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Stefan Rhyzhkov
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Although Stefan Rhyzhkov Knight has been in a number of spanking productions, he is better known for his work behind the camera and for his career as a professional submissive for kinksters of all kinds, especially those with spanking fetishes. Known for both his “iron bottom” and his ability to "give in" to sobbing during a spanking, Stefan made his mark on the scene early as the boy with whom you could act out your most extreme spanking fantasies. Now retired from the world of "sessioning," Stefan lives a happy, loving life (deeply invested in domestic discipline) with his "Mama Ma'am," Audrey Knight. Stefan now only bottoms for Audrey or for video shoots. An accomplished brat (when called to be) but really more of a butterfly-chaser, years of subbing have also turned Stefan into one of the most no-nonsense disciplinarians on the scene. He enjoys spanking men and women, giving the latter gentlemanly care with his vicious "paddle palm" and the former truly earth-shattering bottom blisterings when called upon to do so. He also switches his Mama Ma’am, as he thoroughly enjoys giving her the spankings she sometimes craves. Stefan has an "everybody in" approach to life and to people, and firmly believes that people are at their best when they're happy, allowed to be themselves, and encouraged (at times with a sound spanking) to thrive.

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