Domestic Discipline: the Credit Card

Film (9:32 mins) with 81 screengrabs
Sha is over Pharaoh's knee on the sofa, her bottom bare as she is spanked

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Are you excited to see what a real punishment looks like? Pharaoh administers a blisteringly hard hand spanking to his wife Sha Luciana in this true domestic discipline film starring a real-life couple.

Shaโ€™s been on a spending spree, without consulting husband Pharaoh first. When the statement comes through, he knows he needs to take it up with her – and her unrepentant reaction earns her a firm hand spanking. By the end her bottom is red, her eyes are watering and sheโ€™s writhing on his lap. Luckily for us, the camera caught the whole punishment!

This latest installment in our Guest Director series is a beautiful OTK spanking scene featuring a real-life couple who love to let us into their domestic discipline dynamic. Sha has a perfectly spankable backside, and Pharaoh knows just how hard she can take it; this is a real punishment between a real husband and wife, and the love and trust they have for each other is clear with every stroke

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8 responses

  1. What a fabulously attractive couple, and what a stupendous arse Sha has! A real life consensual and mercilessly sound spanking is always good for we spankos to voyeurise on.
    Its conventional and classic, but escapes being boring.
    Oh! the way those purple knickers highlight Sha’s arse gives me great joy x

  2. They are both gorgeous aren’t they? I love being invited into the play shared by real couples – some of my favourite films to shoot. I wish I had been able to be there to shoot this in person, and am very grateful that they were willing to share it!

  3. Spankings that we’re told are real I find particularly exciting and Sha seems genuinely embarrassed by the exposure of her ample buttocks.

    I remember a long time ago, Pandora shared a video of her being spanked by Michael Stamp for losing a video tape he sent her. Was exciting! She went over his lap and I remember she had knickers of a nice shade of purple(he pulled them down).

  4. Goodness, I’ve totally forgotten that video and that spanking! Clearly it wasn’t hard enough!

    Sha’s real reactions are so compelling in this video. I find it uncomfortable to know that spanking isn’t her kink, but her clear enjoyment of submission and surrender reassures me that she’s exactly where she wants to be.

  5. These people are seriously attractive… And that must be one of the most beautiful bottoms I’ve ever seen. Wow. I loved her reactions too. She sure is a tough woman. How on earth did she will herself to keep that hand out of the way? ๐Ÿ™‚

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