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Hi, I'm Pete & I've been kinky since I was about 5 years old. Bondage, leather & (most importantly) spanking - I blame Penelope Pitstop, Suzi Quattro & The Beano!

Met a girl at Uni who shared my kink, got married & we've been together ever since, celebrating our 25th anniversary last October. My wife has M.S. & although I have topped for most of our marriage, in recent years it has become more difficult for her & so we have swapped roles with great success - kinky people have the best fun!

Outside kink, I like movies, comic books & old-fashioned pulp fiction. My wife & I like to rummage around antiques fairs (the best thing I ever found was a vintage Hard Lochgelly tawse at a fair in Wetherby!) visit art galleries and historical sites. I have a Ph.D. in medieval history, love music & play electric guitar, mostly blues & jazz. :)

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