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Cast : our performers

All our performers are genuine spanking enthusiasts. We prefer to make films with real life friends and play partners, and we hope that the trust, respect and chemistry between the players adds something to our spanking scenes. We believe that genuine personal connections make our shoots more enjoyable for the performers, and create the opportunity for more intense, emotive scenes.

We don't ask performers to engage in any sexual activity - but sometimes, it happens without us having asked! Any erotic chemistry you see in any of our scenes is unscripted and completely at the discretion of the performers.

Fair pay is important to us and we value all our performers equally. We pay one rate for tops, another for switches and another for bottoms, regardless of gender. We hope that you appreciate the opportunity to get to know our talented men as well as the women - and those creative people who don't fit into the gender binary.

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Sha Luciana

Switch performer
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Top, producer, editor
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Sarah Gregory

Switch performer, producer, editor
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Cleo Divine

Switch performer, producer, editor
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Jayda Blayze

Switch performer, producer, editor
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Zak Jane Keir

Top, blog author
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Charlie J Forrest

Switch performer, blog author
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Eliza Grey

Bottom, set assistant

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Christy Cutie

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Hywel Phillips

Top, videographer, photographer

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Paul Kennedy

Top, videographer, photographer

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John Beecroft

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Andrew Shada

Switch performer.

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Leia-Ann Woods

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Will Savage

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Alex Reynolds

Bottom, videographer, photographer

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Ten Amorette

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Nimue Allen

Switch performer, videographer, photographer, director

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Molly Malone

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Michael Darling

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Sebastian Hawley

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Amelia Jane Rutherford

Bottom, rigger, fight choreographer

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Caroline Grey

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Adele Haze

Switch performer, writer

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Zille Defeu

Bottom, photographer

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Jimmy Holloway

Switch performer, videographer, photographer

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Thomas Cameron

Top, writer, videographer, photographer

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 Top, sysadmin, web developer

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Pandora Blake

Switch performer, producer, director, writer, videographer, photographer, editor

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