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Greetings all, Loki here.

I am a 45 yrs old Black man of Barbadian decent(3rd generation). I have been in the S/M scene for going on twenty-six years as of this coming October. I am a Top more than a Dom. My interest are more with the physical aspects of this lifestyle as oppose to the mental. And my style of play reflects that. I enjoy spankings, paddlings, whippings, floggings, strappings and of course, canings.

Some might consider me a bit unusual. I am a Top who also enjoys bottoming from time to time and I do not consider myself a switch. This tends to drive some of the Spanking Community crazy! I consider myself a shapeshifter. I am what I want to be, when I want to be. And while I primarily will go out of my way to spank a lovely lady, I have no objections to spanking men. And the reverse of that also applies.

I am a Goth, Victorian style, courtesy of my wife. She gave me the Goth scene when we first met and I gave her the S/M scene. We make quite the pair! Plus my other interests outside of this lifestyle runs a gauntlet.

Anime, Sci-Fi, History, Spirituality(which I try to incorporate with S/M), Creative Writing, Martial Arts and Music. Yes, that is a mouthful!

Ok, I am rambling here. I hope that this gives you a nice size look at who I am. I have also started to make my own spanking videos and hope to continue to do so! :-)

Oh and that avatar picture is from the Super Sentai Series called "Pirate Sentai Gokaiger" And he is the Captain, Gokai-Red.

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