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Paddled Through Torn Tights

Film (running time 15:12) with gallery of 12 screengrabs
Created 14 Jul 2022, last updated 22 Jul 2022


Solo F Solo X

Pandora Blake is under instruction from a mysterious silent dom - who wants to see her spanked, exposed and desperate for release. But first, let’s ruin those sheer, clinging tights..

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Tags: erotic, lingerie, masturbation, paddle, Pandora Blake, POV, Solo F, Solo X, strict, striptease

Pandora’s heard a rumour: you’d like to see her round bottom spanked through sheer tights. At first she’s only too happy to oblige, giggling and teasing as she gradually exposes herself and smacks her own backside as you watch through the camera. Before long though her anonymous dom has her in a truly compromising position - has she bitten off more than she can take?

She’s left with her beautifully figure-hugging pantyhose completely ruined, red paddled backside on display. She’s breathless and beaten, and she’s done it entirely to herself - all at your command.

It’s almost too much for her: she’s desperate to cum. You’re not without sympathy - and you’d like to see that too, god knows - but if she’s to be allowed to climax for you as you watch, you’re going to make her work for it..


Lovely Tights

Such a lovely film, tights were my first fetish and those are really nice, I want to buy some. Revived some nice memories, I had a lovely 'Auntie' who used to catch me wearing tights, so put me over her knee, occasionally between bouts, i'd get to massage her lovely nylon clad feet and legs, and at the end for being a good boy, I got to show Auntie how much I'd enjoyed it.

Your experiences with 'Auntie' sounds really erotic, I can see why this film reminded you of them. I'm really glad you enjoyed the film as much as I (evidently) enjoyed making it :)

the short scenes I have seen are excellent

I will be subscribing some time today many thanks

Pandora enjening her self

what a turn enjoyed very minutexxxxxxx

Pandora in tights...

... that's IT !!!
Thank you. Give us more of this!!!

So glad you enjoyed. I would love to make more of this!

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