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The Gift (shop item)

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Late Home (shop item)

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Bound, Beaten and Buzzed to Completion (shop item)

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I Want Bruises (shop item)

Happy New Year (blog post)

Caned At Midnight (shop item)

How It All Began (shop item)

Remember to like and subscribe! (blog post)

Youtube Spanking (shop item)

For his own good (blog post)

I'm Sorry We Let It Get To This (shop item)

Mooning Around (shop item)

Wait For Me (blog post)

Eryn Dreams of Spanking (shop item)

An imbalance of power (blog post)

Beating The Competition (shop item)

Frigging in the rigging (blog post)

Captured Pirate Queen (shop item)

Power and Consent (blog post)

A God-Fearing Christian Girl (shop item)

A much-needed punishment (blog post)

Yielding to Her Dominance (shop item)

Plus ça change... (blog post)

Finishing School: Caned Soles, Caned Bottom (shop item)

There is no 'e' in 'spanking' (blog post)

A month of Sundays (blog post)

Landlady's Reparation (shop item)

Between Bottom and Brat (blog post)

Defying Her Dominance (shop item)

A Manner Unbecoming (blog post)

Finishing School: Hand or Thighs? (shop item)

A Veritable Arsenal of Implements (blog post)

Soft Whimpers (blog post)

Bring Her To Book (shop item)

Mutually Beneficial Arrangement (blog post)

Benefit In Kind (shop item)

Performers Dreams and Desires (blog post)

Kept Pink (shop item)

Consent Is Sexy (blog post)

Waiting at Home with the Belt (shop item)

Power Trip (blog post)

Hitting the Sales Targets (shop item)

Playing a Character (blog post)

Saddle Sauce (shop item)

The Second Time In One Day (blog post)

A Spanking at School Means a Spanking at Home - part 2 (shop item)

Calm. quiet sadism (blog post)

Mater Familias (shop item)


God Bless the NOS (shop item)

Curvaceous, stern, scolding and sadistic (blog post)

Paddled and Humiliated (shop item)

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A Very Sorry Young Lady (shop item)

The Further Adventures of Molly Brown (blog post)

The Wrong Room (shop item)

Long story short... I broke the panty rule (blog post)

Domestic Discipline: Meet Pharaoh and Sha (shop item)

Pre-shoot nerves (blog post)

Shooting porn as a parent (blog post)

Introducing Lana Moon (shop item)

Caught Camming: Behind The Scenes (blog post)

Performer-Produced Content (blog post)

Caught Camming (shop item)

Time to go back to school (blog post)

Pandora's secret superpower (blog post)

Paternity Paddling for Pregnant Brat (shop item)

A Spot of Bother (shop item)

Summer site improvements (blog post)

Not In My Joint (shop item)

Changes (blog post)

Carpe Posterium (shop item)

Members file error (blog post)

How to make a severe Victorian birching film (blog post)

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Mrs Smith's Method - Behind the Scenes (shop item)

Dear Dreams of Spanking (blog post)

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Accessibility and audio descriptions at the London Porn Film Festival (blog post)

The Abusive Therapist (shop item)

Queer as in Fuck You (shop item)

How severe is too severe? (blog post)

Caned at Home (shop item)

Origins of a Pervert (blog post)

Bullied at Home (shop item)

We're going back to Berlin - Dreams of Spanking at Porn Film Festival Berlin 2016 (blog post)

Please, Mistress - Berlin edition (shop item)

This is not the porn you're looking for (blog post)

Uncertainty (blog post)

School girl Tai Crimson is ready to give you an education (blog post)

Reintroducing Tai Crimson (shop item)

Orgasm control and what feels natural (blog post)

Please May I Come, Mistress (shop item)

Spanked and Teased (shop item)

We've come a long way, baby... (blog post)

Why don't I move the site overseas? (blog post)

When the axe falls (blog post)

Dear ATVOD (blog post)

Tai Crimson and Eliza Grey - amazing ambassadors for kinky sexuality (blog post)

Shooting in a cinematic style - the story behind our new film 'Houseboy' (blog post)

Nude in Bondage (shop item)

5 reasons to get caned on camera -€“ and they're probably not what you think (blog post)

Michelle's Sponsored Caning (shop item)

Maintaining Discipline - part 2 (shop item)

A corporal punishment film with a seriously sexy twist (blog post)

Maintaining Discipline (shop item)

The ultimate school bully fantasy (blog post)

Schoolgirl Takedown (shop item)

The British Fetish Film Festival (blog post)

Bare bottom spanking with a real life couple (blog post)

Bubble Butts (shop item)

Ban This Sick Filth (blog post)

Mike's Secret (shop item)

The Cane in the Cupboard (shop item)

What changed in 2014? (blog post)

An edgy fantasy made flesh (blog post)

Playing Truant (shop item)

A present that both people can enjoy (blog post)

New update: The Surprise Present behind the scenes (blog post)

New update: Provocative Housework behind the scenes (blog post)

The Surprise Present (shop item)

Behind the Bike Sheds (shop item)

Censored in the UK (blog post)

Curious Pleasures (shop item)

New update: Teaching Experience behind the scenes (blog post)

New update: The Other School behind the scenes (blog post)

Letting go - a spanking for pleasure (blog post)

New performers for November 2014 (blog post)

Provocative Housework (shop item)

Spanking for Pleasure (shop item)

New behind the scenes photos (blog post)

The Other School (shop item)

Teaching Experience (shop item)

New update: David's Strict Governess behind the scenes (blog post)

Potions (shop item)

The Workaholic - Erica Scott behind the scenes (blog post)

New update: The Seating Plan behind the scenes (blog post)

The Workaholic (shop item)

New update: Donna Draper's Secretary behind the scenes (blog post)

Donna Draper's Secretary (shop item)

Sharing the love (blog post)

The Clone's Training (shop item)

New behind the scenes and performer interview! (blog post)

Dreams of Spanking goes to Berlin! (blog post)

Naughty Niece Christy (shop item)

Sent to the Headmistress (shop item)

"Always Measure The Van" (blog post)

While the director's away... (blog post)

The curious incident of the server downtime (blog post)

Behind the scenes on a feminist porn set (blog post)

The Seating Plan (shop item)

Instructed (shop item)

David's Strict Governess (shop item)

Unearned Punishment (shop item)

Mastercard (blog post)

Intervention (shop item)

Bathtime (shop item)

What was I thinking? (blog post)

The Schoolgirl's Revenge (shop item)

Honey trap beating for James Darling (blog post)

Male spankee shoot in Bristol (blog post)

Shooting in LA: Christy and Maddy (blog post)

The Honey Trap (shop item)

Dreams of Spanking fan art (blog post)

A United Front (shop item)

Spanked by Stepmother (shop item)

Spanking in Los Angeles (blog post)

Bitch (shop item)

Feminist porn: ideas and challenges (blog post)

Sleepyhead (shop item)

Dreams of Spanking is going to the feminist porn awards! (blog post)

Ms Vixxxen's first ever spanking video (blog post)

Meet Ms Vixxxen (shop item)

Exciting news: photo-editing and copywriting (blog post)

Slight Damage to the Rear End (shop item)

Spanking strippergram (blog post)

Corporal Punishment (shop item)

Colouring (shop item)

Boarding School Birching (shop item)

The Scholarship Girl (shop item)

Havelock's Wench (shop item)

Spanked by two strict nurses (blog post)

The good news, and the good news (blog post)

Nursing a Grudge (shop item)

The Whipped Maid (shop item)

Military Discipline (shop item)

An officer and a gentleman (blog post)

The New Lieutenant (shop item)

The Galleristas (shop item)

Striking sparks (blog post)

Introducing AJ Levi (blog post)

Belted in leathers (blog post)

Biker Girl (shop item)

Drunk and Disorderly (shop item)

A stupid mistake (blog post)

Big Location Shoot 2013 - Andrew Shada (blog post)

Tammy's Shame (shop item)

The Water Fight (shop item)

A schoolgirl crush (blog post)

Whipped to tears (blog post)

Teacher's Pest (shop item)

Charley Says (shop item)

The Spanked Houseboy (shop item)

Pandora's Belt Whipping Fantasy (shop item)

Lady Godiva (shop item)

Big Location Shoot 2013 - memories (blog post)

Winner spanks loser (blog post)

Nude, sensual and giggly (blog post)

Auditioning the help (blog post)

Male Spankee Wrestle-Off (shop item)

Top 10 Things I’ve Learned Since Starting a Spanking Site (blog post)

Caning Makes Me Giggle (shop item)

Episodes from real life (blog post)

Puppy Play (shop item)

Caned to tears (blog post)

Landlady (shop item)

Caned Before Dinner (shop item)

Fake it 'til you make it (blog post)

Kinky (shop item)

Domestic goddesses (blog post)

Cupcakes (shop item)

Alex's shoot report (blog post)

On writing update schedules (blog post)

Strap-ons, birching, and spanking games (blog post)

Ring of Fire (shop item)

The Undergardener's Birching (shop item)

Dreams of Spankingland (blog post)

Looking forward (blog post)

The Final Test (blog post)

The Final Test (shop item)

Behind the scenes of A Ghost Story (blog post)

A Ghost Story (shop item)

Prints and things (blog post)

Plagiarism (shop item)

New behind the scenes videos (blog post)

Marital Discipline (shop item)

A Taste of Her Belt (shop item)

Flappers, belt whippings, and all that jazz (blog post)

Liberated Ladies of the Jazz Age (shop item)

The Avenger's Return (shop item)

29 paddle swats to save the planet (blog post)

Eco-Spanking (shop item)

The mistress, the maid and the wardrobe (blog post)

The Prefect's Revenge (shop item)

The Secret in the Wardrobe (shop item)

Crying while topping (blog post)

Punishment by Proxy (shop item)

Video diary with Zoe Montana (shop item)

Interview with Thomas Cameron (blog post)

Psychic Weapon 'C' (blog post)

Psychic Weapon 'C' (shop item)

F/M films: a new approach (blog post)

Non-violent Resistance (shop item)

After the Punishment (shop item)

One month in (blog post)

How to Make Housework More Interesting (shop item)

Behind the scenes (blog post)

The Prefect and the Fag (shop item)

Caned in Jodhpurs (shop item)

The Secret to Success (shop item)

A Taste of their Own Medicine (shop item)

Her Ladyship's Breakfast (shop item)

A Bet's a Bet (shop item)

Taking the Blame (shop item)

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