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Our Family Name

Spanking audio story (running time 19:43)
Created 2 Jan 2021, last updated 11 Mar 2021
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Performer: Pandora Blake



Tags: audio, cane, cold caning, F|M, gym horse, hard punishment, head girl, honour, Pandora Blake, POV, school, school uniform

Start the year off right with a tale of two siblings: the diligent, responsible Head Girl and the wayward brother she must discipline. This audio spanking story was written and read by Pandora Blake.

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You were never the best of students, and over the years you’ve been in plenty of trouble with teachers and parents alike. That was all well and good, but suddenly you find yourself faced with a whole new humiliation: you’ve had to re-start your A-Levels, and suddenly Little Miss Perfect Prefect, your own younger sister, has been made Head Girl! So now, apparently, your discipline and reformation has become her problem...

Pandora narrates this audio porn story with wicked glee, her voice taking you into the Head Girl’s mind and her brother’s punishment. You’ll get to feel his exposure and embarrassment with every promised stroke, squirming over a vaulting horse and mercilessly punished. This is her chance to finally take out a lifetime’s worth of frustrations with a severe school caning, and she does not disappoint!


Wicked Sister

What a delightful story and what girl wouldn't relish the opportunity to cane their brother ? I know my sister would have done. :)

Like many stories on Dreams of Spanking, it's not just about the spanking or caning it self but the tensions leading up to the event. The lingering resentments that make administering her first caning as head girl so enjoyable.

Pandora alludes to what will happen during the rest of the day and I imagine my self as the boy, trying to keep my composure in front of my friends and teachers, standing at the bus stop with my gloating sister before finally returning home and having to tell our Mother. That awful knowledge that my younger sister may well still be smaller and weaker than me but is now far more powerful.

Would the Mother spank her son straight away ? I think not, she'd know that it would be far more effective to give her son time to contemplate the spanking he is going to receive on his already sore bottom.

However in good time. With brother and sister changed out of their school uniforms , dinner eaten and dishes washed, dried and put away. It would be time for the three of them and any other family members to gather in the living room.

Finding a comfortable armchair, the girl would enjoy listening to her brother told off by their Mother. She would take even more pleasure watching Mum take down his trousers and underpants, before pulling him over her lap. She would brim with pride when Mum sees the boy's well marked backside and complements her on the caning she has administered. Finally she would have the satisfaction of watching her brother soundly spanked.

You paint a delicious picture! You will be pleased to know that a sequel is in the works, so we can see how the story unfolds. :)

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