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Queueing for the Cane (shop item)

Wonder Woman and Scarlot Fever (shop item)

Five-Bar Gate (shop item)

Tennis Tantrum (shop item)

First Contact (shop item)

Schoolgirl Bondage Domination (shop item)

A very thorough hazing (blog post)

Sorority Alumna Paddling (shop item)

If only all lessons were this much fun! (blog post)

Hand Spanking Demo (shop item)

When fantasy becomes reality (blog post)

What Did Your Last Slave Die of? (shop item)

Lady's Companion (shop item)

One from the vaults (blog post)

Ms Howard's Little Girl (shop item)

Filled up tight (blog post)

Fuck My Hole (shop item)

Socially distanced, emotionally close... (blog post)

My Lesbian Goth Girlfriend (shop item)

Shot through the heart (blog post)

Venus Chastising Cupid (shop item)

A very public punishment (blog post)

The Cross-Country Run (shop item)

A scene straight from our bedrooms (blog post)

Bound, Beaten and Buzzed to Completion (shop item)

Happy New Year (blog post)

Caned At Midnight (shop item)

How It All Began (shop item)

Remember to like and subscribe! (blog post)

Wait For Me (blog post)

An imbalance of power (blog post)

Beating The Competition (shop item)

Frigging in the rigging (blog post)

Captured Pirate Queen (shop item)

Power and Consent (blog post)

A God-Fearing Christian Girl (shop item)

Razor Strop Snap (shop item)

Plus ça change... (blog post)

Finishing School: Caned Soles, Caned Bottom (shop item)

A month of Sundays (blog post)

Landlady's Reparation (shop item)

A Manner Unbecoming (blog post)

Finishing School: Hand or Thighs? (shop item)

A Veritable Arsenal of Implements (blog post)

Tenant's Payment (shop item)

Soft Whimpers (blog post)

Bring Her To Book (shop item)

Mutually Beneficial Arrangement (blog post)

Benefit In Kind (shop item)

The Cane and the Curious (shop item)

Power Trip (blog post)

Hitting the Sales Targets (shop item)

Calm. quiet sadism (blog post)

Mater Familias (shop item)


God Bless the NOS (shop item)

Bath Brush for JayBird (shop item)

Curvaceous, stern, scolding and sadistic (blog post)

Paddled and Humiliated (shop item)

A Great British Tradition (blog post)

The Party Whip (shop item)

Momma Sha Spanking (shop item)

Subversive Spanking Porn (shop item)

Custom-made Fantasy (blog post)

Introducing Lana Moon (shop item)

The Luxury of Obedience, the Strength of Pain (blog post)

The Keys to the Kingdom part 2 (shop item)

Pandora's secret superpower (blog post)

Paternity Paddling for Pregnant Brat (shop item)

Once Upon a Time (blog post)

The Keys to the Kingdom (shop item)

On the wonders of aural sex (blog post)

Snake Eyes (shop item)

Subverting the expected tropes (blog post)

Not In My Joint (shop item)

Pardon me, but my straight privilege is showing (blog post)

Fetish Fvckdolls 2 (shop item)

When nanny didn't know best (blog post)

The Naughty Nanny (shop item)

Fun, friendship and candid spankings (blog post)

Pandora's Birthday Caning (shop item)

How to make a severe Victorian birching film (blog post)

Mrs Smith's Method - Behind the Scenes (shop item)

It's coming... (blog post)

Velvet Touch (shop item)

Mrs Smith's Method (shop item)

Humiliation play on the edge of my comfort zone (blog post)

Introducing Mrs Smith (shop item)

A sexy selection of spanking implements (blog post)

The Abusive Therapist (shop item)

Queer as in Fuck You (shop item)

The hotness and humiliation of being punished by the Head Girl (blog post)

The Spanking Rep (shop item)

Molly Malone and Nimue Allen relive their school days (blog post)

The anticipation before the drop (blog post)

Hot Wax (shop item)

Stacey's Caning (shop item)

Back to School - part 2 (shop item)

How severe is too severe? (blog post)

Back to School (shop item)

Caned at Home (shop item)

Head Girl (shop item)

Origins of a Pervert (blog post)

Bullied at Home (shop item)

Glitter Spanking - part 2 (shop item)

Spanking Adele Haze - with glitter! (blog post)

Glitter Spanking (shop item)

The dark fantasies of Tai Crimson (blog post)

Just what the erotic masseuse ordered (blog post)

Spanking Massage Parlour - part 2 (shop item)

Houseboy - Extended Edition (shop item)

Spanking Massage Parlour - part 1 (shop item)

Shooting in a cinematic style - the story behind our new film 'Houseboy' (blog post)

Spanking Eliza Grey (shop item)

Houseboy - the Film (shop item)

This blogpost contains 383 cane strokes (blog post)

Adele's Sponsored Caning (shop item)

Sarah's Backlash Caning (shop item)

5 reasons to get caned on camera -€“ and they're probably not what you think (blog post)

Rosie bends over to protest porn censorship (blog post)

Michelle's Sponsored Caning (shop item)

A whistlestop tour of some favourite corporal punishment implements (blog post)

Rosie's Backlash Caning (shop item)

Ariel's Sponsored Caning (shop item)

The ultimate school bully fantasy (blog post)

Schoolgirl Takedown (shop item)

Punishment caning in the 1980s (blog post)

The Cane in the Cupboard (shop item)

Calligraphy and caning (blog post)

Sing, Muse (shop item)

A present that both people can enjoy (blog post)

New update: The Surprise Present behind the scenes (blog post)

New update: Provocative Housework behind the scenes (blog post)

The Surprise Present (shop item)

Behind the Bike Sheds (shop item)

Housework is more fun in your underwear (blog post)

New update: Teaching Experience behind the scenes (blog post)

Provocative Housework (shop item)

"Can you show me how hard you do it?" (blog post)

Teaching Experience (shop item)

Lacy knickers and vintage lingerie - what makes you feel sexy? (blog post)

New update: The Seating Plan behind the scenes (blog post)

New update: Donna Draper's Secretary behind the scenes (blog post)

Companions - II (shop item)

Secretarial caning - with a hot queer twist (blog post)

Donna Draper's Secretary (shop item)

Companions - I (shop item)

Real discipline - catharsis and forgiveness (blog post)

Late for a Date (shop item)

I now have a huge crush on Zahra Stardust (blog post)

Spanking Zahra Stardust (shop item)

Sex blogger spanking month, and other links around the web (blog post)

Why I love historical spanking scenes (blog post)

Ten Amorette shows Pandora what a big sister can do (blog post)

The Seating Plan (shop item)

A well-deserved hairbrush spanking (blog post)

Alex and Pandora take a very wet bath (blog post)

Shooting in LA: Ten, Alex and Paul (blog post)

Intervention (shop item)

My top five scenes from the Dreams of Spanking archive (blog post)

Bathtime (shop item)

Vintage 1950s spanking with Maddy Marks and Christy Cutie (blog post)

Her Married Sister (shop item)

What's the best spanking material? (blog post)

Sadistic scientist spanked (blog post)

The Lab Rat's Revenge (shop item)

Power struggles, cat fights and filthy talk (blog post)

Bitch (shop item)

Explicit queer spanking with Zahra Stardust (blog post)

Ms Vixxxen's first ever spanking video (blog post)

Meet Ms Vixxxen (shop item)

Shoot with Ms Vixxxen (blog post)

Doctor of Pain (shop item)

Playtime! (blog post)

Colouring (shop item)

Lola tawsed in bloomers (blog post)

The Scholarship Girl (shop item)

A Victorian cold caning (blog post)

The Whipped Maid (shop item)

Caned on the last day of school (blog post)

Solstice spankings (blog post)

Leaving Day (shop item)

Tawsed on the hands (blog post)

Dirty Hands (shop item)

Spanking and orgasms (blog post)

A stupid mistake (blog post)

My Inner Little Girl (shop item)

Tammy's Shame (shop item)

Equestrian punishments (blog post)

The Fix (shop item)

Rave resistance (blog post)

Big Location Shoot 2013 - Leia-Ann Woods (blog post)

Charley Says (shop item)

Riding crop whippings at the Pony Club (blog post)

Monday morning recommendations (blog post)

Corporate Intimidation and The Loose Hem (blog post)

Lady Godiva (shop item)

Big Location Shoot 2013 - Michael Darling (blog post)

Nude, sensual and giggly (blog post)

Corporate Intimidation (shop item)

Auditioning the help (blog post)

Spanking Sensuality (shop item)

The Baroness' New Housegirls (shop item)

Episodes from real life (blog post)

Steamier spankings (blog post)

Landlady (shop item)

Caned by the governess (blog post)

Invitations (shop item)

"Please don't, Miss!" (blog post)

Negotiation (shop item)

Sun and spankings (blog post)

Brides, bubbles and wooden brushes (blog post)

Sofa Fort (shop item)

Bridezilla (shop item)

Free-range porn (blog post)

Exploring Nimue's World (blog post)

Saturday spanking variety (blog post)

Domestic goddesses (blog post)

Clothed female, nude female (blog post)

Cupcakes (shop item)

Lady in Waiting (shop item)

Shoot previews - Mila Kohl (blog post)

Stablegirls and captured spies (blog post)

The Spy (shop item)

Coming up next (blog post)

On writing update schedules (blog post)

Essay Help (shop item)

Dana Kane Spanks (blog post)

Short Shorts (shop item)

Strap-ons, birching, and spanking games (blog post)

Ring of Fire (shop item)

On Your Knees (shop item)

Beauties in bloomers (blog post)

The Edwardian Governess (shop item)

Shoot previews - Alex Reynolds (blog post)

Tuesday spanking variety (blog post)

New Browse by Image page (blog post)

Little Ten (shop item)

Friday Night Strapping and other spanking updates (blog post)

Monday spanking news (blog post)

Consensual domestic strapping (blog post)

Roll of Shame (shop item)

Spanking variety: Nurse Amelia and more (blog post)

British spanking updates (blog post)

Spanking therapy and a messy kitchen (blog post)

Spanking Therapy (shop item)

Contest of Arms (blog post)

Contest of Arms (shop item)

Abduction, wrestling and wicked stepmothers (blog post)

Ten's wet strapping (blog post)

Filthy Girl (shop item)

Asking for a spanking (blog post)

Asking For It (shop item)

Shoot previews - Ten Amorette (blog post)

Our Au Pair (shop item)

Alex in pyjamas (blog post)

The Pirates of the Jolly Kraken (shop item)

Positive spanking, self-determined submission (blog post)

Double Caning (shop item)

Missed Alarm (shop item)

They dress you up, they dress you down (blog post)

After the Play Party (shop item)

The New Governess (shop item)

Instructional videos (blog post)

Introducing: the Cane (shop item)

An uncommon detention (blog post)

The New Head Girl (shop item)

F/F previews: Molly and Nimue (blog post)

Lovers with stories (blog post)

Introducing Molly Malone (shop item)

Bike smut (blog post)

Saddle Sore (shop item)

Adorned (blog post)

Adornment (shop item)

Over Adele's knee (blog post)

The Morpheus Club: Adele and Jimmy (shop item)

Writing Letters (shop item)

Removing her belt (blog post)

A Taste of Her Belt (shop item)

A well-run campaign (blog post)

Dana for Senator (shop item)

Caroline's Revenge (blog post)

The Prefect's Revenge - part 2 (shop item)

29 paddle swats to save the planet (blog post)

Eco-Spanking (shop item)

The mistress, the maid and the wardrobe (blog post)

The Prefect's Revenge (shop item)

The Secret in the Wardrobe (shop item)

Crying while topping (blog post)

Punishment by Proxy (shop item)

Video diary with Zoe Montana (shop item)

F/F shoot with Zoe Montana (blog post)

Psychic Weapon 'C' (blog post)

Psychic Weapon 'C' (shop item)

Auntie Gillian's Hairbrush (shop item)

Amelia in the Bedroom (shop item)

Little girls, big spankings (blog post)

Ms Howard's Little Girl (shop item)

The play's the thing (blog post)

The Rehearsal (shop item)

A Taste of their Own Medicine (shop item)

The Taxman Cometh (shop item)

Taking the Blame (shop item)

The Prefect's Revenge - part 1 (shop item)

Need to Know (shop item)

The Prefect's Revenge (blog post)

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