The Panty Boy Next Door

Film (20:37 mins) with 96 screengrabs
Richard lays across Pandora's lap with his knickers and suspenders on display

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“Relax”, Pandora tells Richard as he stands before her clad in panties, stockings and a tight pencil skirt, “I’m not going to hurt you” – but that’s not quite true, is it now?

Richard knows what naughty girls get, and he knows his provocative behaviour has earned him the spanking he craves. In fact, he’s made sure of it: the clothes he’s dressed up in were stolen straight from Pandora’s own washing line while she was out at work.

Pandora is every inch the disciplinarian as she asks her new panty boy what his alter ego’s name is and orders Rebecca to bend over her lap. Rebecca really is a naughty girl, after all, and definitely deserves this firm bare-bottom hand spanking!

Before long, they’ve planned regular sissy spanking sessions together – and given how hard her cock is, there’s no sign that Rebecca will start behaving like a good girl any time soon.

Pandora Blake plays Richard McLean’s naughtiest neighbour in this stocking-clad, cross-dressing sissy spanking seduction.

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The Panty Boy Next Door - Behind the Scenes

Join Richard and Pandora on the spanking sofa as they discuss how Richard feels about himself in lingerie (to quote Eddie Izzard – “they’re not women’s clothes, they’re mine!”), establish the real MVPs of the film – Richard’s panties and Pandora’s face, obvs – and share a warm aftercare cuddle.

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9 responses

  1. Something very similar happened to me, when I was mid-teens. A neighbour cornered me dressed as a girl: suspender-belt, panties, bra stuffed with nylons. She put me over her knee and spanked my bottom with a hairbrush. Legally, it was abuse ( I was 15). I got such good orgasms out of it for years after. But for her, I might have self-identified as gay.
    She had a very tall husband, so it was a Jack-and-the-Beanstalk situation. I believe now that she was in fact a lesbian, and had only married him because he was a man difficult to say no to. Me with my pretty curls thrilled her with my androgeny.

  2. It’s interesting, sometimes I’ve worn skirts or knickers and have “felt like a woman” even though as a man it’s hard to know how women really feel. I would certainly like to be able to look like a woman from the rear, dressed in skirts, knickers, stockings etc. Or knickers down around the thighs!

    There’s a nice shot of Richard putting his bare bottom out there! A plump and pear shaped bum.

  3. A very erotic film Pandora throughout which you genuinely seemed to be enjoying yourself. Probably made even more special by the fact that only you know why this movie would be so enticing.

    The cane next time for Rebecca i think with you stripped to your underwear as well – or maybe just down to your slip! 😉

  4. I really enjoyed filming this scene so I’m glad that’s translated onto the screen!

    I think the cane sounds like an excellent next step, I’ll pack my favourite slip 😉

  5. The view from the back you’ve described in a skirt and stockings is very erotic. Knickers around the ankles is a personal favourite!

    A plump bum is the perfect spanking canvas, Richard was a treat to spank 🙂

  6. Thanks so much! I really enjoyed filming it, I hope we’ll see more of the naughty neighbour x

  7. These non-consensual encounters can have a real impact on us, can’t they, and it’s all the more complicated when an abusive experience overlaps with our unmet needs. The same experience can have both negative and positive effects on us – it’s possible to simultaneously be harmed by an experience, and also at another level gain some benefit or healing from it. I think a lot of people have that experience, of something being harmful, but then later reclaiming the traumatic memory via erotic fantasy – which can be a potent forum to process difficult emotions. Personally, I’ve also had it happen the other way around with encounters with intimate partners where my consent was compromised – finding it super horny at the time, and enjoyable because it spoke to some part of me that desperately wanted to be seen, and only later coming to terms with the extent of the violation and the subtle harms I experienced as a result.
    Although this video is purely consensual and erotic – both Richard and his character Rebecca were enthusiastically into it! – it seems it’s stimulated some reflection from you on your own experiences and your gender and sexuality journey. Thank you for sharing

  8. Yes I think all three of us have been blessed with plump bums which invite spankings(I hope!)

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