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Alana Belle

I am Alana Belle and I have been part of the kink world in varying capacities for the last 8 years. I am a playful and sensual switch and have enjoyed exploring varying fetishes ranging from sissification and pet play to heavy impact play and electrics! I am always keen to try new things and provide professional, in-person BDSM and fetish sessions.

Driven by reactions, my sadistic side adores eliciting soft moans, yelps and screams and I relish every flinch and gasp. As a bottom I have discovered a love for thuddy toys such as floggers and paddles although nothing beats, pun intended, a barehanded spanking and the connection that comes with it.

Although fairly new to filming, I am keen to allow my exhibitionist side out to play and am looking forward to getting in front of the camera and being part of something very special

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