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Sorority Alumna Paddling

Film (running time 16:45) with gallery of 42 photographs.
Created 2 Sep 2022, last updated 14 Sep 2022



Sorority dropout Mistress Lorraine has a wooden paddle and score to settle. When her old president Pandora Blake comes knocking, she knows her time has come at last!

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Tags: college, embarrassment, F|F, F|X, Mistress Lorraine, paddle, Pandora Blake, revenge

Pandora Blake is a former sorority president on a mission: her alma mater needs a new roof, and she’s visiting fellow alumni to raise money to fix it. She doesn’t remember pledge Lorraine specifically, but she’s sure she’ll be greeted warmly all the same. After all, she was the President!

Little does she know, Lorraine has been harbouring quite a grudge. It turns out that back in the day Pandora singled her out as a good target for a paddling - an embarrassment inflicted on all pledges to their house, but Lorraine rather more than most. In the end she dropped out of the sorority altogether, with a sore bum and a dream of revenge. So here, surely, is her chance...

It’s not long before tight-laced Pandora, with her prim blouse and her blushing cheeks, finds herself bent over with her bare bottom exposed for twenty hard, humiliating strokes of her own medicine with the heavy wooden sorority paddle.

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Sorority Alumna Paddling

Counting strokes across takes proves tricky for Blake this week, and they have to check in a few times to make sure their twenty strokes are all in order! Lorraine keeps an eye on their comfort level throughout - and the resulting sore, red paddle-mark is truly worth peeking at a second time.

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