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Film (running time 5:15) with gallery of 48 screengrabs
Created 12 Mar 2015 , updated 12 Mar 2015


M/F Solo F

A study in the anticipation of knowing you're in for a hard spanking. Filmed with her real life partner Michael Stamp, this is strict mistress Zoe Page as you have never seen her before...

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Tags: domestic, domestic discipline, dominance|submission, fear, film, free video, high heels, Michael Stamp, M|F, paddle, solo-F, stockings, Zoe Page

This is Strict Mistress Zoe, better known as Officer Page at Bars and Stripes, as you have never seen her before.

Zoe and her real life partner Michael Stamp produced this short study in spanking anticipation to exhibit at the British Fetish Film Festival, and promised to release the film for free if a much needed fund raising campaign organised by Pandora Blake reached its target.

The fund raiser was in support of Backlash, a not-for-profit organisation fighting against the draconian anti-porn laws recently introduced in the UK

Be assured this organisation needs all the support we can possibly give them. If you value your right to produce or view fetish videos online, wherever you are from, please help them win back our fundamental right to freedoms of sexual expression by donating anything you can afford. We thank you in anticipation.

As Pandora’s campaign not only reached, but exceeded its target, as promised here is Strict Mistress Zoe in a role you are never likely to see again…


I think this is great high quality erotic pornography. I find the emphasis on sound really interesting: Zoe's plaintive whimpers; the constant clock ticking but with crescendos of intensity at intervals, and I love that magnified nylon rustle of Zoe's beautiful stockings. The paddle crack is a great intrusion right at the end that sharply releases the tension in the film and that bit of echo and effect right at the end is a nice touch too. Overall a very different sort of film in the genre.

Some gorgeous photos. Her face is lovely. Beautiful dress and underwear covering her plump buttocks.

I like miss zoe so much .I wish she would work more in your films !

I like miss zoe so much .I wish she would work more in your films !

I like miss zoe so much <3
i wish she would work more in your films with you , The Adorable Pandora

Zoe looks rather similar to Brooke Fraser a New Zealand pop musician who has had some overseas success.

Here she is:-


Ohhh, I only now recognize Zoe. She looks so different. The Zoe I know has such a mean streak, but it's hard to resist her beauty.

Zoe is a cute girl , best spanks , Tim x

I really like this one - brilliant concept, and gorgeous star of course :-) It was great to see it at the first British Fetish Film Festival, it definitely stood out.

network error

Tried about half dozen times to play vid get net work error each time. What?

Had no problems watching vid. Agree with D brilliant concept. No dialogue, Zoe did more with her face and body them a ream of dialogue. Pandora a few more if these on Dreams would up the artistic ante.


Hello, I'd love to see Zoe receive a masterful spanking hammering by all people, men and women she spanked mercilessly. Revenge for all those people who have been spanked by the beautiful Zoe Page.

Knowing :-) Absolutely love it.

I think this is a very cleverly worked film; relying so much on sound and such minute detail to build up the erotic tension in the lovely Zoe's whole being. So much is left to the imagination and no spanking ever shown: it's all in the mind of the onlooker and it works BRILLIANTLY !!!
Congratulations to Mike and Zoe for creating a superb film which, as D said, really does stand out.

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