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Mrs Smith's Method (shop item)

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The Victorian Brothel - the film (shop item)

The Victorian Brothel (shop item)

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The Evacuees (part 2) (shop item)

The Evacuees (shop item)

David's strict governess takes him over the knee... (blog post)

David's Strict Governess (shop item)

Vintage 1950s spanking with Maddy Marks and Christy Cutie (blog post)

Her Married Sister (shop item)

Belted while stepmother looks on (blog post)

Chastised by her strict husband (blog post)

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Victorian spanking for Alexander (blog post)

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French Tart (shop item)

The Magician's Apprentice (part 1) (shop item)

Big Location Shoot 2013 - Andrew Shada (blog post)

Jenny Wren (shop item)

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Invitations (shop item)

The Tailor's Apprentice (part 2) (shop item)

A Beltane birching (blog post)

The Rites of Spring (shop item)

Strap-ons, birching, and spanking games (blog post)

The Undergardener's Birching (shop item)

Beauties in bloomers (blog post)

The Edwardian Governess (shop item)

The Tailor's Apprentice (part 1) (shop item)

Snatch (blog post)

The Captain and the Tavern Wench (blog post)

The Captain and the Tavern Wench (shop item)

Behind the scenes of A Ghost Story (blog post)

A Ghost Story (shop item)

Historical punishments (blog post)

My Lady's Pleasure (shop item)

The Pirates of the Jolly Kraken (shop item)

The Whipping Boy (blog post)

The Whipping Boy (shop item)

Victorian spanking (blog post)

Smugglers! (blog post)

The Smugglers of the Running Fox (shop item)

Flappers, belt whippings, and all that jazz (blog post)

Liberated Ladies of the Jazz Age (shop item)

Ladies of the jazz age (blog post)

The mistress, the maid and the wardrobe (blog post)

The Secret in the Wardrobe (shop item)

Romantic historical F/M (blog post)

Auntie Gillian's Hairbrush (shop item)

In the Old Mill (shop item)

The play's the thing (blog post)

The Rehearsal (shop item)

Spanking audio: 'The Royal Wedding' (blog post)

The Royal Wedding (shop item)

Caned in Jodhpurs (shop item)

Her Ladyship's Breakfast (shop item)

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