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south-east Essex

Born in Edinburgh.

At a private primary school, "got the belt" 3 times in the early-to-mid 60s. Kept it to myself that I found it exciting to watch it happen to others. Boys only. Unfortunately.

My parents moved to England. State school caning was not a public spectacle; it never happened to me.

University in the East Midlands. Bought a few spanking magazines.

On holiday in Edinburgh in the mid 80s, discovered a massage parlour which offered spanking services.

In the mid 90s had a few nice spanking experiences with visiting escorts. Started to buy VHS spanko porn; decent stuff was £50 a tape in those days.

Discovered Lupus early in the new millennium, first on VHS, then DVD. Bought Niki Flynn's first video before I'd heard of her. "Dances with Werewolves" introduced me to internet spanko porn. Got a home computer and set about acquiring the Lupus back catalogue as downloads and visited many other sites Niki mentioned.

Started reading the blogs of many of the major UK-based performers. First took the 1-2-1 plunge in autumn 2011 and, although my favourite has now retired, it was because of her that I met Pandora.

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