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What our clients say

100% of our custom clients to date have gone away happy.

What our clients say

"A frightening but very memorable experience based upon that truly magnificent custom that you have created for me. Wow sums up my reaction pretty well and your words had such a visual effect in my brain as well as making me realise that it is long overdue that I put myself in that place of being securely fastened to a bench at the mercy of a correction officer. It was an absolute pleasure to play through that little scene while listening to your fabulous audio."

"That was amazing! I love your strict tone and the authority in your voice! Absolutely perfect from start to finish and loved every second of it."

"Just wanted to say a huge thanks for my clip on Friday. I’m so so happy with it. It’s bloody well marvellous. To start with, I loved the outfit. Very smart and business like. The bra and panties were so hot. Then of course those lovely tan tights. You looked incredibly sexy in the underwear and tights.

The clip was just perfect, it had everything in that I’d asked for. You genuinely didn’t like that official who set you up. I loved all the bits about the popstar. It sounds as though she got her bottom well and truly thrashed with that cane. I’m hoping she did something to earn extra strokes ;) I think my favourite part was the demonstration near the end. That cane was an absolute beast of a thing. The threat of extra strokes for choosing the wrong cane was a great touch. The noise that cane made when you swung it from over you head was next level. I bet you didn’t sit for a fortnight after your 24 strokes.

I think I’ve said it before but you’re an absolute star of the genre. I’ve seen lots of spanking clips down the years. But that one is one of the most erotic things I’ve ever seen. I think I find the build up to punishment more of a turn on than the actual punishment. It also has something to do with you in those tights."

"I was very happy with this excellent production! Probably one of the best Spanking films Ive ever seen! Particularly liked the slick editing, subtitles etc incorporating what at the end could have been akward to fit in. Congratulations on your stellar performance in weaving the script together to make a super story nicely & unhesitantly presented! The enthusiam for the topic in hand
shines through. The posturing and nuances were all just right to convey the subject matter & choice of dress was great."

"A great and very amusing little film! Sarah looks really hot in that school uniform! Yet another triumph from the Dreams of Spanking team. Thanks for the all hard work in making it."

“I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. You got the atmosphere exactly right and your performance is superb. You tell the story so well. Leaving the actual action to the imagination is surprisingly effective, I find. It's really stimulating. I'm going to have to play it again! Thank you so much for how well you realised my concept.”

“This is even more impressive than I expected it to be, and I already hold your work in very high esteem. Your camera angles are smart and exciting, your facial expressions are exquisite and believable, and the variety of photos to advance the story are exceptionally well done. I just love this photo set. You are beautiful, and I am very, very grateful for your professional and passion for this particular fetish. I love the work you've done here, and it fulfills my fantasy. Thank you for being so intuitive and receptive to my ideas.”

“I enjoyed working with you on "Mrs Smith's Method". The result is excellent. Overall it is a great piece of work.  It brings to life characters and a scenario that I have been thinking about for some forty years when I first encountered Mrs Walter Smith in Ronald Pearsall's "Worm in the Bud". I am pleased with the way all four performers interpreted the script, in some cases memorising substantial speeches, in some extemporising creatively.  The characters are genuinely rounded and believable.  There are many wonderful moments and passing expressions.   Your editing decisions are very sound, particularly alternating between the bedroom and drawing room scenes. There are not many films in the spanking genre that I can think of that are as ambitious as this, and I am very grateful that you took it on. You have enormous creative abilities across a range of media and considerable powers of management and organisation. I appreciate all your work. You, the performers and videographers brought out the best in the project and realised my 40 year old dream. Thank you!” 

“Thanks for the clip. I knew I could trust you with ad libbing and producing the piece. I was blown away with the movement of your figure climbing the stairs - absolutely glorious! The videography, artistry, lighting and performance was so virtual - it was as if I was in your presence. Beautifully captured. Loved the tease, nonchalance, and believability from beginning to end - Bless You!”

“Thanks heaps for producing such high quality material. This was on par with the original first clip.  Totally love your work!”

“Having watched it all, much of it several times, I'm very pleased.”

Custom Spanking Films by Pandora Blake

“Got your CD this morning; very nice, thank you. Very good sound quality!”

“Was so excited to view the latest custom. It really was super! Thank You! VERY well done indeed. The first part with the diary was fantastic & the second half even better! Just loved it, am 'over the moon' - just what was required. Wonderful, thank you for another truly great masterpiece that I think only you could produce so well!”

“I can hardly contain my excitement as you described the plot so accurately word for word, something I’ve never encountered before. Such attention to detail!”

“All received! Fantastic! An excellent film - exactly what I wanted! Really hits the spot. Thanks - or ought I to say spanks - a lot! Lovely improvised dialogue and a really great ending with the rendition of the aloof female teacher! So exciting! You really understand what’s needed.”

“Thanks very much for the video - it's excellent, as I knew it would be, especially the ending. You captured absolutely brilliantly the search to be safe and secure once more.”

“Beautiful stripes! All nicely spaced out. I absolutely adored it!”

“Thank you so much Pandora. It was perfect. It was a pleasure working with you.”

Many thanks, I really enjoyed both of them. I thought your Victorian period dialect was very good, and the whole story was beautifully constructed. Your schoolmistress was splendidly sinisterly sexy. You really brought my ideas to life."
– 'Gentleman Blake' and 'Scolding and JOI for Peeping Tom' (not yet released on Dreams of Spanking)

"Many, many thanks. I am blown away.  Another superb production with, again, wonderful realisation, use of language and psychological drama - not to mention of course being very erotic!"
– 'Spanked at School, Spanked at Home'

"I love both scenes and I love the difference between them. The first works so well because I am inserting myself into the drama when you use direct address. But this second one is more complex. Yes it works very well if I insert myself as the actor (spankee) in the drama, but as the auditor it is also possible for me to insert myself as you the watcher - I have always found voyeur porn (well all porn is voyeur porn but I mean scenes specifically shot from a voyeur's POV - quite rare in spanking porn) very arousing. This audio allows for that sort of intellectual enquiry which is wonderful and yet still hot!"

"Extremely well done, you were wonderful. Thank you again for all your "hard" work. (Hardening?)"
– His Spanked Wife

"The video was perfect. Absolutely perfect. The shot beneath the chair was spot-on, incredibly arousing, as were your reactions to the panties inspection. Also, I was much entertained by the post-credits outtakes. Just lovely. I'm very, very pleased and very grateful for your hard work."
– A Very Sorry Young Lady

"Thank you. Great job, exactly as requested. It is amazing that you agree to do something, and I send you some money, and you do exactly what you agreed to do. My impression is that you do better than other producers at making a high-quality product because you put more time and effort into your work."
– Paddled and Humiliated

"The custom is absolutely superb and has exceeded my expectations in every way. It is still my fantasy but you have added your inimitable stamp and thus made it far more powerful. Your characterisation is exactly as I wish it - not too prissy nor revenge-driven. The language is wonderful, especially, of course, the use of those erotic and powerful buzz-words. Weaving in the domestic background was fantastic too. I realise I am being fulsome but that is the state in which your production leaves me."
– Our Family Name