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South Dakota, USA

I am a spanko. This has been an assured part of my identity since I was six. I firmly believe that we do not choose this fetish, it chooses us. Spanking was a constant, often embarrassing obsession of mine until I discovered the Internet. The Internet allowed me to see that there were others like me who wanted the same things that I did.

The friends I have now are the friends who know the real me, which feels great. I've gotten to meet extraordinary people and have enormously rewarding relationships with them because I finally garnered the confidence to be who I really am.

I'm an intellectual Dom with sadistic leanings. I love the power of the pen and the switch. I'm also asexual, an INTJ, a computer nerd, a Marvel geek, a film enthusiast, a pacifist, and a lover of perpetual improvement. Most relevant, however, is that I'm a spanko. You could probably also call me a sandwich-o.

My career, inasmuch as it is, is due to an accidental bump-in with Pandora Blake while we were both wandering a hotel's halls one morning at the TASSP 2012 party. I've never been happier to be elected for a task after 4 hours of sleep with only ten minutes notice. That my induction was with both Pandora Blake and Amelia Jane Rutherford was certainly a very tantalizing icing on a supremely satisfying cake.

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