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I am a lifetime spanko who loves all aspects of spanking and bottoms. For a long time I kept this to myself, apart from fantasising, and reading a few books and magazines, but eventually, when I was well into my thirties, I discovered a couple of girlfriends who enjoyed spanking too, and we shared fantasies and played together. I guess it was at this point I realised that I was a switch. I had fantasised about receiving when I was very young, but less so as I grew up, but both my girlfriends wanted to try both roles, and I was very happy to indulge them, and these days I think it is equally blessed to give and to receive.

I discovered the wonderful world of videos back in the day when they were on VHS and illegal, but since the Internet has made them more accessible, I have watched them with great interest, and have greatly enjoyed sites such as this one that have expanded my horizons and given me new fuel for my fantasies.

Now - at a time when our right to watch such material is being threatened, I feel it's particularly important to support people like Pandora, who have done and continue to do so much to make spanking material available, so that hopefully the young people of today will not feel as isolated as I did when I was young.

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