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Pandora Blake
London, UK

Hello! I'm Pandora / Blake, and I'm very excited to share my dreams with you.

I've always been kinky, and my fascination with spanking goes back to when I was five or six. During my teens I experimented with giving and receiving spankings, and since then I've enjoyed spanking, BDSM and consensual dominance and submission in all my serious relationships - a couple of which (with Thomas Cameron and D) are documented on this website.

I'm a queer polyamorous switch, and spanking is still my biggest turn-on. I'm gender non-binary and prefer they/them pronouns, but I'm also comfortable playing female and male roles on camera. My friends call me Blake, but I still answer to Pandora.

I'm currently in a nesting relationship with Felix, who you won't see in front of the camera, but occasionally helps out behind it. We have a delightful switch dom/sub relationship that flows both ways, incorporating impact play, bondage, erotic hypnosis, roleplay, rough sex, chastity, breath play, anal play, service and control. I also love exploring power exchange, corporal punishment and sadomasochism with other partners.

I came to spanking performance through nude modelling as a student, and made my first spanking film in 2006. Almost immediately, I started writing and producing my own scenes and saving them up for my own website "one day". I launched Dreams of Spanking in 2011, and 11 years later I'm still updating the site, and getting excited by planning new spanking films.

Creativity and kink have always been linked for me. I love acting, performing, dressing up and creating beautiful things; and it's a real treat to be able to combine that with my erotic interests. Creating the films, photogalleries and audio stories on this website (as well as building the website itself) has brought together many of my interests and passions.

Dreams of Spanking is my own personal dream in more than one way: it not only represents my deepest, darkest spanking fantasies and kinky relationships as honestly as I can, but it has also allowed me to engage with the political side of porn. As a producer my ethics are based on a performer-centric ethos, good working conditions on set, transparency, and fair pay. It's also really important to me to showcase a diverse range of gorgeous performers with different genders, sexualities and bodies on this site, and to devise scenes based on what the stars really want to do. My intention with this site is to show that spanking porn can be hard, edgy and satisfying while promoting feminist values, labour rights, and enthusiastic consent.

Elsewhere, I write a blog about kink, porn and politics, crowdfund my political activism via Patreon, and tweet as @PandoraBlake (NSFW) and @mxpanblake (SFW). You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram.

I offer personal spanking services as a professional disciplinarian in London. If you'd like to go over my knee or bend over for an expertly administered, devastatingly accurate caning, email me and let me know the sort of scenario you're interested in, and we'll take it from there.

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