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Cherry Mistress
Syracuse, NY

I simply love spankings, being a spanko since the age of 14. I am now 31 and work in the medical field, and to friends and family, I live a pretty vanilla life. To close friends, I am a Switch/Mistress. I am bisexual, really having a love for woman more than men, but as stated, I love both. I have an addiction to bottoms. Nice round thick backsides that need a good, and hard spanking. Course all backsides to me are beautiful. Like people, I love them in all shapes and sizes, and when a spanking is warranted, its warranted.

My main spanking theme is role play and age play. I love to pretend to be a naughty little girl, mainly the school girl look, because well...its so delightful and delicious. With the role play too, I use it to my advantage of playing with medical role play, being a doctor, punishing her patients. In age play, I am both a little girl, and a stern mummy.

I am also a noted nerd/geek. I enjoy Anime, comics, video games, cooking, and traveling. I also have a bad habit of shopping.

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