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I'd Better Do It Myself

Film (running time 18:57) with gallery of 9 screengrabs
Created 14 Jan 2021, last updated 27 Feb 2022

Performer: Pandora Blake


Solo F Solo X

Naughty sixth former Pandora Blake knows she’s earned a punishment - but the Headmistress isn’t there! Keen to avoid getting into even more trouble, she takes matters into her own hands...

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Tags: bare bottom, detention, hand spanking, hard punishment, paddle, Pandora Blake, ruler, school, school uniform, Solo X, solo-F

Pandora’s a good girl: she’s never been in trouble at school before. When she gets her first detention, then, she’s terrified - what if the stories are true? She’s heard all kinds of things about what happens in the Headmistress’s office, with students bent over the chaise longue and punished mercilessly.

When she arrives to find the Headmistress isn’t there, then, she feels conflicted. On one hand, she’s filled with relief - but what if simply leaving gets her into even more trouble? And how will she ever know whether or not she’s strong enough to handle the sharp sting of the Headmistress’s ruler?

I’d Better Do It Myself is a solo spanking film starring Pandora Blake, and fans of self-inflicted punishment will find a lot to love about it. She certainly doesn’t spare the rod (or slipper, or ruler, or paddle) once she’s uncovered the secrets of the punishment cupboard - in fact, we’re left with no doubt that she’ll be trying to get herself into trouble again


Great Film!

Ever the consummate performer Pandora this is a 'tour de force'. Although we all know to the contrary you easily put across a girlish naivety about what these implements will do to your bottom. Then viewer feels they are sharing your deepest secrets and wants you to reveal more. The way your bottom jiggles is a delight and the vigorous rubbing sequence could easily start a new Tik Tok craze! I wish I could have been there to stop you having to do it yourself!!

I'm glad you enjoyed this one even without a slip ;). I wish you'd been here too...

Looking good

Wow the uniform and gym knicks are the best Pandora xx

I'm so glad you like the combination! It's an outfit I particularly enjoy ;)

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