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My first memory of enjoying corporal punishment was aged 8 when the teacher at primary school told us about ‘going to school in Tudor times.’ She illustrated this with an article from a children’s magazine called ‘Look and Learn’ which included a wonderful picture of a Tudor schoolboy bending over whilst the Master raised his birch. I borrowed the magazine and took it home to study this picture and the accompanying article in more detail. The rest is, as they say, history!

For many years I thought it was just me who was into this and it wasn’t until I got into my 40s that I ‘came out’ in all sorts of ways. I have had a wonderful time since then, met some wonderful people and made lots of wonderful friends on the scene.

I’m always a top – being caned hurts! – and I’ve always particularly enjoyed the boy’s school scene – the sight of wooden school desks and the feel of chalk between my fingers and I’m away!

Meeting and working with Pandora has been excellent and has introduced me to some pleasing new experiences.

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