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ATVOD and UK porn censorship

If you're reading this, you found our business card at the Eroticon conference - welcome! And... well... we need your help.

The UK censor ATVOD is trying to shut down Dreams of Spanking.

You may have heard of the AVMS guidelines (sometimes referred to as the 'facesitting laws') which came into force in the UK in December 2014. The guidelines seek to ban porn which includes things like facesitting, female ejaculation, and BDSM that produces marks beyond 'transient and trifling.'

Dreams of Spanking shows authentic depictions of kinky sexuality, with clearly expressed performer consent. Pandora Blake has spent years building up the site and promoting fairtrade, ethical, authentic spanking porn.  Yet we're one of the first sites being targeted by the censor. 

Pandora intends to fight the ridiculous rules, and hopefully pave the way for others to fight too.

What can you do to help?

Please help spread the message far and wide: write about the situation on your blog or website and share our posts on Twitter. The following articles on our blog give you the background to this ridiculous situation (most recent first):

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Please join us in taking a stand against censorship. 

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