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Richard Mclean

I knew from a young age I was into spanking. It'd still show up in cartoons even in the early 2000s and I'd watch with great interest! I discovered internet porn as a teenager and spanking porn soon after. I've known what I'm about for a while.

I joined fetlife just before turning 19, and went to my first kink club, Townhouse Wirral, in November 2016. My life has only gotten better since then.

As you can gather, I've been on the scene for a few years. I thought I was purely submissive at first, but when the opportunity presented itself for me to spank a lovely lady's bottom, I quickly discovered that giving could be just as fun as getting! In its own distinct way of course.

I got into filming in 2020. I had been lacking in spanking due to the UK's lockdown and a friend put out an ad for filming in the summer when restrictions eased up, which I messaged her about. It was through that opportunity that I got in touch with Pandora Blake, whose work I've been a fan of ever since I was a teenager. When they messaged a few months later with an opportunity to film for DreamsOfSpanking.com I fan-boyed so hard! Genuinely star struck!

I hope you all enjoy my cheeky face and naughty bottom x.

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