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Sai Jaiden Lillith

I am a non-binary (male embodied) Escort, ProDom/me, Educator, Pornstar, Shibari artist, Musician and sex-positive advocate / activist living a life in exploration of sexual and social freedom, art, philosophy, BDSM, energy and eroticism. I have dedicated myself wholly to these concepts, and have spent years professionally transforming My kinky, erotic dreams into realities - at establishments, through extensive touring interstate, running events, parties and workshops. Exploring the magic of eroticism, connection and sex is a passionate vocation for me, and one to which I am deeply committed.

Connection in all its forms is what we crave as humans. Connecting through our erotic energies and exploring flesh, hearts and minds is a beautiful, essential part of our existence. We are unique in our desires, whether it's for a gentle touch and whispered words, fucking the night away in wild abandon, or exploring the myriad delicious possibilities of BDSM and kink.

The common thread is that we all need a safe and consensual space to really be free to explore joyfully and uninhibited.

I delight in exploring the possibilities inherent in the full spectrum of sensation and conscious power exchanges. Amongst other things I have a deep passion for Shibari (Japanese Rope Bondage): there is so much that can be said and done with rope, from a soft whisper to a binding that takes your breath away.

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