm at the stage now of working out what features I can do without for launch - a depressing process. It's reassuring to believe that you are looking forward to seeing it even if it's not going to be exactly as shiny as I'd hoped...


I knew you could do it :-) I wasn't concerned about when that would happen. I knew it would happen when the time was right. Now that you know the time, the hard part is over (except for all the hard work you'll do... lol). You have begun a new and exciting chapter and I'm proud to say I was here to see it happen.

Go, Pandora!


Thanks hon. I'm still hoping that we'll be able to pull off some last minute miracles, but I decided that it was better to launch now with some compromises than signup for further delays. I can always improve the website after it's live, after all!

oh yes!!

I can't wait

Getting sooooo close now! I'm actually starting to feel properly excited as well as terrified :)

Three more days...

I said it numerous times already, but it's still true: I'm looking forward to the launch of Dreams of Spankings. I will sign up in three days, that's for sure!

Thankyou so much. I hope you like it!

Good luck!

T-1. Good luck for the launch of your website, Pandora.

Thankyou. I might not sleep much tonight but everything is going to be wonderful. :)

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