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Lana Moon

Hi, I'm Lana! I'm new to the spanking scene but I always knew I liked it. The trouble was finding people to do it with! Since Pandora introduced me to the community a couple of years ago it has changed my life. I've learned a lot, such as that spanking makes me giggle and that there are way more different implements than I'd ever realised. I'm like a little girl in a sweet shop - I want to try everything!

I've been meeting playmates for 121 sessions for a while but felt shy about getting on camera. 2020 has been a crazy year however and turned everything upside down, so I thought why not just go for it.

I'm feeling excited and nervous about my first ever spanking film shoot. I've always loved dressing up and roleplay, and Pandora and I go way back, so I think it's going to be a lot of fun.

I love the way spanking makes my bottom tingle, and I have fantasies involving wooden rulers that go back to maths and physics class. I also like to dom big time, and am looking forward to showing off both sides of myself at Dreams of Spanking.

My special skills are persuading people to take their clothes off, getting tipsy and being charming.

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